$149 Billion Digital Tech Spending Frenzy For Tiny Company’s Technology

“The solution is revolutionary. It changes everything” – GE Appliances

Jeff Bezos is all in.

So are Jerry Yang and Marc Andreessen.

They are three of the most successful tech visionaries in history, the inventors of platforms that changed the course of history.

Andreessen invented Netscape, the world’s first “point and click” internet browser in 1994…and revolutionized the way the world shares information.

The same year Yang launched Yahoo, the first web directory internet portal…and changed the way we find information.

A year later Bezos launched Amazon…and changed the way the world shops.

Their inventions ignited the tech boom of the mid-1990s.

Now they’re revolutionizing another industry.

All three are backing innovative young companies that are tackling one of the biggest problems in the global economy.1

A problem that is as old as civilization itself, and as recent as right now.

It has plagued leaders in every era, every country, and every business in every industry.

It’s also the number one target for venture investors who know that companies will now spend whatever it takes to secure their supply chain operations.

The last analog holdout in a new digital world

More than anything, crisis-proofing trade supply lines means going digital.

Shockingly, the industry is so far behind that:

  • Half of America’s largest importers are still using Excel spreadsheets to manage their complex supply chains.2

Even more surprising, over 70% of all supply chain managers are still relying on Excel spreadsheets to track operations, according to research from the Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning.3

Jolted into action by the disastrous effects of the last few years, they’re finally embarking on a massive migration to the 21st century.

And it’s creating the most exciting investment opportunities since the cloud computing revolution. Or the smartphone revolution before it.

The entire $149 billion ecosystem of supply chain management (SCM) is being transformed at once.4

$149 billion digital transition at lightning speed

A recent study by McKinsey & Company found that SCM has the lowest level of digital technologies of any business operation.5


The same study also finds that companies are now accelerating their digital supply chain transition “by a shocking seven years.”6

Tech productivity expert Erik Brynjolfsson, director of Stanford University’s Digital Economy Lab, sees it happening even faster. He says:

“We’re compressing 10 years of structural change into 10 weeks”1

Billions of dollars are being spent on digital supply chain technologies in what could be the fastest industry transition in history.

Private equity and venture funds signal now is the time

All that new money is creating what Brian Aoaeh, founder of ReFashiond Venture Partners calls:

“The biggest investment opportunity of our lifetime” 7

Wall Street analyst Jon Markman of Markman Capital Insights calls it:

“The largest, most investable trend in a generation” 8

In fact, the space is getting so hot that investment analytics firm CB Insights reports that:

  • 18 of the world’s top 25 best-performing VC investors in the world are putting their money in digital supply chain technology companies.9

A handful of smaller, under-the-radar companies are also developing and deploying advanced SCM technologies.

And their stocks are beginning to take off, soaring way past Nasdaq and S&P 500 returns.

Savvy investors who are following where private equity and venture funds are putting their money are beating the market.

But there’s one company that hardly any investors have discovered yet.

In fact, hardly anyone outside of the supply chain management industry’s leaders have even heard of the company.

Its intuitive command system platform and deep management team make it a prime target for the flood of money VCs are pouring into the industry.

It’s still flying under the radar of venture funds and tech investors like Jeff Bezos or Marc Andreessen to look at.

But it won’t be long before it hits their radar.

Or yours. Because even though you’ve probably never heard its name, there’s a good chance you’ve been affected by its technologies.

This company’s intuitive command system “changes everything”

Even though this company is not a Goliath-sized company, it’s the indisputable David of the SCM solutions industry.

The company’s roster of enterprise clients includes some of the largest companies with some of the most complex supply chains in the world, including:

  • Supermarket giant Kroger, America’s largest grocery retailer
  • GE Appliances, whose products are in half of all American homes
  • Carvana, the online auto dealer that soared to a market value of $64 billion and catapulted onto the Fortune 500 in only eight years
  • Tyson Foods, the world’s second largest meat processor
  • Plus DHL, Anheuser-Busch, DHL, and the US Patent and Trade Office, among others

Why would those multi-billion companies choose a tech developer so small that it still trades as an over-the-counter stock?

What this company’s clients are so excited about is the company’s innovative fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and smart sensors into a nearly automatous, end-to-end supply chain control system.

But as advanced as this company’s digital platform is, there’s something even more important.

And that something is vision.

The same kind of vision that allowed Bezos, Yang, and Andreessen to create exactly the innovations that would propel the future.

For this company, it’s the vision to see the radical shifts now underway in global trade networks, and how to build systems that will help companies navigate in this new, more complex, and increasingly disruption-prone environment.

And to develop the most cutting-edge digital supply chain control systems on the market today.

The level of sophistication makes this company’s suite of cloud-based platforms among the most advanced in the world.

And even better, this company still trades at a price well below its peers.

But it won’t for long. As more news is generated and word gets out, expect investors to discover this tech innovator that is bringing the digital revolution to supply chain management.  Sign up now to learn more about this fast-developing opportunity.

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4$94B in 2019 @ 16.7% CAGR = $149B in 2022

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