It doesn’t get much bigger or better than this.

This little known company intends to launch what could become the largest indoor nutritional mushroom production facility in North America. 

For anyone seeking ground floor entry into the soaring market in functional mushrooms, this company stands out as an ideal opportunity.

Later in this article you’ll find details on how massive the nutraceutical market for mushrooms has become. The trend began gaining traction only a few years ago. Now it’s on track to become a $34 billion market by mid-decade.

Market demand in the nutritional mushroom space has begun to soar.

Market growth is now gaining traction as this company launches a near-term goal to generate early revenue with its proprietary brand of functional mushroom nutraceuticals.

Recent research is proving what ancient, traditional medicine has known for millennia. Certain strains of mushrooms, such as lion’s mane, reishi, turkey tail and others have shown remarkable efficacy in boosting immune functions and contributing to the healthful function of vital organs.

Over the last decade in particular, hundreds of scholarly articles have been published extolling the “lost” therapeutic benefits of medical, aka functional mushrooms. Just a moment of due diligence into this topic will deliver a wealth of information. What’s important to an investor is simple:

The market for functional mushroom products is taking off right now. This company could be an ideal entry point.

With 20,000 square feet of pristine of indoor cultivation and processing, this company is one of the few worldwide positioning themselves for fully scalable propagation of in-demand mushroom products.

A current 6% annual growth rate in the sector is propelling the global market to $34 billion by mid-decade, the majority of which is projected in nutraceutical market share, exactly where this company is targeting its products.

This company positions itself to generate near-term revenue through product delivery into the rapidly expanding health and wellness markets.

This company has positioned itself to earn an enormous, if not the lion’s share of this North American market. They may be the only company in the U.S. or Canada that specializes in propagation and production of superior quality “fruiting body” mushrooms needed for the higher potency, end-product nutraceuticals.

They have introduced a full line of functional mushroom nutraceuticals for retail shelves and direct-to-consumer markets. The company’s vertical production capacity provides them with total quality and quantity control from propagation to end product. This company is one of the few in the world today that maintains that capability and is targeting to become the largest of its kind in North America.

The primary objectives of these facilities is to ensure strict, pristine quality production processes that can be fully scaled to all foreseeable needs of functional mushroom cultivation needs for the consumer markets.

And they’re doing it with a foundation of experience unmatched in the industry.

Company founders and management not only come to the company with deep pockets, there’s deep history in health care and alternative technologies. Most notable for a company entering the space is experience in large-scale agriculture for the nutraceutical markets.

The billionaire financier who largely funded this company’s launch, put together a stellar executive team that not only is deeply experienced in alternative medication technologies, they’ve exceptional depth in upper level management skills necessary for nurturing and growing an international-scale company.

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