Jeff Bezos, the current richest man on earth. He achieved this thanks to the incredible success of Amazon. The online shopping juggernaut has been so popular and successful that it has gone out to explore other ventures. These ventures include audiobooks, groceries and much more. It may seem unprecedented to some, but Amazon is making well-crafted efforts for their expansion. Their newest venture however is in healthcare.

With many Americans needing healthcare and it benefits this is another logical step for the online powerhouse. They can combine their knowledge of market behavior and cutting-edge website acumen to bring the future of healthcare today.

Healthcare Groundwork Already Laid Out

With Amazon owning so many different companies in different industries, it is a certainty that they will utilize them for this new venture. They already partnered with the like of JP Morgan and Chase to start with the employer health initiative. They are already looking at medical diagnostics research, particularly home testing. This might be good not just for the new venture but also for products to sell based on that information.

They are also looking to use their digital assistant Alexa to help with diagnosing things like coughs and sore throats. Other steps in this direction include Amazon starting their own employee health clinic. Plus, they announced a new product for mining patient’s medical records. They also recently started to introduce more medical products on their platform. These tie into what they are planning to be as a health care provider.

New Possibilities and Innovations

Experts from within the field of what Amazon might try to do with this venture are projecting how the company may branch out into the new industry. One approach they can see is something like a “pocket doctor.” The Alexa voice assistant is essential here. As mentioned earlier they are researching to allow it to detect coughs and colds. Now what that can look like is Alexa can pick up on a user’s symptoms for an ailment through their voice.

From there they can go and access an on-call doctor or give the user a preventive measure like medication for first aid. The on-call doctor thing is not uncommon as many services are doing this for eye care, hair loss prevention, and others. Now, this is one way of the company maximizing its assets for this new pursuit.  Adding to that, they even acquired an online pharmaceutical startup called pill pack.

The other approach is for Amazon to act more like a dietician. They can track their users’ activities. From there they can not only suggest foods but create meal plans suited for what the user might need with Amazon already being an expert in bringing things to people’s doorsteps they can even act as a meal delivery services for their registered users. It can also use customer information to suggest medication or multivitamins.

Still, these are just the possibilities in the near future. But, with Bezos’ company being as big as it is the future might not be as far away as it seems.