Could This Company’s Breakthrough Plant-Based Product Change the Way People Age?

Denise Austin, the 64-years young face of a new wellness brand

This New Wellness Brands Patented and Clinically Proven Formula Could Be the Answer to Improving the Quality of Life for Millions of Older Americans

One of the unfortunate side effects of getting older is that we lose muscle mass. But what if it was possible to repair and rebuild that lost muscle?

And what if it was possible to do that with a safe, plant-based product that tastes delicious?

That breakthrough product would immediately stand out in three of today’s fastest growing markets – the plant-based market, the wellness market and the health product market.

Not to mention it would appeal to one of today’s fastest growing population segments – men and women over the age of 40. This group currently controls 83% of all household wealth in the USA.1

Well, that product actually exists now and with all of these factors working in its favor, it’s little wonder that an incredible buzz is building behind the company that makes it.

A Big Part of the Buzz is Due to Denise Austin!

Denise has become a legend in the health and nutrition space. Over the past several decades, she has published 12 fitness and nutrition books and has amassed a social media following of more than 464,000, many of whom are in the 45 to 65 year old age range.

So, when Denise discovered this health product, a new plant-based powdered drink that helps its users (especially those over 40) rebuild and repair lost muscle … throwing her considerable support behind the product was an easy decision!

And not only does this product have Austin’s support but it is also backed with impressive study results and a distribution network that surpasses 16,000+ locations, including many of the biggest stores in the U.S – such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and more.

In light of all of this, it’s easy to see why this health and wellness brand could easily become the next big household name in nutrition.

But that hasn’t occurred yet. This company is still in the early stages of its growth, which makes it an interesting potential target for investors.

6 Fast Reasons this Wellness Brand Could Be the Next Big Name in the $50-Billion Nutritional Supplements Market

  1. Proven Effective Formula: This company’s patented Muscle Health formulation has been proven to be effective in repairing and rebuilding lost muscle tissue. The formulation and efficacy was developed over 17 years with 25 clinical trials. Over $20 million was spent in developing this formulation, much of it funded by the National Institutes of Health.
  2. Versatile Formulation Allows for Wide Range of Future Products: The company is starting with ready-to-drink mixes and powder sachets. But because the formula only needs a small serving size to be effective, they can branch out to a variety of other formats, such as bars, snack foods, gummies – and even medical uses.
  3. Rapidly Expanding Retail Presence: As of June 15, 2021, this company’s products are “on shelf” in over 16,000 retail locations including Walgreens, iHerb and Sam’s Club. This expansion is also being supported by a TV and digital marketing push.
  4. Targets a Large, Underserved Market: There are about 117 million people aged 50 or older in the US[1] – over a third of the population. Yet only 10% of marketing dollars are spent on them, although they control 83% of all household wealth. And as the population ages, this demographic is quickly growing.
  5. Talented Management Team: This company’s management team has over 100 years of combined experience in the nutritional and F&B market. They’ve founded and built companies, engineered 9-figure acquisitions, and overseen hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.
  6. Highly Influential Brand Ambassador: This wellness brand ambassador is Denise Austin, a 64-year old fitness influencer who is highly popular with the older demographic. She boasts almost 135,000 Instagram followers, 285,000 Facebook followers, and 77,000 YouTube subscribers, with an engagement rate 15 times the industry average. She’s also sold 25 million videos and authored 12 books on fitness and nutrition.

So Could This Wellness Company be the Plant-Based Revolution’s Next BIG Breakout?

Plant-based food products are red hot right now. So when a company like this one debuts a new product like the one we are discussing, which has exciting test results AND is backed by a 16,000+ location distribution network … investors really have to take notice.

This innovative, research-driven Canadian nutraceutical company specializes in the development of science-based health and nutrition products.

Its primary goal? Making a real difference in the quality of lives for 40+ year old men and women…

Now thanks to its commitment to its goal, it is in a strong position to potentially become the next major player in the fast-growing nutritional supplement market.

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