Canada plans to ban the use of Huawei and ZTE 5G equipment by 2024.

The country will be doing so to protect national security and is the last among the Five Eyes to ban the China technologies mentioned.

Industry Ministry Francois-Philippe Champagne said they intend to keep out China’s Huawei Technologies and ZTE from all 5G networks. He further states that providers using equipment from the two Chinese companies will be removed and discontinued.

Champagne added that 5G gear from China technologies should be removed by June 2024 and will not be reimbursed. However, those with 4G equipment will have more time since the deadline is December 2027.

The country delayed the decision due to its diplomatic tensions with China. However, it was a highly expected decision since the rest of the Five Eyes had already ceased using such equipment. United States, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand make the rest of the Five Eyes network. 

Canada has long faced pressure from other nations to ban Huawei and ZTE companies from getting involved in deploying the 5G network. This ban is said to be critical. It is expected to usher forth a new era of various opportunities for lots of Canadian citizens.

5G technology is considered a game-changer for mobile communication due to its higher speed and compatibility with more devices. In addition, it is an innovative network that will incorporate present and incoming upgrades in wireless technology. 

Tensions with China

The country first announced reviewing possible threats to national security back in September 2018. In December of the same year, Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou was arrested on Canadian soil based on an American warrant. This move created a long-lasting tension with China until Meng was released last September.

When Meng was arrested, Beijing also arrested two Canadians for suspicions of espionage. They were eventually released on the same day as Meng was. 

China removed restrictions on Canadian imports of canola seed last Wednesday. This import ban lasted three years and was considered retaliation for the arrest of the Huawei Chief Financial Officer.

Alykhan Velshi, Huawei Vice President of Corporate Affairs in Canada, is curious about what national security threats Canada thinks that Huawei possesses. He intends to continue operations with 1,500 employees in Canada. Most of the Canadian personnel are in research and development. 

Canada’s Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said that the country would be making new legislation on protecting various technologies from cyber threats.