Fitness Influencer Denise Austin Thinks So!

Element Nutritional Sciences' (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT) Patented and Clinically-Proven Formula Could Be the Answer to Improving the Quality of Life for Millions of Older Americans

One of the unfortunate side effects of getting older is that we lose muscle mass. But what if it was possible to repair and rebuild that lost muscle?

And what if it was possible to do that with a safe, plant-based product that tastes delicious?

That breakthrough product would immediately stand out in three of today’s fastest growing markets – the plant-based market, the wellness market and the health product market.

Not to mention it would appeal to one of today’s fastest growing population segments – men and women over the age of 40. This group currently controls 83% of all household wealth in the USA.1

Well, that product actually exists now and with all of these factors working in its favor, it’s little wonder that an incredible buzz is building behind the company that makes it – Element Nutritional Sciences (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT).

A Big Part of the Buzz is Due to Denise Austin!

Denise has become a legend in the health and nutrition space. Over the past several decades, she has published 12 fitness and nutrition books and has amassed a social media following of more than 464,000, many of whom are in the 45 to 65 year old age range.

So when Denise discovered Rejuvenate, that new plant-based powdered drink created byElement Nutritional Sciences (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT), helps users (especially those over 40)  rebuild and repair lost muscle … throwing her considerable support behind the product was an easy decision! 

She quickly became brand ambassador for the product that quite literally could change the way people age!

And not only does Rejuvenate have Austin’s support but it is also backed with impressive study results and a distribution network that surpasses 16,000+ locations, including many of the biggest stores in the U.S – such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and more.

In light of all of this, it’s easy to see why Element Nutritional Sciences (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT), which is a first mover in a massive market and which just recently began trading publicly on the Canadian Securities Exchange, could easily become the next big household name in nutrition.

But that hasn’t occurred yet. Element Nutritional Sciences (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT) is still in the early stages of its growth, which makes it an interesting potential target for investors.

So let’s take a closer look at this innovative company that is being helmed by the same man who built Life Science Nutritionals from the ground up and then sold it at a $40 million valuation in 2015.

6 Fast Reasons Why Element Nutritional Sciences (CSE:ELMT) Could Be the Next Big Name in the $50-Billion Nutritional Supplements Market

  1. Proven Effective Formula: Element’s (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT)
    patented Rejuvenate Muscle Health formulation has been proven to be effective in repairing and rebuilding lost muscle tissue. The formulation and efficacy was developed over 17 years with 25 clinical trials. Over $20 million was spent in developing this formulation, much of it funded by the National Institutes of Health.
  2. Versatile Formulation Allows for Wide Range of Future Products: The company is starting with ready-to-drink mixes and powder sachets. But because the formula only needs a small serving size to be effective, Element can branch out to a variety of other formats, such as bars, snack foods, gummies – and even medical uses.
  3. Rapidly Expanding Retail Presence: As of June 15, 2021, Element Nutritional Sciences (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT)
    products are “on shelf” in over 16,000 retail locations including Walgreens, iHerb and Sam’s Club. This expansion is also being supported by a TV and digital marketing push.
  4. Targets a Large, Underserved Market: There are about 117 million people aged 50 or older in the US2 – over a third of the population. Yet only 10% of marketing dollars are spent on them, although they control 83% of all household wealth. And as the population ages, this demographic is quickly growing. 
  5. Talented Management Team: Element’s (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT) management team has over 100 years of combined experience in the nutritional and F&B market. They’ve founded and built companies, engineered 9-figure acquisitions, and overseen hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.
  6. Highly Influential Brand Ambassador: Element’s (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT) brand ambassador is Denise Austin, a 64-year old fitness influencer who is highly popular with the older demographic. She boasts almost 135,000 Instagram followers, 285,000 Facebook followers, and 77,000 YouTube subscribers, with an engagement rate 15 times the industry average. She’s also sold 25 million videos and authored 12 books on fitness and nutrition.

So Could Element be the Plant-Based Revolution’s Next BIG Breakout?

Plant-based food products are red hot right now, especially after Oatly’s blistering IPO on May 20th which saw their valuation raise to US$17 billion.  So when a company like Element (CSE:ELMT) debuts a new product like Rejuvenate, which has exciting test results AND is backed by a 16,000+ location distribution network … investors really have to take notice.

First, let’s look at those test results:

The patented Rejuvenate amino acid formulation has been clinically proven to preserve muscle strength – at rest. Here are what the test result show:

That’s a 57% increase in muscle protein synthesis while being completely at rest…

In all, 25 clinical trials were conducted with subjects aged 50 and older – meaning this product is tailor-made for Element’s (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT)
primary customer demographic.

Now about that huge distribution network:

Element Nutritional Sciences (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT) has already started launching  a 100% plant-based Rejuvenate beverage line in the US. That means zero lactose, and a friendlier digestion experience for the company’s customers (lactose intolerance increases with age3)…

Thanks to several sizable distribution agreements with household chains like Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens – plus more regional names like Food Lion and Loblaws – the product line is now available at over 16,000 points of distribution!

So What Exactly is Rejuvenate?

The Rejuvenate ready to drink organic plant protein is a sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free drink that offers a ton of benefits:

  • Proven more Effective than Protein Alone.
  • Helps to Rebuild Muscle & Prevent Muscle Loss.
  • Helps Increase Strength & Energy and Supports Healthy Weight Loss.
  • Clinically Proven to Increase the Body’s Ability to Rebuild and Repair Lost Muscle by 57% at Rest
  • Blend of all 9 Essential Amino Acids that is Proven Effective with 25 Clinical Trials.
  • 15 Grams of Organic Plant Protein and only 100 Calories

Age Related Muscle-Loss Has a Name … & Now There is Also a Powerful Weapon to Fight Against It!

It usually begins around the age of 40, we begin to lose the protective muscle mass that keeps us strong and youthful.4

Studies have shown that we lose between 3-8% of muscle mass a decade starting from 40, with the decline worsening significantly once we hit 60.5

This age-related muscle loss is called sarcopenia – and many are saying it’s the new osteoporosis.6

Osteoporosis has been in the news a lot and products designed to help prevent the development of the condition are very popular.

Sarcopenia could be next because the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research notes that once your muscle mass falls below a certain “cutoff point”…

The risk of getting a low-trauma fracture spikes by a staggering 230%.7

Tens of millions of Americans are at risk of debilitating injuries at worst, and a severely reduced quality of life at best.

And yet, studies have accurately identified the scale of the problem…

There’s Only One Company That Has Successfully Produced a Weapon to Fight Against It... Element Nutritional Sciences (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT)!

This innovative, research-driven Canadian nutraceutical company specializes in the development of science-based health and nutrition products.

Its primary goal? Making a real difference in the quality of lives for 40+ year old men and women…

Now thanks to its commitment to its goal, it is in a strong position to potentially become the next major player in the fast-growing nutritional supplement market.

Element is Set to ‘Rejuvenate’ the $50-Billion Plus Nutritional Supplement Market!

That’s right, Grandview Research estimates that this market was worth over $50 billion in 2020 for North America alone.8 The profit opportunities in this space are huge for the right company.

Take a look at what has been happening in the marketplace:

CompanySymbolShare Price (USD)* Market Cap (USD)*Nutritional Brands
Element NutritionCSE:ELMT
Abbott LaboratoriesNYSE:ABT$111.84$195.5BEnsure
Jamieson WellnessTSX:JWEL
Iron Vegan
Smart Solutions
BellRing Brands NYSE:BRBR$30.63$1.15BPowerBar
Premier Protein
Glanbia PLCOTC:GLAPF$16.80$4.89BSlimfast
Amazing Grass
Optimum Nutrition
Else NutritionTSXV:BABY

$1.95$190MElse Nutrition
NewAge Inc.NASDAQ:NBEV$2.48$333MAriix

*All market caps and share prices taken from Stockwatch as of June 17, 2021

And as you can see, even giant global conglomerates like Nestle and Pepsi are getting into the game.

It’s why Pepsi bought the CytoSport business – makers of the popular Muscle Milk product – from Hormel Foods for $465 million9

Why it has partnered with Beyond Meat to produce snack and beverage products made from plant-based protein10

And why Nestle is spending over $100 million to build a new plant-based food facility in China.11

Rejuvenate is positioning Element Nutritional Sciences (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT) to become a major player in the market.

Along With Its Giant Retail Expansion, Element is Also Launching a Wide-Scale TV and Digital Marketing Campaign!

has also engaged award-winning digital marketing agency Flinnwest Solutions to run a digital marketing campaign to drive e-commerce sales…

In short, the company is launching a two-pronged marketing attack to support its retail expansion…

That means interested investors need to get this on their radar if they want to get in before Element (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT)
truly begins to scale

And were not even taking into the account the longer-term possibilities provided by the Rejuvenate formula…

The Rejuvenate Formula is Versatile Enough to Move into a Wide Range of Formats and Applications

Because the formula is so powerful, all it takes is a small serving of 3.6 grams to benefit from its ability to help prevent muscle loss.

And this means that it can easily be put into a wide range of formats, including bars, gummies, and snack food – far beyond just the beverages and powder formats currently available.

Giving Element Nutritional Sciences (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT) the potential to grow beyond the nutritional supplements market and into healthcare-related areas as well.

Element (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT) envisions a future where its patented Rejuvenate formula can help people at long-term care facilities and patients undergoing chemotherapy to maintain their muscle mass…

And with the clinical trial data already showing an 800% increase in strength recovery after hip/knee replacement surgery, that future is easy to imagine.

This means that Element (CSE:ELMT) could do much more than just become the dominant player in the North American adult nutrition market (already worth $7.2 billion in 201912)…

It could also become an established name in the clinical nutrition market as well. And considering that:

  • The global sarcopenia treatment market is estimated to be worth $2.74 billion in 2018 and hit $3.98 billion by 202613
  • The global oncology nutrition market is expected to hit $2.21 billion by 202314

Element Nutritional Sciences (CSE:ELMT) will have multiple avenues to diversify and expand its revenues.

It’s already established a partnership with KGK Science, a contract research organization specializing in conducting clinical trials and providing expert regulatory support…

Initial research is already showing that higher doses of the Rejuvenate formula has resulted in a 78% increase in protein synthesis.

Plus, in the grander long-term scheme…

Element Nutritional Sciences (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT) Stands to Benefit from the Intersection of an Aging Population and a Greater Awareness of Healthy Eating

America is an aging society.

By 2030, over 65 million Americans will be 65 or older. By 2040, that number will spike even further to 80 million.15

In other words, Element Nutritional Sciences’ (CSE:ELMT) main customer base will be growing faster than the rest of the population.

To sum up…

Element Nutritional Sciences (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT) Appears to be the Rarest of New Companies …

Even though it is early in its development, this company already has:

  • Massive and growing retail distribution…
  • An exclusive patented product that is proven to be leaps ahead of the competition (the only way for the industry giants to gain the same advantage may be an expensive acquisition)…
  • And a range of catalysts that spans the next few months up until the next decade – like Element’s (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT)
    retail surge, its ventures into the clinical nutrition market (plus other formats), and the long-term trends of a growing and more market-aware customer base.

The cherry on top? The company is led by a management team that has exactly the right experience and expertise needed to turn all these strengths into shareholder value.

Element's (CSE:ELMTCSE:ELMT) Management Team Has a Proven Track Record of Building and Scaling Companies – and Now They’re Planning a Repeat Performance

Stuart Lowther, BSc., MSc. – Co-Founder & CEO

Lowther is a proven brand builder with over 30 years of experience in the health science field including the pharmaceutical, nutrition, and dietary supplement industries. He founded and scaled Life Science Nutritionals until it was sold to Santa Cruz Nutritionals in 2015 for $40 million. Under Lowther’s leadership, Business Week Profit 500 had ranked the company the second-fastest growing company in Canada, with the company posting a 5-year growth of 5,525%.

Stephen Brown – COO

With over 25 years of progressive experience in the nutrition industry, Brown has cemented his status as a high growth operational leader. He has overseen and managed over $600 million in annual revenues with “in the trenches” experience across multiple operational areas, from supply chain and manufacturing to business and product development.

Dean Mosca – Chief Marketing Officer

Mosca is the founder and CEO of Proprietary Nutritionals Inc., which formed a JV with Pharmachem Laboratories in 2005 and was acquired by Ashland Chemicals for $660 million in 2017.16 He’s an all-round marketing expert, able to guide companies along the entire marketing chain, from business development and strategic planning to executing product launches and marketing campaigns.

James Tonkin – Advisory Board Member

A 43-year veteran of the food and beverage industry, Tonkin is the founder and president of HealthyBrandBuilders, the premier consulting firm in the industry. When companies like 7up, Jones Soda, A&W, Fiji Water, and Power On need strategic help, Tonkin is their “go to”.

RECAP: 9 Reasons Why Element Nutritional Sciences (CSE:ELMT) Presents an Exciting Opportunity for Early Investors

  1. A clinically-proven and patented formulation that the competition has no access to (unless they go for an expensive acquisition)
  2. A massive retail expansion that stands to double or even triple its retail presence
  3. A wide-scale TV and digital marketing campaign – all carried out using tested messaging
  4. Omnichannel capability with high e-commerce coverage and strong retail presence
  5. A highly influential brand ambassador that can drive awareness of the company’s products and their benefits directly to the target demographic 
  6. The versatile formulation of Rejuvenate gives Element Nutritional Sciences (CSE:ELMT) the ability to expand into multiple markets, including the healthcare industry, in the medium-term
  7. Rejuvenate targets a growing yet underserved demographic that also controls the majority of household wealth in the US
  8. This long-term demographic catalyst is boosted by an increased awareness of healthy eating and plant-based diets, especially among target demographic
  9. A proven management team with the experience and expertise needed to convert Element Nutritional Sciences’ (CSE:ELMT) strengths into shareholder value
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