Pending the finalization of its acquisition by the UBS Group, fallen bank Credit Suisse will be unable to perform a number of its business activities. This was made clear in a regulatory filing done on Tuesday, May 16th.

For example, Credit Suisse cannot grant new credit facilities or credit lines worth more than $113 million to investment-grade borrowers unless it obtains prior approval from the relevant officials at UBS. At the same time, it may not grant similar facilities worth over $55.6 million to non-investment grade borrowers.

Also, Credit Suisse may not go for any capital expenditures greater than $11 million or enter contracts worth more than $3 million per annum. According to the filing, the bank is not allowed to order material amendments to existing employee terms and conditions until the merger is finalized. These include changes to terms regarding individual remuneration and pension entitlements.

At the moment, UBS is working on integrating its former rival into its organization following its government-initiated takeover earlier this year. The company budgeted around $ billion to be used in the event of litigation as well as the resolution of regulatory issues. In terms of negative goodwill, the bank claims it has around $34.8 billion for it following its acquisition of Credit Suisse.