CCN, one of the popular cryptocurrency and blockchain websites, has officially announced its “death,” or cease of operations, on June 10 of this year. The new was featured as an article in CCN’s website and written by CCN Markets and Hawkfish AS Director and Founder Jonas Borchgrevink.

The article blamed Google’s June 2019 Core Update for the lack or shortage of traffic received by CCN. Following the update, which took place on June 3, CCN’s internet traffic plummeted by 71 percent on June 4. “Unless someone – anyone – who actually worked on the June 2019 Core Update at Google explains what is going on, all we can do is to guess, speculate, and experiment as far as our bank accounts allow us to,” expressed Borchgrevink.

A Big Hit on Crypto and News Platforms

Borchgrevink also expressed concerns for fellow crypto publications Cointelegraph and CoinDes, which lost a significant amount of traffic after the update by Google. SEO analyzer Sistrix illustrated a 21.1 percent decrease in traffic on mobile devices for Cointelegraph and 34.6 percent decrease in traffic for CoinDesk. Despite the statistics, Cointelegraph reported that it did not lose web traffic after the Google update.

Additionally, Borchgrevink stated that The Daily Mail, a British news provider and tabloid, received less internet traffic apart from online cryptocurrency and blockchain publications.

According to the CCN founder, the current level of traffic cannot generate enough income, or advertiser revenue, to accommodate new team members and journalists who have recently joined CCN. Borchgrevink’s team will transfer to, which is an online news publication for reporters.

Mail’s traffic loss was clickbait headlines in Google, which diverted organic visibility from its website.

“If Google thinks that CNN, all of a sudden – remember, literally overnight –, is bad, then why not give us the chance to understand the why and give us a way to change before any major update. Instead, we are kicked in the teeth overnight with zero knowledge of what we have done wrong, impacting a team of 60-plus people. 6 years of work is evaporated,” openly stated by Borchgrevink. In 2013, CCN started its publication as CryptoCoinNews.

CCN’s Last Words for Google and its Loyal Viewers

Nearing the end of the article were a demands for Google: giving webmasters a three-month notice before any Google Core Update, explaining what a company should improve if it is at risk of losing at least 20 percent of web traffic or visibility, and involving national governments “to create apolitical task forces to examine your search engine for the conservation of our democracies, our Freedom of Speech, our Freedom of the Press, and our Freedom of Information.”