Fitbit recently introduced a new health tracker device called Inspire as a new activity and sleep tracker for businesses and seniors. Fitbit is selling the technology exclusively through insurance companies, Medicare plans, and business offices. This wearable device is available only to health insurance members and employees of participating companies.

There are only a few details about Inspire health tracker that roll out on the website of Fitbit. The device can only be obtained through Fitbit corporate, health plan, customers and partners, participants, and members of the organization. The price of the device has not been divulged yet, but Fitbit assures it’s one of their cheapest devices.

The consumer market of Fitbit Inspire is exceptionally challenging, as the Apple Watch has a significant market share in wearable devices and Xiaomi of China has also got a substantial share in wearables. The market value of the company is only $1.6 billion. Fitbit posted a profit for the first time in two years in October.

During the first public statement of Fitbit’s CEO James Park said the company’s business is increasingly tied to their customers. Fitbit has now 6.8 million customers, and there are now many health plan members that signed up for Fitbit’s wellness programs.

Fitbit has continued developing the software to help prospective companies give their employees the devices so they can track their health and fitness. The Inspire health device can monitor heart rate and calories burned. The Inspire health tracker is available as a clip or wristband, which can be hidden easily under clothing.

Fitbit is now advising employers and insurers that they can help bring down the cost of health-care costs by improving overall wellness. The health tracker devices are typically offered through wellness programs to encourage healthy behaviors, like eating better, sleeping well, or not sitting for too long.