• Too cold, too hot…shipping foul-ups cause life-saving vaccines and cancer biologics to arrive ruined and useless.12
  • Now, after finding fakes, Pfizer admits raging demand for its Covid-19 vaccine is, “a perfect opportunity for criminals,” to sell counterfeit vaccines.3
  • By April 2021, U.S. Customs had seized 34 million fake N95 masks… how many more slipped through?4
  • Those troubles could be a thing of the past because SpotLite IOT Solutions (CSE:LITE, OTC:SPLTF) is bringing a revolutionary AI-driven supply chain tool to market with the potential to solve an issue that plagues every business, in every industry, in every country.
  • This is a full throttle move that could rapidly accelerate one early-entry tech company to world prominence.

What it means for investors

In the Covid-19 era, the difference between 76 degrees below zero and anything warmer could leave you very sick.

Temperature is one of two pressing concerns with Covid-19 vaccines that is nagging at doctors and scientists minds alike.

You see, if the vaccines aren’t stored at the proper temperature from the time they leave the factory until they reach the patient, they are useless.

The other worry, of course, is authenticity.

An especially concerning issue, as counterfeit vaccines have made their way into the public arena in unknown quantity.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, when Pfizer tested vials purported to be its Covid-19 vaccine, they instead contained hyaluronic acid, an ingredient used in skin-care products5.

A New Enforcer On The Counterfeit Drug Scene: SpotLite IOT Solutions (CSE:LITE, OTC:SPLTF)

The surge of counterfeit drugs into the global marketplace is not a new concern. The pandemic simply amplified an already dysfunctional system.

To give you an idea of the monumental scale of this problem…

  • Approximately $236 billion worth of counterfeit drugs are sold annually worldwide.6
  • Pharmaceutical cargo theft amounts to more than $1 billion per year. The median theft is about $100,000, and that’s way above the average theft when compared to other industries.7
  • On top of that, deficient storage and transportation practices – unrefrigerated vehicles, and shipping times that exceed a drug’s shelf life – are a multi-billion-dollar problem according to a 2018 study.8
  • That amounts to more than 25% of vaccines that are damaged in and 20% of temperature sensitive drugs that perish during transit.9

To be fair, it’s not as if pharmaceutical companies and other industry stakeholders are unaware or unconcerned with these problems – especially when it comes to shelf-life and temperature.

They simply face challenges within the supply chain’s ultra-complex environments.

Consider that half of America’s largest importers are still using Excel spreadsheets to manage their complex supply chains.10

Even more surprising, over 70% of ALL supply chain managers are still relying on Excel spreadsheets to track operations, according to research from the Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning.11

Revenues Of The Worldwide Pharmaceutical Reached $1.26 Trillion In 2020… That’s Indicative Of Supply Chains Too Huge To Fathom

It was one thing when the marketplace was smaller and relatively localized, but as global economies have become more integrated, these weaknesses are having increasingly disastrous effects.

When dealing with numbers at this scale, just consider how many potential screwups or opportunities for theft can occur along a product’s physical journey, from manufacturer, to wholesaler, to retail, and finally on to the consumer.

So many hands packing, lifting, hauling, and delivering products can leave much room for error or malfeasance.

But these inevitable human failures are also highly preventable. And that’s where SpotLite IOT Solutions (CSE:LITE, OTC:SPLTF) and its breakthrough software really shine.

The “Google” Of Supply Chain Management Systems

SpotLite is new to the stock market, yet its vast potential is already drawing investors’ attention.

Its shares were up 24.6% one recent afternoon.12

What those investors are so excited about is the company’s innovative fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and smart IoT sensors into a nearly-automatous, end-to-end supply chain control system.

Using industrial RFID chips, and other sophisticated sensors, SpotLite’s software solution can report important data such as location and temperature in real time. And, the sensors are so robust that they can be used in a smart label attached to a vial of vaccine or on bottle of medicine.

Thanks to internet hotspots and pervasive 4G and 5G cellular networks, these smart sensors can capture vast amounts of pertinent data and turn that data into powerful business intelligence, which they can then transmit to the companies.

Nobody needs to be in the dark ever again.

This revolutionary software allows SpotLite IOT Solutions (CSE:LITE, OTC:SPLTF) to:

  • Locate, track, monitor, and report on assets all along the supply chain
  • Integrate with suppliers to ensure seamless flow, including sub-suppliers that until now have been invisible
  • Monitor temperature, weight, and contents of reusable containers throughout the pharmaceutical or agriculture supply chain
  • Analyze data to provide intelligence on operational metrics, process effectiveness, product quality, and other efficiency metrics
  • Track and trace ESG metrics including product origin, product contents, chain of custody, and carbon footprint
  • Monitor and record crucial regulatory compliance data on product origin, authenticity, and sustainability

This is pure 21st century stuff.

By integrating these advanced technologies, SpotLite IOT Solutions (CSE:LITE, OTC:SPLTF) will allow consumers unprecedented access to critical questions they have.

“Where’s my stuff, was it ethically sourced, has it been tampered with, is it being stored properly, is it authentic, was it made with quality parts or organic ingredients?”

And those answers will come in real time – no waiting for a call back, email, a transport flight to land, or a container to come ashore.

Cutting Edge Supply-Chain Management For A Brand New 21st Century Industry

The pandemic, and resulting supply shortages that tore across the globe, exposed the fragility of modern supply chain infrastructure. More than that, it revealed a system rife for manipulation.

As a result, the industry on a whole has leapt into action, as hundreds of companies transition to 21st century technologies.  And it’s creating the most exciting investment opportunities since the cloud computing revolution.

Or the smartphone revolution before it.

The entire $149 billion ecosystem of supply chain management (SCM) is being transformed rapidly.13

A recent study by McKinsey & Company found that SCM has the lowest level of digital technologies of any business operation, yet it is at the epicenter of the global economy.14

But… The same study also finds that companies are now accelerating their digital supply chain transition “by a shocking seven years.”15

Fortunes are now being spent on digital supply chain technologies in what could be the fastest industry transition in history.

SpotLite IOT’s Market Is Obvious… Every Legitimate Supply Chain In The World

In 2019 the worldwide economy was $86 trillion, according to SupplyChain247.16

Yet, in 2019, the global supply chain management market was valued at mere $15.85 billion.17

That’s no surprise when the vast majority of supply chain managers are using decades-old software.

This is why SpotLite IOT’s platform could be destined to be a worldwide phenomenon – a cloud-based platform among the most advanced in the world, introduced to market in desperate need of an update.

And their supply chain genius is not limited to the pharmaceutical sector … that’s just one of the hugely regulated markets where SpotLite IOT could shine.

SpotLite IOT Solutions (CSE:LITE, OTC:SPLTF) could have particular appeal to sectors such as pharmagenomics, cancer biologics, patient care, and agriculture – even cannabis.

The Huge Void SpotLite Could Fill In Permanent Record Keeping For The Marijuana Industry

One of the biggest supply chain headaches the marijuana industry faces is the fact that recreational and medical cannabis are not federally regulated.

Medical marijuana is legal in 37 states, while recreational marijuana is legal in 18 states plus the District of Columbia.18

Since each state maintains its own licensing and license-oversight systems, SpotLite IOT’s software is agile enough to design individually tailored and harmonious cannabis supply chains.

There are some common traits among the states that have legalized medical or recreational cannabis. Those include a demand that the cannabis industry employ seed-to-sales software databases.

Moreover, all growers, processors, testing labs, wholesalers and retailers are required to use these databases.

Users have unique login IDs for every cannabis harvest. The blockchain cultivation ledger will also compile, log and secure these seed-to-sale data:

  • Lab test results for pesticides and contaminants after harvest and
    production phases.
  • THC and other cannabinoid content.
  • Categorizing the end products made from a single-source cannabis harvest.
  • Tracking distribution and transportation histories from licensed or
    state-approved shippers and third-party shipping vendors, as well as cannabis wholesalers and retailers.
  • Chain of custody is fully documented and compliant on a state by state basis, in order to provide proof of origin and authenticity of content.

SpotLite IOT Solutions (CSE:LITE, OTC:SPLTF) Accounts For Every Seed, Every Penny

The global cannabis cultivation market size was valued at $123.9 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14.3% through 202719.

The world has eclipsed the era of bootleggers and black marketeers.

Cannabis has graduated to the world of licensing, inspecting, auditing, enforcing, analyzing and collecting.

Every darned one of those $123.9 billion dollars needs to be accounted for20.

And SpotLite IOT is with them every step of the way… it’s the legal market’s supply chain savior from…

Seed > Immature Plant > Vegetative > Flowering > Harvest > Packaging > Transfer > Processing > Testing > Distributing > Warehousing > and Sales

Ultimately, within the controversial cannabis industry, SpotLite IOT Solutions (CSE:LITE, OTC:SPLTF) could account for every minute piece of every single harvest.

And Now A New Drug Supply Chain Security Law Could Fuel Quick Growth In SpotLite IOT Solutions

A recently introduced U.S. federal law dealing with drug-supply chain security looks perfectly timed to entice widespread adoption of the SpotLite technology suite.

The law is the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.21

And it is aimed at enhancing the FDA’s ability to protect consumers from exposure to counterfeit, stolen, contaminated, and expired drugs.

It mandates that pharmaceutical companies must implement electronic tracing measures for many of the prescription drugs they manufacture22.

All of which puts SpotLite IOT in a sweet spot as pharmaceutical companies are forced to enact sophisticated tracking methods within a long-outdated environment.

Just ask yourself this:

If your life depended on a drug – such as a cutting-edge cancer fighting biologic, that had to be stored at an exact temperature, and had a short expiration window23 –would you want a guy with a 10-year-old computer and an antiquated spreadsheet managing it?

Or would you want SpotLite IOT Solutions’ (CSE:LITE, OTC:SPLTF) AI-driven, IoT, RFID, and infallible blockchain ledger managing its trip to you?

It’s an easy answer.

The World Is Fast Agreeing That This Software Is Stellar

In fact it’s such an easy answer that major corporations are now signing up to use the exact technology as SpotLite IOT has brought to market, with their software partner, TrackX Holdings.

These are some of the world’s largest companies, with ultra-complex supply chains, that have trusted TrackX.

  • GE Appliances, which has products in half of all American homes.
  • Carvana, the online auto dealer that soared to a market value of $64 billion and catapulted onto the Fortune 500 in only eight years.
  • Tyson Foods, the world’s second largest meat processor.
  • Polaris, a global leader in powersports
  • Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis-based brewing behemoth… among others.

SpotLite IOT’s Management Knows How To Close Deals, Drive Revenue

And, thanks to the company President’s track record of success, investors could be in for a fast ride to the top.

That because SpotLite IOT’s President James Greenwell, was Chief Operating Officer for a legendary small company, MusclePharm that exploded its revenues from a mere $54 million in 2012 to $177 million in 2014.

Moreover, along the way Tiger Woods, the Manchester City soccer team, and Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed its products.

Yeah, That Tiger Woods

And, those products were found in retailers such as COSTCO, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Dick Sporting Goods, Target, Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Walgreens.

So, investors should be encouraged that Greenwell knows his way around corporate headquarters of some of the world’s biggest companies.

5 Reasons Aggressive Tech Investors Need To Place SpotLite IOT Solutions (CSE:LITE, OTC:SPLTF) Near The Very Top Of Their Watch Lists

  1. A Huge And Growing Market: It’s absolutely stunning that in an $86 trillion global economy, only $15.8 billion is spent on supply chain management. But that’s changing right now as $149 billion looks to be funneled towards supply chain infrastructure upgrades in the near term.24
  2. Crisis Investing: Consumers, companies, and authorities alike are demanding a better alternative as we become more and more accustomed to headlines like this one from Reuters on July 26, “Global supply chains buckle as virus variant and disasters strike.”25
  3. Huge Competitive Advantage: SpotLite IOT could have the upper hand in the supply market because the technology it uses has already been deployed by huge global corporations such as GE and Anheuser-Busch.26 27
  4. Even More Competitive Advantages: SpotLite IOT’s TrackX software is so advanced there’s likely not a single industry that can’t use it to improve its supply chain.
  5. Near-Term Catalysts: The White House has unveiled an aggressive new initiative aimed at “strengthening American supply chains to promote economic security, national security, and good-paying, union jobs here at home.”28

Word is getting out.

Shares are on the move as SpotLite’s price flirts with $1.

Investors with interest should quickly speak with their broker or advisor… and show them this story too.

That’s all because SpotLite IOT Solutions (CSE:LITE, OTC:SPLTF) now has the look of what could be one of 2021’s surprise breakout investments.

13$94B in 2019 @ 16.7% CAGR = $149B in 2022 https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20181113005054/en/Worldwide-Spending-on-Digital-Transformation-Will-Be-Nearly-2-Trillion-in-2022-as-Organizations-Commit-to-DX-According-to-a-New-IDC-Spending-Guide


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