The tech world is buzzing with the latest in the evolution of the smartphone. We are now moving into the era of folding smartphones, and Huawei just revealed their entry during the Mobile World Congress. The Chinese Smartphone and Tech brand launched their newest Huawei X coming toe to toe with the Samsung Fold. The price tag for the Huawei X is close to $2600.

The Huawei Mate X Specs

The Huawei brand might have been a relative unknown, but in the last five years, they have been making huge waves in the smartphone world. Their flagship Huawei Mate series has been an alternative to the usually more expensive Samsung flagship the world over. With the $2600 price point; however, the specs need to match the asking price. Below are some of the new phone’s specs:

Display (Primary): 6.60-inch Folds out to an 8-inch screen

Processor: 1.8GHz octa-core

Front Camera: Yes

Resolution: 1148×2480 pixels


OS: Android 9.0

Storage: 512GB

Rear Camera: 40-megapixel + 16-megapixel + 8-megapixel

Battery Capacity: 4500mAh

These are some pretty impressive specifications. Huawei still has the best smartphone camera on the market, since it teamed up with Leica. The reveal of their price point along with specs still means it isn’t the top phone in the market today. Samsung is keeping something in the dark and what they reveal might end up better than what people are expecting.

The Huawei Brand and What You Need to Know

For the casual consumer there are typically just two brands; Samsung and Apple. That is no longer the case as Huawei was able to overtake Steve Jobs’ brainchild as the world’s second most popular smartphone. The popularity stems from its Chinese origins and brand obscurity. Still, it’s Chinese roots might be its undoing on the global market.

The current tension between China and the United States has put Huawei in a bind. It is not as big as Apple or Samsung in America. Now, it is also getting some negative press with some American officials who are telling asking consumers not to buy the product. They are saying that these new Chinese made smartphones might be spying on its American users. Huawei has denied these allegations.

Concerns continue to grow, especially with the Mate X being a 5G Enabled device. 5G gives users incredible mobile connectivity, the likes ordinary smartphone users have never seen before. As of this writing, it is unconfirmed if the phone will be available in the US Market.

Huawei is certainly working to make an impact in the global smartphone market. A relative unknown not too long ago it will be interesting to see how Samsung and Apple will respond to this device. This is just one of the news coming out of the World Mobile Congress. There are certainly more to come from one of the world’s biggest tech conventions yet.