• Nationwide across Canada
  • Now, first wave south reaches 10 American cities
  • Partners with Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft

One of the simplest recipes for corporate success is to identify a critical need – a
gap – in the marketplace, then fill it.

We’ve identified a little-known company that has found such a gap – actually a yawning chasm – and is now attacking a fertile North American market.

They provide IT support and services to small and medium-sized enterprises, many of which don’t have in-house IT staffs.

SMEs, as their known, form a massive market opportunity because they represent 99.9% of all U.S. businesses. They employ 60 million people, or about 50% of the workforce.

Their survival, in a challenging tech environment that’s rapidly being dominated by AI, IoT, and blockchain, is vital to the American economy.

Support ranges from the smallest projects to the largest – network installation, tailored software services, disaster recovery, remote storage, IT help desk, PC, smartphone and tablet setup and repairs.

A Strong Sector

The moral of the story is clear. Buy and hold investors who are looking for significant returns should focus on the companies that keep modern-day technology humming. That’s because the IT consultancy sector that has, for the past five years, treated investors to significant gains.

That trend should be sustained because the IT sector from small to large enterprises is expected to explode during the coming years thanks to the massive number of devices that will connect to the internet of things.

Gartner, the worldwide research and advisory company, forecasts that because of the IoT, companies and consumers will connect more than 20 billion devices to the internet.

And, according to a survey by Inmarsat Research, 82% of responding companies expect to implement some sort of IoT system in the next two years.

Simply put, devices will break and malfunction, they’ll need to be programmed, and, of course, humans will be confused and confounded by the rapid pace of change.

That’s why a report from Research and Markets forecasts the global IT managed services market to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 11.23% over the next four years alone.

That’s a stunning rate of growth compared to forecasts for the S&P 500 stocks that call for flat returns through March 2020.
So, IT support services could be a fertile ground for investors and a company with unique offerings such as the one we’ve located.

IoThings Will Always Break, Need Tech Support

And now, after successfully establishing its concept in Canada, this undervalued company has entered the U.S. market.

They’re rolling out services in 10 of America’s fastest growing regions, focusing first on South Florida, and Arizona.

There has never been a better time to invest in this niche sector, because the size and complexity of IoT data will push many small and medium companies way outside their comfort zone.

Think of it this way.

A massive company like Walmart has service providers and suppliers large and small across the globe. In 2013 it launched a $250 million initiative to buy American, and create American jobs.

At the same time, like many of today’s global companies Walmart has aggressively rolled out blockchain technology to manage its supply chain and contracts.

That means only the most technically advanced of its partners and suppliers will thrive.

Because of that, the strawberry grower in Florida, sweet corn farmers across the Midwest, and the small Massachusetts toy makers will need advanced technology to enter Walmart’s blockchain-driven supply chain.

That’s not a big deal for large international companies, but it is for the smaller players. In other words, they’ll need an IT professional to bring their systems up to date and to maintain them.

On top of that, IoT connectivity boils down to how Things connect to each other. Those connections involve a lot of specialized technology – wired and wireless.

All this connectivity opens all businesses, small and large, to the internet’s dark side. That’s because weak, or missing, security within an IoT ecosystem makes it a rich playground for the hacker community.

Again, smaller companies are more vulnerable because they often don’t have IT staff. This means there’s a lot of profit and loss on the line, both monetary and reputational.

According to Markets to Markets, the North American IT services market will grow to be worth $261.5 billion in the next two years.

As advancements like IoT take hold, there is always a push from consumers and businesses of all types to keep up, and that means that there will never be a shortage of opportunity for IT managed services to make the transitions go smoothly.

We urge you to read our exclusive report right away. There’s no other sector that is moving forward quite so rapidly and steadily as information technology.

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