It appears that fallen crypto exchange FTX and its subsidiaries aren’t out of the woods yet, as the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently filed nearly $44 billion claims against the company.

In two filings made on April 27th and 28th, IRS officials made 45 “Admin Priority” claims against the now-bankrupt firm’s estate, as well as its affiliate companies.

Admin Priority claims essentially allow the IRS’ claims to be given precedence over those of other creditors or claimants in the FTX case.

Based on court documents, claims were filed against FTX itself, as well as several subsidiary firms, including Alameda Research LLC and Alameda Research Holdings Inc; Blockfolio; Ledger Holdings, the parent firm of digital asset investment firm LedgerPrime and cryptocurrency clearing house LedgerX; and West Realm Shires, FTX’s legal entity in the United States.

The claims include two worth $20.4 billion and $7.9 billion against Alameda Research and two claims with a combined total of $9.5 billion against its subsidiary Alameda Research Holdings.

Documents mentioning the $20.4 billion claim against Alameda Research show that $20 billion of the sum is being claimed by the IRS in the form of partnership taxes. The residual amount is made up of payroll taxes, as well as several million in income taxes withheld.

However, a spokesperson for the IRS stated that, due to restrictions imposed by federal law, the agency cannot give further details regarding the matter.

Back in January, FTX’s bankruptcy attorneys declared during a hearing that they found over $5 billion in varied assets and that the company estimated that it still had between $1 billion and $10 billion in total assets. To date, these figures have changed as company executives claim to have found additional assets over the past several months.