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One Company Is Emerging On The ESG Stage By Helping Clean Up One Of The World’s Most Toxic Industries

Posted by Editorial Staff | Nov 24, 2021 | Technology

Why Poda Holdings (CSE:PODA, OTC:PODAF) could be a player in the ESG market

  • ESG investors are looking for bigger impact.
  • Vancouver startup Poda Holdings’ new technology is helping to clean up one of the world’s most toxic industries.

Two years ago, most investors had never heard of ESG investing.

Today, it’s one of the hottest’s trends.

But ESG isn’t just about companies that are creating a better world.

It’s also about companies that are building ladders to a better world.

Most investors are familiar with traditional ESG sectors like solar, energy storage,

conservation, ethical sourcing, or diversity.

Meanwhile, there’s emerging opportunity in companies that are re-inventing

themselves for the future.

Companies that are taking meaningful, measurable steps to transition from dirty to clean…harmful to healthy…energy-intensive to carbon-neutral. Including:

  • Food processers that are reducing or eliminating unhealthy ingredients and menu items.
  • Power generation companies that are shifting from fossil fuels to renewables.
  • Manufacturers that are cleaning up waste production and carbon emissions.

And one company with an innovative new technology is motivated to transform of the world’s most toxic industries.

Poda Holdings’ (CSE: PODA, OTC:PODAFCSE: PODA, OTC: PODAF) technology is making strides towards – cleaning up among the deadliest of all industries – smoking.

The World Health Organization calls it “one of the biggest health threats the world has ever faced.”1

It is the number one cause of preventable death, and of the one billion smokers alive today, tobacco will lead to tragic death for 500 million of them.2

So, you’re probably wondering how ESG investors could possibly support any company in the space.

The answer is because:


They’re using technology to help smokers do what they cannot do on their own: quit smoking.

Innovative Technology Is Cleaning Up One Of The World’s Deadliest Industries

Every smoker knows that tobacco smoke is deadly. And 73% of them would like to quit.3

Yet they don’t want to give up the dopamine-producing effects they get from nicotine.

Thanks to a handful of innovative tech developers, they don’t have to.

Literally thousands of studies have proved that it’s the tobacco smoke that’s deadly.

With every puff, smokers inhale into their lungs more than 70 deadly cancer-causing toxins.4

On the other hand, nicotine, while addictive, it is not deadly.

“It’s as benign as the caffeine many of us get from a morning coffee,” says Kate Kelland, chief scientific writer at nonprofit Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.5

And Ann McNiell, professor of tobacco addiction at King’s College London, adds, “We need to de-demonize nicotine.”6

That’s what first led enterprising scientists and engineers to imagine new ways to help smokers get the nicotine they want without the smoke that kills them.

They’re developing alternative nicotine delivery systems (ANDS) that are designed to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

The most promising technology is called “heat not burn,” and there’s one company building the operational foundation in hopes of leading the industry.

Tiny Poda Holdings (CSE:PODA, OTC:PODAFCSE:PODA, OTC:PODAF) challenges Philip Morris


The FDA approved PMI’s smoking alternative product called IQOS in July 2020.

Poda Holdings is entering the Big Tobacco market to provide an alternative smoking option with their revolutionary Beyond Burn  technology.

Poda spent six years and $5 million dollars developing the revolutionary technology to deliver the satisfying dose of nicotine that smokers crave…

…and none of the harmful elements of smoke or tobacco.

Poda’s patented Beyond Burn™ is similar to Philip Morris’s FDA-approved, market leading IQOS heat-not-burn device.


  1. Unlike the Philip Morris product, Poda’s Beyond Burn™ is an entirely closed system. While the IQOS must be cleaned after every 20 uses, Beyond Burn™ pods never need cleaning.
  2. Unlike the IQOS, Poda’s Beyond Burn™ contains no tobacco.

That second point bears repeating….

Poda’s Revolutionary Beyond Burn™ Contains No Tobacco

Instead, the desired amount of nicotine is delivered via a proprietary method of heated tea leaves.

Poda’s patented Beyond Burn™ technology began with the conception that there’s a better solution for smokers.

Just about anything’s better than cigarettes, but even the current generation of electronic cigarettes still require tobacco to deliver nicotine to their users.

Unlike the Philip Morris product, Poda’s Beyond Burn™ is an entirely closed system.

While the IQOS must be cleaned after every 20 uses, Beyond Burn™ pods never need cleaning.

And unlike the IQOS, Poda’s Beyond Burn™ contains no tobacco.

Instead, the device contains a proprietary blend of tea leaves and herbs that have been gently steeped in nicotine.7

There is no burn…no smoke…no ash…no toxins…no lingering odor…and no cleaning required.

Plus there is one more seriously big benefit:

Poda’s Beyond Burn™ Could Help To Eliminate The World’s #1 Source Of Ocean and Shoreline Pollution

Poda Holdings is on the leading edge of a radical new way to smoke nicotine, and other dried plants that can be inhaled when heated.

Cigarettes kill in more ways than cancer, heart disease, and lung disease.

The filters attached to the ends of 99% of all manufactured cigarettes are made up of thousands of plastic microfibers and steeped in hundreds of chemicals.8

And every year, around 4.5 trillion of the 6 trillion cigarettes smoked end up as environmental litter.9

  • Enough cigarette butts to fill the largest oil tanker ever built, the Hellespont Alhambra, eight times.10
  • Or to fill nine Empire State Buildings.

They’re tossed out car windows, dropped into gutters, snuffed out in beach sand, crushed underfoot on sidewalks or trails, and then the next rain sweeps them into storm drains or creeks, and from there into rivers and oceans.

The nonprofit Ocean Conservancy has sponsored global beach cleanup days every year for 32 consecutive years.

And for 32 consecutive years, cigarette butts have been the top source of shoreline waste, accounting for about a third of the total. More than all plastic wrappers, containers, bottle caps, eating utensils and bottles, combined.11

But what’s worse, they are killing our aquatic animals and poisoning Earth’s oceans and rivers.

Cigarette butts found “acutely toxic” to fish and aquatic animals

An international study undertaken by the universities of Oxford, Barcelona, and Plymouth found that even the deepest oceans are contaminated with the microplastics of degraded cigarette filters.

At 3,500 meters, in the midnight zone, where the ocean is pitch black and the creatures look like aliens from another planet, the scientists found the sea floor contaminated with about 4 billion filter-derived plastic fibers per square kilometer.12

There, they leach out heavy metals and neurotoxins that are deadly to marine life.

A separate study from San Diego State University found that one cigarette butt in a single liter of water is all it takes to kill a fish.

The butts are “acutely toxic” to aquatic life, the study concluded.13

Which gives ESG investors even more reasons to feel good about the zero-waste, zero-smoke, zero-tobacco Poda technology.

Here’s the Whole Story

Poda Holdings, Inc. is on the leading edge of a radical new way to smoke nicotine, and other dried plants that can be inhaled when heated.

The technology is called Heat-not-Burn.

Philip Morris International, the giant multinational, spent $8.1 billion developing a similar cigarette.

But, in a stunning turn of events, Poda Holdings, Inc. beat Philip Morris to critical patents, in Canada and the U.S.

Those patents could now position Poda to potentially take a huge bite out of the global market of 1.3 billion tobacco smokers.

In fact, the patents make Poda a different sort of player in the tobacco space.

That’s because while Poda’s Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods contain plenty of nicotine, they contain no tobacco and this means fewer regulatory issues across the globe.

Two JUULs Join Poda

Poda Holdings, Inc.’ future looks so bright that it was able to poach two superstars from JUUL Labs, which is internationally known for its e-cigarettes that
vaporize flavored oils.

JUUL is famous for attracting a $12.8 billion investment from Altria (NYSE:MO), which pushed JUUL’s valuation to $38 billion.

At the time, as Bloomberg noted, the deal made JUUL more valuable than Elon Musk’s SpaceX, as well as more valuable than Airbnb.

So, there’s no doubt about the fact that it was an industry coup when Poda Holdings, Inc. added JUUL Canada’s former president, Michael Nederhoff, to its advisory board along with JUUL Canada’s former Head of Corporate Affairs, Nicholas Kadysh. Both were also on the leadership team at Red Bull, Canada.

That means, as Poda readies an international rollout, being able to draw upon deep experience earned at JUUL and Red Bull is a massive benefit.

A New Way To Feed An Old Habit

That’s because Poda developed products satisfy smoker’s cravings by perfecting the newest and possibly best alternative to cigarettes with what are known as Heat-not-Burn (HNB) products.

HNB systems are considered to offer reduced-risk products because they do NOT burn anything. Instead, they heat organic materials to release the product’s nicotine without producing smoke…

Heat-not Burn cigarettes are gaining popularity, so much so that dreams of a smokeless future could one day become a reality.

Forbes saw that future when it wrote:

“Heat-not-Burn (HNB), has the potential to slash smoking- related death and disease by appealing to the millions of smokers who’ve failed to quit using e-cigarettes and traditional nicotine-replacement therapies.”

Then the FDA chimed in:

“Scientific studies have shown that switching completely from conventional cigarettes to Heat-not-Burn (HNB) systems significantly reduces your body’s exposure to harmful or potentially harmful chemicals”

Philip Morris International has taken the idea of a smokeless future to the extreme.

On July 25, 2021, Philip Morris International’s boss said his company will stop selling cigarettes in the United Kingdom within 10 years. PMI makes Marlboro cigarettes for the European market. Yet its CEO, Jacek Olczak said the move was part of the company’s goal to become smoke-free and to help end the use of traditional cigarettes.

Moreover, Olczak also called on the UK government to outlaw cigarettes within a decade.

Think about that, a cigarette maker wants to ban cigarettes…

That is some spectacular confidence in its Heat-not-Burn IQOS product, which is sold in 64 countries with an estimated 17.6 million users.

In all, Heat-not-Burn may have helped Philip Morris in the first quarter. On April 21, 2021, Market watch reported:

“Philip Morris beats profit, revenue expectations as IQOS strength helps offset cigarette shipment declines”

A Deal To Enter The Massive Asian Market


Their deal with ESON Technology gives it access to ESON distribution network in

Europe and Asia where ESON currently sells more than 50 million units per month.

Best of all, ESON patented proprietary blend of tobacco-free products heat perfectly in Poda’s electronic nicotine delivery system.

Poda’s target is China with its more than 400 million adult smokers. Its partnership with ESON is aimed at providing Poda Holdings, Inc. (CSE:PODA, OTC:PODAFCSE:PODA, OTC:PODAF) with a fast-tracked opportunity to rapidly develop its Chinese market share.

The Better Heat-not-Burn System

Whether it’s China, or Japan, or the UK, Poda’s Heat-not-Burn products enter the

market with a slew of competitive advantages, the first of which is that while they contain a full supply of nicotine, they contain ZERO tobacco.

Instead, they use a proprietary blend of tea leaves infused with synthetic nicotine to perfectly mimic tobacco.

The result? Smokers have a smoke-free alternative to their regular habit without

sacrificing any of the satisfaction they’re used to (unlike with e-cigarettes or nicotine gums).

Smoke-free also means the toxic parts of traditional cigarette smoke are significantly reduced when using Poda Holdings, Inc.’ Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods.

But one of the most significant advantages is the company’s aggressively competitive pricing compared to tobacco-containing HNB products. Poda Holdings, Inc.’ (CSE:PODA, OTC:PODAFCSE:PODA, OTC:PODAF) can offer a better consumer experience at a better price because they avoid rising tobacco taxes and duties (remember, they’re tobacco-free).

The WHO recommends all countries set taxes at least 75% of total price/pack:

  • Australia’s aggressive tobacco taxation has increased 12.5% per year – with a current tax of $22.07 on each pack
  • The majority of EU member countries have tax rates above 75% of the total price per pack as per WHO recommendations
  • In the US, excise tax is set by each state. DC currently has the highest at $4.50 per pack with an average tax inclusive price of $11.29/pack

A Clean Knockout

But the biggest differentiator of all is there’s no cleaning required. This solves the major pain-point that other HNB products suffer from: the need for regular cleaning.

For instance, Philip Morris’ IQOS Heat-not-Burn tobacco product must be cleaned after every 20 sticks or so. Even then, the cigarette smell never really goes away.

Ultimately, after just a few cycles, the grungy unit is like having an ashtray in your pocket.

In contrast, Poda Pods are the first and only cigarettes to have a completely closed pod. So there’s no mess because the tea-leaf/nicotine residue remains sealed inside, avoiding direct contact to the device itself.

That means no ash, no maintenance, no residual odor in the heating device, and no cross contamination between pods – each pod is a fresh experience.


Poda spent the past six years doing extensive R&D in its workshop – to the tune of $5 million.

It’s Beyond Burn™ heating devices are produced at a world-class e-cigarette factory that gives Poda Holdings, Inc.’ (CSE:PODA, OTC:PODAFCSE:PODA, OTC:PODAF) the triple advantage of lowcost production, exceptional quality, and unlimited scalability for future growth.

Production Is Speeding Up

Poda Pods are currently manufactured at the company’s facility, which uses automated production equipment Poda developed.

The proprietary process is extremely low-cost.

Better yet, Poda can now install that same automated equipment at strategic locations globally to meet regional demands while also reducing distribution costs and potentially lowering labor costs.

Its current production capability is 400,000 pods per month. The company plans to scale that up in Q1 2022 to meet increasing demand.

In other words, Poda Holdings, Inc.’ (CSE:PODA, OTC:PODAFCSE:PODA, OTC:PODAF) has already

invested in and built the engine and now it’s ready to turn the ignition and work it 24/7/365.

That steady beat of progress could create a Poda revenue model that is diversified across three complementary verticals:

  • Beyond Burn™ heating devices
  • Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods (think “recurring revenue”)
  • White labelling partnerships (also recurring revenue)

Heat-Not-Burn And The Future of Smoking

The headwinds facing the tobacco industry seem ever-increasing:

  • Bans on menthol cigarettes
  • Restrictive non-smoking regulations
  • Rising taxes on tobacco
  • Known major health threats of cigarette smoking

That’s all good news for Poda Holdings, Inc. (CSE:PODA, OTC:PODAFCSE:PODA, OTC:PODAF).

But the most obvious sign that HNB is the future of smoking is that big tobacco is saying exactly that.

Just look at the website of the world’s largest tobacco company, Philip Morris International.

The first thing you’ll see is its new tagline:

No surprise, really, considering:

No surprise, really, considering:

  • PMI sunk more than $8.1 billion into developing its smoke-free business
  • It sold 76 billion heated tobacco units in 2020 for a 27.59% YoY gain
  • 25% of the company’s revenue now comes from these new products

But while HNB is paving the way for a better smoke-free future, Poda Holdings Ltd. (CSE:PODA, OTC:PODAFCSE:PODA, OTC:PODAF) is offering an even better HNB alternative that’s also tobacco-free…a clear competitive advantage that sets them apart from the pack.

Smokin’ Hot Management & Advisory Team

Ryan Selby – Co-founder and CEO: Successful multi-patented inventor that originated the Poda concept. Business developer who led the company since it started in 2015. Over 15 years of industry experience designing, developing, patenting, commercializing and distributing innovative products and accessories for the smoking industry. As a passionate believer in the massive potential for reduced-risk smoking products, he’s committed to growing Poda on a global scale.

Ryan Karkairan – Co-founder and VP Design: Co-developed the initial Poda concept. Actively leading ongoing R&D efforts as Poda continues to develop innovative reduced-risk smoking products and accessories. Worked in the smoking industry for over 10 years and held senior management positions in both Sales and R&D. Extensive knowledge of the reduced-risk industry.

Daniel Chen – Strategic Advisor: Founded Shenzhen ESON Technologies Co. Ltd. in 2010, which has designed numerous electronic nicotine delivery systems and has successfully licensed IP to and served as an original equipment manufacturer for some of the world’s biggest tobacco companies, including Japan Tobacco International, Imperial, British American Tobacco, Godfrey Philips India, Philip Morris International and China National Tobacco. In 2020, founded the NEAFS brand, a non-tobacco synthetic nicotine blend that is IQOS compatible.

Juan Manuel (Jon) Ruiz – Strategic Advisor: Mr. Ruiz was a key executive for one of the largest tobacco companies in the world, Philip Morris International (PMI), for more than 15 years. In 2004, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Tabaqueira, a former Portuguese state monopoly that was acquired by PMI and contributed as one of PMI’s top 10 EBITDA producers worldwide. In 2006, Mr. Ruiz was assigned the integration of Coltabaco in Colombia, one of PMI’s largest single investments to date. After 15 years at PMI and 20 years in the fast-moving consumer goods space, Mr. Ruiz decided to expand his professional experience as CEO of Colombia’s leading media group.

Michael Nederhoff – Strategic Advisor: Mr. Nederhoff is the former president of JUUL Labs Canada, a division of JUUL Labs Inc. (Altria Group, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, invested $12.8 billion into JUUL in December 2018, acquiring a 35 percent stake). Mr, Nederhoff was hired by JUUL to launch the product and business unit in Canada and was instrumental in dealing with commercial and regulatory aspects of the e-cigarette market. He was previously responsible for launching Red Bull and CytoSport into the Canadian marketplace, he is currently the CEO of Shelter.

Nicholas Kadysh – Strategic Advisor: With over a decade of experience as a public affairs and regulatory expert, Mr. Nicholas (“Nick”) Kadysh has led government relations and regulatory departments for a number of large corporations, including acting as Head of Corporate Affairs for JUUL Labs Inc., as Government Affairs & Public Policy Leader for General Electric Canada, and as Director of Public Affairs for Red Bull Canada. He also the founder and CEO of PharmAla Biotech.


9 Reasons Why Poda Holdings (CSE:PODA, OTC:PODAFCSE:PODA, OTC:PODAF) believes in the future of the Heat-not-Burn market.

  1. Huge Market: 1.3 billion tobacco users worldwide driving global revenue to $793 billion.
  2. Headwinds Facing Tobacco Industry: Bans on menthols; restrictive regulations; rising taxes; known major health threats.
  3. Growing Demand for Better Alternatives: Global HNB market projected to
    grow at CAGR of 32.8% from 2020 to 2027.
  4. Poda Pods have ZERO Tobacco: Huge competitive advantage over other HNB systems, especially since the World Health Organization says, “All forms of tobacco use are harmful, including HNB tobacco products.”
  5. Even More Competitive Advantages: No cleaning. No residual odor. No cross contamination between pods. Environmentally friendly. Heat anything flexibility. And more.
  6. Aggressively Competitive Pricing: Made possible by avoiding rising
    tobacco taxes & duties and by having low production costs through
    proprietary production automation.
  7. Heavy Lifting Already Done: Six years of R&D and over $5 million already invested in product development.
  8. Fully Patented: The unique Poda Holdings, Inc. Ltd. (CSE:PODA, OTCPK:PODAF) HNB system IP is fully patented in Canada and patent pending in 65 additional countries, covering over 70% of the global population.
  9. Multiple Near-Term Catalysts: Global launch and commercialization in 2021. Ramping up production. Expanding distribution through white labelling, online sales, distribution agreements, and the Q2 2021 ESON market test that’s expected to include a minimum of 1 million “NEAFS by Poda” sticks. Philip Morris IQOS after
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Learn More About Poda Holdings (CSE: PODA, OTC:PODAFCSE: PODA, OTC: PODAF) at your brokerage today!

Learn More About Poda Holdings (CSE: PODA, OTC:PODAFCSE: PODA, OTC: PODAF) at your brokerage today!

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