Kanye West has been approved to appear on Oklahoma’s ballot for the presidency. This is the first American state where the rapper has met the required documents before the deadline. 

Misha Mohr, the state’s Board of Elections spokesperson, disclosed to the press that a representative completed and filed the required documents on West’s behalf, paying $35,000 in filing fees last Wednesday. 

West is set to appear on the ballot alongside independent candidates Jade Simmons and Brock Pierce. However, as a result of his late bid, the deadline for West to be placed on ballots in six other states has lapsed. 

Will he, or won’t he?

His filing comes amid confusion as to whether or not he intends to run for office. The rapper has previously declared his presidential bid in the past only to withdraw after. 

Adviser Steve Kramer, who was hired to get West on Ballots through petition signatures in two crucial states, announced that West would not be pursuing the 2020 elections. However, a report by TMZ shared that West had indeed filed the State of Organization form that declares West a candidate with the Federal Election Commission. 

It is unclear as to whether or not West filed the second form, the Statement of Candidacy. This form requires proof that a candidate has raised at least $5,000 in campaigning. This step is necessary for being recognized by the federal campaign finance law as an official candidate.

The red cap is coming off

The rapper has become an infamous supporter of current President Donald Trump. However, he has since declared that the red cap he wears, which a symbol of President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign, will be coming off. 

West explained that he wore the cap in protest of vote segregation in the African-American community. He added that it is also because he enjoys hotels owned by Trump. 

The American Wakanda

West, by his admission, has no experience as a voter. However, he shared that he intends to model the White House after Wakanda, a fictional country from Marvel’s superhero film “Black Panther.”  

In an interview with Forbes, West said that if he wins in 2020 or 2024, it will be the result of an appointment from God. He plans to include anti-abortion and anti-vaccination in his campaign, as a result of religious ideals. 

West garnered a 2% vote in Redfield & Wilton Strategies’ recent nationwide poll for the presidency.