With the Recent Acquisition of Game Changing "Green Technology" and a Major Licensing Agreement, Temas Resources Corp. (CSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26PCSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26P) is Setting Out to Disrupt the Massive Trillion Dollar Mining Industry!

The boom in mining for Rare Earths is causing major environmental damage that needs to be addressed sooner than later…

Rare earths are used in almost everything from smart phones and electric vehicles to energy storage systems and wind turbines.

The aftermath of how they are found however has posed mounting toxic risks across the globe!

What if there was a way to continue feeding the world’s hunger for these important elements all while reducing the environmental and carbon footprint of getting them?

Well there is a way and Canadian small-cap company Temas Resources Corp. (CSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26PCSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26P) has recently acquired a major stake in the unique technologies to do it!


The company has closed the acquisition of a significant stake (50%) in ORF Technologies, Inc., who has a portfolio of patents related to mineral extraction, targeting specialty, strategic and rare earth metals producers!

ORF Technologies is setting new industry benchmarks in cost-efficient and eco-friendly mineral extraction, separation and recovery.

“We believe this suite of proprietary technologies are immediately employable and will be integral to the economic delivery of products well into the future. There is a company making opportunity especially when considering the high importance and future demand of the ‘Energy and Battery’ metals needs. The objective is to achieve this from the commercialization of the proprietary & patented hydrometallurgical metals processing technologies (“Leaching Technologies”). We are confident that the ORF IP library of technologies will position Temas as a clear leader in providing the specialty, strategic and rare earth metals industries with a lower cost, environmentally friendly mineral processing solution for their producing mines.”

– Michael Dehn, CEO of Temas Resources.

Leading-edge patented technologies like this present a big opportunity…

Anything that can replace legacy products and traditional methods allows small-cap companies who own them to turn into tomorrow’s industry leaders!

Temas Resources Corp. (CSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26PCSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26P)has gone from being just a junior miner to now becoming one of the superior companies to make a big splash into the critical extraction technology sector!


In a letter to shareholders dated April 13th, 2021, President and CEO Michael Dehn fully discusses the company’s tremendous move into the extraction tech space and what it means for the company moving forward:

Valued Shareholders,

I wanted to take time to deliver an important update directly.

In my time at Goldcorp we developed assets of tremendous value, including the Cochenour Mine in the famed Red Lake District. Eventually, after years of hard work and watching these assets mature, Goldcorp was acquired by Newmont Mining for $10 billion.

At the time, it was front page news. However, what the articles never quite get across – is that the most exciting and important stage of a company, is not the end, it is the very beginning.

The work done at this critical early stage can make or break a company and when done correctly, can setup a trajectory for tremendous growth.

That’s why today is so important for Temas Resources.

You see, mining has historically been a dirty business – but it doesn’t have to be.

In my past experiences, working for some of the largest mining companies in the world, one thing always frustrated me: you had to pick between being more environmentally friendly, or being efficient and profitable. That dilemma never sat well with me.

That’s the reason I believe today’s news at Temas Resources is potentially the greatest opportunity of my entire career.

Early this morning, we finally announced the completion of the ORF transaction.

Over the past few months, since our initial announcement of the LOI on January 27th, we have conducted significant due diligence of ORF and its advanced patent portfolio.

The results of this inquiry were clear: the technologies will position Temas Resources with the ability to both implement environmentally friendly upgrades and secure high-margin profit at the same time.

Strategically, costs are able to be offloaded to the actual mine operators by way of licensing agreements, enabling Temas Resources to scale quickly without capital intensive risk. In effect, Temas Resources is now able to help improve mining operations globally while at the same time, participate in significant upside through licensing fees.

Perhaps more importantly, particularly in today’s age, our revenue streams will now be aligned with our core values and beliefs. All stakeholders can rest easy knowing their investment in Temas Resources is now helping to reduce the environmental impact of mining operations around the world.

In a single transaction, we’ve effectively pivoted Temas Resources from just a regular junior mining company to now a one-of-a-kind environmental technology company that could change the mining industry as we know it.

For those of you who haven’t already, please take time to read our full press release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210413005505/en/

As I close, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has decided to support us in this journey. I truly believe we are building something of great value here – not just for us – but for future generations as well.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Dehn
President and CEO


Michael Dehn is just one of the management heavyweights that is front and center leading the charge at Temas Resources Corp. (CSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26PCSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26P) and he may be the one to pay the most attention to…

Dehn is a Goldcorp ex-executive!

…the very same Goldcorp recently acquired by Newmont Mining for a massive $10 billion dollar buyout…

…and now he is the President and CEO of Temas Resources Corp.!

Goldcorp didn’t start as a $10 billion story. Goldcorp’s story begins in 1994 with one of their most notable geologists, Michael Dehn. Over the years, Michael and his team were instrumental in delivering multiple producing mines, including the Cochenour Mine in the famed Red Lake District, one of the largest gold deposits in the world.

Dehn worked with Goldcorp for 10 years, managing off mine site exploration with a team of up to 75 employees and consultants, and annual budgets often in excess of C$20 million. He and his team initiated the deep drilling at the Cochenour Mine in Red Lake District which is now in production (later sold to Evolution Mining Limited alongside Red Lake and Cambell mines and processing facilities for $375 million in cash, with up to an additional $100 million if new deposits are discovered!

Early timing is everything and Dehn may be about to take Temas Resources Corp. (CSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26PCSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26P) from unknown to globally renown!

Temas Resources Corp. (CSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26PCSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26P) is in the position to fuel a huge booming industry…

One that represents the future of how we store, manage and consume energy…

One that the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution will also heavily rely on…

Governments are scrambling for solutions amidst ever-stricter clean energy regulations. This includes putting more EVs on the roads.

The electric batteries in these vehicles need to hold significant amounts of charge, using expensive materials and engineering to ensure that owners can get from point A to point B.

The infrastructure of charging stations is additionally nowhere near built out to accommodate longer distance travel yet.

The demand for the global electric vehicle market is projected to value at $1,212.1 billion by 2027, according to a new report published by Million Insights, with a staggering CAGR of 41.5 % from 2020 to 2027!1

One element with significant potential that has an interesting history in the automotive world is vanadium. Today, vanadium is showing potential to dramatically improve the chemistry of lithium batteries—allowing them to charge faster and store more energy, while also providing more power.

Nikhil Koratkar, a professor of mechanical, aerospace, and nuclear engineering at the renowned Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, has noted that vanadium applications could even be expanded to applications beyond car batteries, such as power for portable electronics and solar energy storage.


Energy storage is among the fastest-growing asset classes in the energy industry—a quietly massive market on an institutional level. According to a leading innovator in the space, WATT JOULE, the storage market could top $100 billion in less than 10 years. (Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesconca/2019/08/26/energys-future-battery-and-storage-technologies/?sh=64a4f91b44cf)

So how is Temas Resources Corp. (CSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26PCSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26P) setting out to capitalize on the EV and Energy Storage revolution and deliver important elements like vanadium to the market?


The company has recently signed an exclusive North American and European Licensing Agreement with MetaLeach Limited for its innovative leaching processes AmmLeach®, HyperLeach®, NickeLeach®, and MoReLeach® and others.

By licensing MetaLeach™ technology, Temas Resources’ objective is to provide the lowest cost processing of base metals!

This is integral to the delivery of technologies and products for now and in the future, especially ‘energy and battery’ metals!

Keep on reading to see why Temas Resources Corp. (CSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26PCSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26P) is setting up to be one of the biggest discoveries on Wall Street!

As a mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of Iron, Titanium, and Vanadium properties, Temas Resources has focused its efforts on advancing two major projects in the Grenville Geological Province area.


With multiple 100% owned properties in the famed Grenville Geological Province of Quebec, home to the largest solid ilmenite deposit in the world, this well-timed acquisition is extracting the maximum potential from the company’s wholly-owned assets.

Temas Resources Corp. (CSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26PCSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26P)owns over 9,450 hectares of economically viable property in a region with a long and rich history of mining.

World renown Rio Tinto, one of the world’s largest mining companies, has been mining titanium with established upside in this same region for nearly 70 years!

The first, the DAB Property, is an option for 100% interest consisting of 128 contiguous mineral claims which cover 6,813.72 hectares (68.14 km²) within the Grenville Geological Province.

 The flagship, the La Blache Property, is 100% ownership of 48 semi-contiguous mineral claims which cover 2,653.25 hectares (26.53 km²) within the province.

All public filings for the Company can be found on the SEDAR website www.sedar.com.


Prime Location in One of the World’s Top Mining Destinations—Including Production of 15 Metals and 13 Minerals.

In its current 100%-owned mining properties, Temas Resources Corp. (CSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26PCSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26P)has access to three in-demand raw materials – IRON, VANADIUM, and TITANIUM!


TMAS and Erin Ventures Ready Agreement for the Joint Development of Piskanja Boron Project.

The parties have recently concluded their due diligence process with a favourable outcome. The companies are now working to complete a definitive binding agreement based on the terms in the LOI. It is anticipated that the definitive agreement will be completed imminently!

Piskanja is Erin Ventures’ wholly owned boron deposit with an indicated mineral resource of 7.8 million tonnes (averaging 31.0% B2O3), and an inferred resource of 3.4 million tonnes (averaging 28.6% B2O3).

Calculated in accordance with the Canadian Institute of Mining Definition Standards on Mineral Resources and Reserves (“CIM Standards”) as disclosed in Erin Ventures’ report titled “Mineral Resource Estimate Update on the Piskanja Borate Project, Serbia, October 2016 – Amended February 28 2019” prepared by SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd.

Boron is an extremely hard and heat-resistant semi-metal that can be found in a variety of forms. It’s widely used in compounds to make everything from bleaches and glass to semiconductors and agricultural fertilizers.

The future of mining is turning GREEN and finding a solution to feeding the world’s hunger for important elements and minerals all while reducing the environmental impact and carbon footprint of getting them is what could make TMAS stand out very quickly…

The TOP Reasons to Pay Attention to TMAS Right Now:

  1. Excitement around clean energy is building! In today’s market, green friendly products and services are the opportunities of the future. President Joe Biden has pledged to transition the U.S. economy away from the oil industry. Market forces and green government policies are accelerating this shift in the United States and around the world. Electric vehicles and energy storage are now some of the major trends of the 21st century, and the markets are reacting: Blink Charging has gained over 4,000%, China’s NIO saw nearly 2,000% in gains, SunPower soared over 1,000% and Tesla surged over 700%!
  2. The company has now gained incredible access to untapped revenue around the world through the licensing of proprietary processes for the metallurgic recovery of industrial and precious metals. With a management acquisition track record that includes the famed Red Lake mines acquired for $375 million, could there be a massive buyout in TMAS’s future?
  3. The company is responding to the growing global demand for iron ore as well as two strategically important minerals — Titanium and Vanadium — both deemed by the U.S. Department of the Interior as critical to U.S. national security and the economy! They are also on Canada’s critical mineral list! Vanadium grid-scale energy storage is an essential aspect of any intermittent energy source such as wind or solar, with its applications in grid-scale energy storage showing superior potential versus today’s lithium-ion technology!
  4. The technology that TMAS has acquired comes with record-setting patents that have shown MAJOR advantages over the competitors, turning widely undervalued materials that are typically discarded into high-purity finished products. Using groundbreaking processes for titanium dioxide recovery can achieve an estimated 59.2% lower production cost than the biggest TiO2 producer in the world!
  5. The company may be about to flip traditional mining on its head, as there are also patents for the recovery of gold, iron, and nickel and the company is prepared to commercialize these technologies worldwide! Offering high capital risk to licensees all while retaining the potential to generate tremendous revenues!
  6. The first and flagship properties of the company are located in the stable, mining-friendly jurisdiction of Quebec (Canada). The area is known as the Grenville Geological Province and it is home to Lac Tio, the largest solid ilmenite deposit in the world! Rio Tinto has been mining for titanium in this area for DECADES!
  7. When successful billion-dollar management like Michael Dehn comes off past wins, to join and lead new junior mining player TMAS, it’s best to pay close attention!

As the environmental risks of mining continue to grow across the globe, Temas Resources Corp. (CSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26PCSE:TMAS | OTCQB:TMASF | FSE:26Pis doing its part to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of metal mining ALL WHILE generating major profits!

Start your research NOW!

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Learn More About Temas Resources (OTCQB: TMASF | CSE: TMASOTCQB: TMASF | CSE: TMAS) at your brokerage today!



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