The IPO market is seeing a new competition this year, and San Francisco tech giants should be afraid of this new entrant. The IPO company Lyft is expected to debut later this month, and people expect great things. Many are starting to speculate that Lyft will bring in as much as $2 billion when it officially debuts. Its shareholders will be particularly lucky when the company debuts, as they will collectively hold billions in value.

Co-founders Logan Green and John Zimmer are excited for the debut of the company. The two co-founders will be the sole holders of Class B shares, giving them more voting power. Later, the company plans to sell approximately $30 million class A shares. Various Japanese e-commerce companies such as Alphabet, Fidelity, General Motors, and Rakuten are the significant holders in Lyft.

Things are looking up for Lyft this 2019, and they’re set to be one of the largest IPO company this year alongside Airbnb, Slack, and Uber. In the long run, shares may see an increase and decrease in its value, but its shareholders are still lucky to hold billions once the company debuts collectively.