Several months after tech giant Apple introduced self-repair services for iPhone users, the company has expanded the service’s reach to include MacBook laptops. 

In a media release on its website dated August 22nd, Apple announced that MacBook users would be given a selection of tools and tutorials by which they could learn how to repair and service their laptops at home. 

The company officially began the self-repair service for MacBooks the following day, August 23rd.

The launch of MacBook Self Service Repair follows the recent resolution of a class action lawsuit filed against the tech company regarding butterfly keyboards on several of its laptop models. Apple subsequently agreed to pay $50 million as a settlement. 

What Can MacBook Users Expect from the Service?

The MacBook self service repair section of the Apple service website offers over a dozen repair methods for the two models currently covered. These include reparative measures for screen display, top case and battery, and trackpad, among others.

More experienced users, on the other hand, will be able to do complete repairs on their MacBooks thanks to several parts and tools made available through several Apple Store locations as well as Apple Authorized Service Providers. According to the official statement, each of the available parts has been carefully engineered and tested to ensure that customers receive items of the best possible quality and will be reliable in the long run.

The company also offers rental kits priced at $49.00 for those who may not wish to buy tools for a one-time repair but nevertheless require professional equipment to resolve hardware issues. Customers may use the kit for a week and it will be shipped to their addresses for free.

In order to begin self-service repairs, customers need to review the repair manual for the specific device on the Apple support site. From there, they may surf into the Apple Self-service Repair Store to obtain the necessary parts and tools.

At the moment, however, the service is only available for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models equipped with M1 chips.

Likewise, the service is currently only available in the United States. However, Apple has stated that it plans to expand coverage to other countries, beginning with member states of the European Union later this year. Other products are also slated for inclusion in the self-repair service before the end of the year.