New to the stock market, one little-known company’s breakthrough artificial intelligence could revolutionize recreational boating, all as it rewards its earliest investors.

This is a high-potential mega-trend investment.

A $42 billion industry is at the heart of remarkable new investment opportunity that’s both sudden and unexpected.  From Florida, to Connecticut, to Missouri to California, boat dealers are swamped with sales demand that has outstripped supply, and the trend seems to be only getting bigger as 2020 comes to a close.

Take a look at the numbers, and you’ll see for yourself why this industry is only gaining speed…

  • More than 142 million people worldwide are into boating, with a shocking registered 12 million boats registered in the U.S.… that includes more than 100,000 people in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Nearly $40 billion worth of new and used boats changed hands last year.
  • The overall numbers jumped by 260,000 in new-boat sales in 2018. The average price point was $55,000 with total new-boat sales topping $14 billion.
  • At the same time about 100,000 used boats, $15 billion in total sales, changed hands at a $15,000 average price.

This is why aggressive investors need to quickly turn their focus to one high-tech startup that is disguised as a boat brokerage and short-term vacation boat rental company aimed at the U.S.’s 12 million boat owners.

Like the myriad of world-famous short-term home rental companies that have emerged in recent years to soaring success, this startup is driven by cutting-edge software.

The AI technology was built and run by two of Europe’s top SaaS, software as a service, developers – Patrick Heneise and Chris Roy.

Heneise is the company’s Chief Technology Officer. His team built the AI’s serverless architecture, which is backed by ElasticSearch, Couchbase, CouchDB, Firebase, PostgreSQL, and NoSQL databases.

His vast technical skills are why Heneise is known all across Europe.

Roy is the Chief Products Officer. His extensive portfolio includes  designing novel software for the likes of TescoBank, Sumerian, GFI Software, and Axios Systems.

Roy and Heneise are the reason this adaptable AI can learn as it goes.

Its  algorithms can handle complex tasks and make judgments and decisions based on real-world experience, which, of course, also enhances human performance.

Right Down To The Last Bolt

Save for one step, this company’s proprietary AI controls the entire boat buying experience.

On the simple end of things, the algorithm can match buyers’ needs with sellers’ boats.

From there, AI can assess the proper value of the boat for sale and inform a prospective buyer if the price is in the proper range.

Because of its massive reservoir of knowledge, the AI can also assess a boat’s reliability and servicing needs.

It can even suggest whether or not a boat should have a thorough marine survey, then set up the prospective owner with a top notch surveyor.

Investing In A Radical Breakthrough

Think about it, this company’s AI’s memory holds a boat’s entire schematics, down to the last nuts. 

It knows where a boat has spent its life. And, while it may not be able to get down on its hands and knees like a surveyor can, the AI can point surveyors to potential problems they might have overlooked.

After all, no new boat owner want to discover through the hull fittings or seacocks that are corroded or frozen open.

Essentially, the only aspect of a boat sale that this AI can’t do is to hand a new boat owner the keys to the motor.

That’s because their AI also seamlessly generates a buyers credit rating, arranges consumer finance, even calculates the advantages of a buy versus lease process.

It even finalizes the deal doing all the paperwork… registration, title, insurance, and it even initiates and receives secure payment.

And now, this undervalued company is ready to tap the boating sector’s vast potential.

Now is the time to get in front of this.

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