U.S.-based tech giant Microsoft announced that its Power Platform will include blockchain tools, which Microsoft Flow users can access, according to tech publication GeekWire. In the Microsoft Business Applications Summit last Monday, Microsoft announced the news concerning the addition of blockchain resources and artificial intelligence in its PowerApps, Power BI, and Microsoft Flow.

Recently, many blockchain resources and services were created by Microsoft, including the Azure Blockchain Development Kit and Azure Blockchain Service, and partnered with some businesses and companies for its integration in business systems and software. Microsoft’s blockchain products can be used for building new apps and developing online business platforms. Ethereum currently uses the Azure product of Microsoft for its decentralized network.

Microsoft’s Power Platform consists of a group of shared tools for building and developing custom or new apps. The platform creates statistical data and runs different functions automatically for businesses that need consistent optimization.

Another Blockchain Product for App Developers

Another US blockchain network company, ConsenSys, also announced the creation of a new decentralized network and DApp Developer Kit. Its blockchain products are available to new blockchain developers in Ethereum. ConsenSys has integrated multiple blockchain function in the kit, including, smart contracts, miners, consensus algorithms, and the scalability optimizer.