People are slowly retreating from the of plastic. In line with this, Nampak Ltd. owns up to its name as Africa’s most prominent manufacturer of beverage packaging by ramping up its production of aluminum cans instead of plastic packs.

Nampak CEO Andre de Ruyter, have also emphasized with the plastic issue by encouraging the use of cardboard cartons. At the same time, they are also working on the development of a new renewable plastic lid produced from sugarcane.

Being one of the biggest producers of beverage packaging in Africa, Nampak considers it to be an honor to create better alternatives for beverage consumers. This is with regards to the negative impact of plastic on the environment.

Plastic packaging isn’t recyclable and considering the number of people using plastic-made beverage packages, one can only imagine the devastating impact it can have on the environment.

Being one of the most valuable metals, Nampak decided aluminum would be a more suitable material for beverage packaging. Not only is it safe for the consumers, but it is also more eco-friendly.

Nampak has decided to work alongside with other beverage container manufacturers so they can boost the production of aluminum cans across regions in Africa where there is a high demand for soft drinks and other beverages.