Nanotechnology Company is Crossing a New Frontier and is Disrupting Three Massive Industries

The boundaries of science fiction and reality continue to blur with innovations like this companies molecularly imprinted polymer technology

Billionaires like Musk, Branson, and Bezos are racing each other to be the first to launch themselves into space, joke digital coins have billion dollar market caps, and previously unfathomable technology is our new normal.

Movies like Terminator or Star Trek may have seemed like impossibilities at one point, and their technological predictions were shocking to be sure. However, we’ve seen incredible, so-called “impossible” advancements regularly in the past decade.

A new but mind-blowing technology is the next frontier for human advancement, and it just might change the entire landscape of some of the biggest markets out there.

Ushering in a New Era of Efficiency for Gold Mining – Little-known Company Can Get MORE Gold out of the Same Rock!

For over 100 years, the mining industry has used activated carbon to extract gold from the mined ores.

The current process is riddled with inefficiencies:

  • After the activated carbon has bonded with the gold from the ores, it takes a complex, expensive, and time-consuming process (over 18 hours) to separate the gold from the carbon
  • Activated carbon breaks down too easily, and the gold bonded to these fine particles can no longer be separated, creating wastage
  • Activated carbon also attracts other base metals like copper, causing wasted time and materials

This companies gold extraction product solves every one of these problems.

  • After the MIPs beads bond with the gold molecules, it only takes 30 minutes to separate the gold from the MIPs beads (which can then be reused)
  • The MIPs beads won’t break down, and can even hold 10x the gold capacity per kilogram compared to activated carbon
  • Because MIPs are specifically “imprinted” to gold molecules, it won’t inadvertently bond with other base metals instead

In short, the product results in higher yields, lower costs, and quicker processing – while also being much more environmentally-friendly.

Based on the company’s conclusive pilot tests, this product would result in $100 in total savings for every ounce of gold mined (plus a 30% lower plant setup cost).

And considering that over 3,000 metric tonnes – more than 105 million ounces –  of gold is produced each year, this product could result in $10.5 billion per year in incremental margins for the industry. 

The company expects to collect about 30% of these incremental margins – about $30/oz – as revenue, giving it a total market opportunity of $3.15 billion per year.

That means even a 1% market share is $31.5 million in annual revenues, with a 5% market share equating to $157.5 million in yearly revenues.

A Genius Management Team

President and CEO

This companies’ president and CEO brings a 25-year track record of innovative, technology-driven achievements. As founder and CEO of a government engineering services company since 1996, He focused on the development and subsequent transition of advanced technologies into commercial applications. As the leader of 6th this company since 2012, He has concentrated his efforts to complete this innovative product in the metals processing industry. He also holds a PhD from the University of Cincinnati.

Chief Development Officer

This companies’ Chief Development Officer is a seasoned sales and business development executive with a documented track record of developing and closing multi-million dollar development programs (R&D), product sales and training services to high profile US and international customers. He is spearheading business development efforts to lead this company toward becoming a world leader in using its patented MIPs nanotechnology to help other industries save costs, improve efficiency, and generate higher yields.

Chief Operating Officer

This companies’ Chief Operating Officer brings with him 25 years of experience at a multinational power company, where he contributed in all levels of leadership within the Operations Engineering and Quality disciplines. He was responsible for 11 precision manufacturing facilities and also launched various facility and product lines, including a greenfield engine assembly plant, two large engine block and head plants, and a medical manufacturing and distribution facility. He is a noted systematic thinker who is constantly exploring how processes can be improved to drive business performance.

Vice President of Innovations

The companies Vice President of Innovations has over a decade of polymer synthesis experience and holds a PhD in Polymer Science from the University of Connecticut. He has spearheaded multiple initiatives in the company, including the development of its pathogen detection product, as well as managing the company’s overall intellectual property portfolio. Since joining the company in 2017, he has personally been named as an inventor on many of its patents.

7 Reasons Why This Company Could be The Early Opportunity Investors are Looking For

  1. Company is has a very low market cap of C$26.2 million (as of July 2, 2021)
  2. It has a proven and urgent solution that gold companies desperately need if they want to move toward sustainable profitability
  3. Its product is on the brink of a full commercial launch and could generate $300 million in annual revenues with just 250 machines
  4. Pilot tests have already shown that its product could save gold miners $100/oz of gold produced
  5. The company’s product could generate $31.5 to $157.5 million in annual revenues to the company with just a 1% to 5% market share
  6. Lean operating model coupled with an aggressive global patenting program gives it strong scalability potential
  1. Led by a management team of business and scientific geniuses

You can expect news to begin flowing at any time now, so getting in early keeps you in front of the crowds.

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