New Electric Vehicle Shoppers In China
Are Out-Buying Americans 2:1…
By 2028, it will be 7:1

This up-and-coming company is primed to tap in on this fast-growing 1.4 billion consumer marketplace.

  • This company’s showrooms could be the prime mover for thousands of these cars. Just listed on NASDAQ, this company is already EPS positive and gaining attention for its growing income.
  • This company’s competitive edge means it’s set up to rapidly move into China’s hottest growth Tier 3 (“small”) cities where Toyota, Tesla, and Volkswagen dealers are MIA.
  • This is a bred in the bone winner… because this company’s system is hooked to China’s best-selling New Electric Vehicle (NEV) brands. The franchise is also three times more profitable than the big-dealer model,1 which allowed the company to move from 0 to 37 showrooms in 3 years. And now they are funded to pick up the pace.

The Biggest Car Market in the World

With 1.4 billion people—almost a fifth of the entire world’s population—any time the Chinese people embrace something new, they tilt the world on its axis.

Now they’re buying new electric vehicles (NEV’s) at a torrid pace. While the rest of the world is carefully moving that way, China is center stage for the changeover from gas to NEVs.

In fact, the Chinese buy almost as many NEVs every year as Europe, North American and the entire rest of the world put together.

By 2028, Chinese buyers are expected to purchase 7 times as many NEVs as Americans, Canadians, and all other North Americans combined.

To put that in round numbers, it comes to about 8.5 million NEVs a year.

And it adds up to the most exciting NEV market in the world, right in this company’s back yard.

New Dealer Model Cuts the Hassle for Everyone

That’s exactly why entrepreneurs have been so eager to launch their NEV venture with This company. They can set up faster, achieve a higher profit margin, and they aren’t required to conduct repair operations. In fact, This company’s plan is so lean and well tuned that a new franchisee company can set up a showroom and start selling cars at a profit within 10 months.

There’s real proof this approach is succeeding… In the last six months this company’s expanded its showrooms by 40%.2

Plus this gives its franchisees full access to sell more than one brand… something these dealers can proudly offer every level of buyer.

This company has direct contracts with China’s top selling NEV brands, including BYD, the best-selling brand in China, Chery, Geely, Letin and more.  It’s also in talks with another 12 brands to add to its stable.3

That’s a competitive edge no 4S dealer can match.

The company itself starts making money from the beginning on every new showroom. It’s new dealers pay an initial franchising fee up front. Then for as long as they stay in business, royalties are paid on every car they sell.

Franchisers may be common in restaurant stocks. There are thousands of McDonalds and Yum! brand millionaires walking around.

But there’s been nothing of this kind auto services sales until this.

No Plug, No Problem— Battery Swap Stations Should Bring More Money to This Company’s Bottom Line

A battery swap solves the problem of spending hours waiting for a spent battery to recharge. Instead, technicians remove one battery and swap in a fully charged one within minutes.

Almost as fast as driving to the hardware store to get a new propane tank for your gas grill, and probably with less hassle.

CPT will build these stations in this company’s sales channel, which will encourage NEV buyers to go all-electric in a broader swath across the country.

This company calculates that even a single 25-battery outlet working at half its capacity, would generate $1-2 million renminbi profit per year.

Some stations will be larger, but multiply that times 300 stations…imagine some being used more heavily. This battery endeavor alone has the potential to add significantly to this company’s bottom line within a few years.

Take a Look Today at China’s Biggest Growing NEV Industry

You should take any investment seriously. Dig in to this company. Look at its numbers. Consider its potential. Think about how it fits your investment goals.

Show your broker everything you learned. We’re confident you will find that this company’s numbers and potential stand up.

But make your decision soon, because this company is still a very inexpensive stock. That makes it a rarity among stocks in this price range, and it’s unlikely to last.

1 JZXN gross margin is 73.3% per investor deck for first six months of 2021. Traditional US car dealers have a gross margin around 26% on new cars, net profit 1-2%.

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