• The pain management segment of the $30 billion1 wearable medical device industry offers investors an enticing risk-reward ratio.
  • Especially when undiscovered companies selling for pennies a share can see their share prices explode once their medical devices receive FDA approval.
  • That’s why sport enthusiasts, professional athletes, and investors alike are taking a close look at Forza Innovations Inc. (OTC: FORZ) and its development of new “wearable tech” pain relief products.

A new startup could the perfect cure for investors who seek a big-time win in a bull market where home runs seem hard to come by.

In fact, the release of Forza’s device couldn’t have been timed better as 108.7 million Americans who are 50 and older seek to limber up creaking joints and aching backs.2

They are the perfect target because, as AARP found, if Americans over 50 were a country by themselves, they’d make up the world’s third largest economy, with an $8.3 trillion GNP.3

And that’s why it seems so obvious to focus on Forza Innovations Inc. (FORZ).

It’s on the forefront of designing new, low-cost, state-of-the-art wearable products aimed at treating and even preventing sports injuries and age-related joint and muscle pain.

And, while “age-related” is a narrow niche, it’s also a vast market.

Modest Investments, Huge Potential Profits

Here’s the whole story.

One reason is that the risk-reward ratio for medical device stocks in general can sometimes be off the charts, with modest initial investments potentially leading to blockbuster profits. 

Companies such as Forza Innovations Inc. (OTC: FORZ) are often founded by entrepreneurs suffering from a particular ailment, such as lower back pain, who then go in search of a personal solution to their problems. 

These are sometimes tiny, undiscovered enterprises that initially have just a single product to offer.  As a result, investors can often pick up thousands of shares for very modest amounts.

FDA Approval Can Lead to Buyout Offers

Yet once the pain management invention is patented and receives clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an approved wearable medical device, the once-tiny company can become a prime buyout candidate for Big Pharma – and its shares can potentially skyrocket in value. 

One obvious recent example is Zynex, Inc. (Nasdaq: ZYNI), a once-small Colorado company that designs and manufactures wearable electrotherapy devices for pain relief and pain management. 

For years, you could pick up shares of Zynex for as little as 10 cents4 a share. 

But then the company’s wearable pain relief devices received FDA approval, insurance companies began to pay for them, and everything changed virtually overnight. 

Making 50 Times Your Money in Just a Few Years

Zynex’s shares took off – rising from $0.325 per share in April 2017 to $16.546 a share in July 20217 – a gain of 5,068%.8 

That’s 50 times your money in slightly more than four years, enough to turn a $2,000 investment into $100,000 – and $20,000 into more than $1 million.9

Profits this large are not typical, but it shows the potential that exists in wearable medical device plays, particularly with small-cap stocks.

Former Canadian Pro Football Player Aims to Revolutionize the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Pain

That’s why some investors are taking a close look at Forza Innovations Inc. (OTC: FORZ) and its development of new “wearable tech” pain relief products. 

The company was founded by Johnny Forzani, a former professional football player whose career was cut short due to a severe ankle injury.

Forzani went on to become a registered inventor and entrepreneur who moved to China to learn about advanced manufacturing of medical devices. 

In 2017, Forzani founded a company, G-Tech Apparel, that received a U.S. patent for its battery-powered handwarmer – named “Most Innovative Product of the Year” at the 23018 PGA Trade Show — that is now widely used throughout the National Football League.

Forzani quickly saw that the market for “wearable health tech” was exploding – yet the industry was hopelessly antiquated.  Suffering himself from chronic lower back pain likely from his pro football career, Forzani knew that his treatment options were limited.

A Hungry Market With Obsolete Products

The few companies operating in the space concentrated on delivering cooling rather than heating modalities, despite the scientific evidence that shows the value of thermal applications for preventing and treating painful injuries.10 

What’s more, designs had changed little in 50 years, with bulky batteries the norm, little concern for ergonomics and virtually no attempt to create products that could be worn during activity. 

In addition, the few products that did exist were outrageously expensive.

As a result, Forzani turned his attention to adapting the advanced carbon fiber heating technologies he developed with G-Tech Apparel for the rapidly expanding pain management market.

Building a Wearable Back Pain Device That Provides Constant Soothing Relief

The company’s initial product, Warmup Series 1, is a wearable back compression and heating device originally designed to help professional athletes. 

Its sleek, ergonomic design provides waves of constant soothing relief right in those sensitive areas of the lower back that other products rarely even touch. 

What’s more, the Warmup Series 1 is so light and flexible it can be worn by athletes and active adults even when engaged in strenuous activities, including playing sports.

It’s perfect for anyone suffering from lower back pain, including golfers, weekend tennis players, and seniors.

What makes Forza Innovations particularly exciting for investors, however, is the potential for the Warmup and subsequent products as therapeutic medical devices.

Right now, investors can pick up all the shares they want of Forza Innovations Inc. (OTC: FORZ) less than $1.00 per share.

And as with many other small companies marketing pain management devices, the company is flying far below radar for Wall Street analysts.

But all that could change virtually overnight.

Full Speed into North America Distribution

The company, based in Calgary, Alberta, just began shipping its initial batches of Warmups to distributors throughout North America. 

What’s more, Forza Innovations Inc. (OTC: FORZ) is currently applying for U.S. Government patents for its thermal technologies and designs, and the second series of Warmup devices is being evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as an approved medical device.

If approved as a medical device, that opens up a series of markets that can transform the company and make it a prime buyout candidate.

With FDA approval, many insurance companies will reimburse consumers who purchase the low-cost devices under doctor’s recommendations.  When that happens, sales can often explode.

And make no mistake:  the market for pain management devices of all kinds is enormous and rapidly growing.

80% of Adults Experience Lower Back Pain

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, fully 80%11 of all adults experience lower back pain at some stage in their lives.  In fact, low back pain, after the common cold, is the most widespread ailment in human beings and the second most common reason for visiting the doctor.12

At any given period, at least 65 million Americans report suffering from a recent episode of lower back pain and 16 million suffer from Chronic Lower Back Pain (CLBP), defined as pain that persists for 12 weeks or longer.13 

The causes are many and can include past injuries, disease, muscle strain, or stresses on different structures of the spine.

The costs associated with back pain are enormous – with an estimated 83 million days of work lost every year due to back pain.14 

In western countries, the societal costs for back pain are estimated to be 1% to 2%15 of the Gross National Product – which in the U.S. would be between $216 and $432 billion16 annually.

A Market That Will Reach $9 Billion in 4 Years!

What’s more, for individuals lower back pain can lead to other, even more serious health problems due to prolonged inactivity – including obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

For that reason, the market for effective, especially non-drug treatments is exploding.

One recent analysis found that the market for treatments of Chronic Lower Back Pain worldwide is expected to soar to $9.3 billion by 2026.17

As a result, the attraction of Forza Innovations Inc. (OTC: FORZ)’s wearable health tech products, such as Warmup Series 1, is obvious.

For one thing, Warmup Series 1 can often provide instant relief – and for patients who suffer from searing, sharp back pain, that is an enormous benefit. 

Heat helps loosen tense muscles, which contributes to pain relief. Heat also increases blood flow to an injury and helps promote healing.

Heat Therapy More Effective Than Traction, Lumbar Supports or TENS

While research shows little evidence for ice as a regular treatment for lower back pain, heat can significantly help to ease lower back pain.18 

According to one study, heat and spinal manipulation therapy are “the most strongly supported evidence-based therapies” for lower back pain.19 

In addition, research also shows that prolonged thermal therapy can often help prevent back pain recurrence! 

Some studies indicate that heat therapy can prevent recurrence of back pain in ways that some other treatment modalities, even including traction, lumbar supports, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), do not.20

For this reason, it’s possible that Forza’s wearable thermal device for lower back pain could gain rapid acceptance – and sooner rather than later.

Do your due diligence, but consider adding Forza Innovations Inc. (OTC: FORZ) to your list of speculative investments.  A very modest investment could lead to substantial potential profits.