Next Generation Lithium Producer Eyes Rapid Growth Amidst ‘Perfect Storm’ Market Conditions!

Editorial Feature | April 26, 2022 | Tech 

New Strategic Agreement a Major Step Toward Turning Historic Canadian Oil Field into Leading Lithium Source

The lithium market is in desperate need of reliable suppliers. As gas prices soar, electric vehicle (EV) demand, which was already high, is growing even stronger around the world.1

Lithium is needed for the batteries to power all those in-demand EVs.

But a supply crisis of the silvery-white wonder metal, which has been made even worse due to volatility in Eastern Europe created by the Ukraine-Russia War …

Is threatening to stunt the EV market’s growth and prevent it from reaching the high sales numbers it could be generating.

If this is allowed to continue, the results could be “devastating,” according to Bloomberg, which recently wrote “if battery makers can’t get enough lithium, it would curb the expansion of clean-energy vehicles, making it harder to meet global emissions targets.”2

The current state of the market with its limited lithium supply and escalating demand already has China, which produces 80% of the world’s lithium-ion batteries, scouring Tibet to find more of the metal to mine.3

The Company Has Also Developed Groundbreaking Lithium Extraction Technology

This company Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology has consistently demonstrated:

  • Rapid kinetics, in minutes, not months
  • Peak lithium recoveries exceeding 90%, with capability for recoveries exceeding 95%
  • High contaminant rejection exceeding 98% removal

Compared to other lithium extraction methods including mining and evaporation ponds, or salars, this companies process:

  • Is faster – allowing lithium to be recovered in minutes, not months.
  • Has a much smaller land disturbance footprint – Their process requires less than 3% of the land of typical lithium projects and requires no evaporative ponds, mining waste dumps, open pit mines or tailings ponds.
  • Requires minimal fresh water – Their process only uses saline formation water from far below the groundwater table and returns the saline formation water back to where it came from. Large volumes of fresh water are not required.

The Company has already engaged an engineering firm to begin the design work for a field pilot plant that will demonstrate on a near commercial scale the company’s DLE process under real world operating conditions.4

The Field Pilot will be tied into an existing well that produces brine directly from the Leduc Aquifer in the Clearwater Project. This is the next stage of development, moving forward from the DLE lab-pilot prototype.

This Company Sees a Clear Opening in the Marketplace & is Taking Fast Action to Fill It!

Recent announcements show this is a company on the move. For instance:

  • Received a license for the first brine production well in Alberta for the purpose of evaluating lithium. This company anticipates the start of drilling to occur before the end of June and anticipates completing the drilling operation by mid-July.5
  • Completed a seismic interpretation across the Clearwater Project Area to increase confidence and understanding of the Leduc Aquifer and the continuity between drill holes.5

The company is making progress while maintaining a strong capital structure that includes a cash balance of $16 million (CAD), 57.8 million shares outstanding, and 6.6 million warrants outstanding with the value of unexercised warrants at $9.2 million (CAD).

To learn more about this company and how it is on track to delivering much-needed lithium to a marketplace that is literally starving for the precious metal, sign up below.

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