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NFTs, Netflix and
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Industrywide switch to innovative technology

Netflix was a seismic shift in the entertainment industry.

Reed Hastings, the founder of Netflix was breaking the old model for how entertainment was made, distributed, and experienced. And replacing it with something entirely new.

To him, it was a no-brainer.

Technology was evolving. Better bandwidth and data transfer protocols made streaming video possible for the first time. Which made Netflix or something like it the inevitable stage of digital evolution.

Hastings harnessed the new technologies to seize the future of home entertainment.

But How Could You Have Known?

Analysts and advisors were panning the stock every time Netflix did something new.

First they didn’t “get” sending movies through the mail.2

Then they really didn’t get sending them over the internet.3

So how could investors be expected to see Reed Hastings’ vision if the whole investment media world couldn’t explain it?


Think Like A Visionary

It took just one generation – one generation – to completely change the way that media and entertainment is both made and experienced.

The moment old dial-up technology gave way to broadband, the streaming revolution was born.

Digital content began streaming into homes, overturning the old guard of the media world and rising up the innovators who harnessed the new technology.

Broadcast networks that had ruled the airwaves for 60 years began their slow decline. Streaming platform developers like YouTube and Netflix passed them on their way up.

It took years for old school media and entertainment companies to wake up to reality and join the revolution.

But by the time Disney, HBO, and the rest got in, Netflix was far in the lead.

But Here is What CurrencyWorks is Up To

The Next Phase of the Digital Revolution is Creating Opportunities For Those Innovators 

And that means focusing on big innovations.

But that’s not how to grab the brass ring. It’s not how visionary leaders think.

It’s not how Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, or Reed Hastings built the tech empires that rule today’s economy.

Is It Disruptive?

Netflix didn’t invent streaming. YouTube was way ahead in that.

But Reed Hastings understood that streaming was the natural evolution of video content distribution. And so he harnessed the technology in a way that no one had done yet. He knew that you don’t have to invent something new. You just have to figure out how to use it in a new way.

Just like a few years later Netflix would make it possible to stream movies right off the internet.

Now Chell & CurrencyWorks are harnessing another breakthrough technology in a new way.

A new way that has the potential to make Chell’s vision the way to consume media.

CurrencyWorks (CSE:CWRK, OTC:CWRK):

The Crowning Achievement of Tech Innovator and Value Builder Cameron Chell

CurrencyWorks founder Cameron Chell’s guiding principle is “I don’t believe in impossible.” And his life is living proof of that:

  • He then co-founded Slyce, an image recognition technology developer that enables consumers to find and purchase products through a novel visual search app. Slyce was acquired by venture capital firm Anzu Partners in 2017.3
  • In 2011 he was at it again, co-launching UrtheCast, the first satellite imaging platform for real-time monitoring and long-term tracking
    of climate and other earth events from space. In 2016 UrtheCast achieved the top spot on Deloitte’s annual Tech Fast 50 list, based on three-year revenue growth.4

“By the grace of God and a lot of good people.”

Later in 2011, Chell’s life took a dramatic turn.

As the first hijacked airliner crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11, Cameron Chell was standing at the building’s base.

Like for so many others, the trauma of the event was overwhelming. Crushed by survivors’ guilt, his life went into a tailspin.

He went from the heights of raising hundreds of millions of dollars and launching startup into space, to the depths of self-defeat.

He lost his companies, his fortune, his reputation, family, friends, and every shred of self-worth.

By what Chell calls “the grace of God and a lot of great people,” he climbed up from the abyss.      

The experience made Chell even more passionate about creating companies with purpose and value. And helping others to do the same.

Chell shared his story as a motivational speaker at events alongside Tony Robbins.5

He launched a tech venture lab to help entrepreneurs create high-potential new businesses.

And he envisioned a new kind of company that would ride the new technology wave that is transforming the global economy.

CurrencyWorks is Building Digital Platforms Using Innovative Technologies

CurrencyWorks (CSE:CWRK, OTC:CWRKCSE:CWRK, OTC:CWRK) Helps Companies Upgrade Legacy Technologies to Newer, More Secure, More Robust Platforms.

There is a global shift underway to move documents, databases, ecommerce, supply chain management, creative content, and just about everything digital onto next-gen digital ledger tech (DLT) platforms.


Patrick Byrne, who dreamed up and then built ecommerce giant, says:

“Its bigger than the internet revolution.” 7

Investment bank JPMorgan Chase, whose job it is to know these things says it’s:

“As groundbreaking as the adoption of the internet.” 8

Patrick Byrne, who dreamed up and then built ecommerce giant, says:

“This is like the early internet days all over again.” 9

Though you may have heard of DLT, you may not yet know what the big deal about it is.

So here’s how to look at digital ledger platforms the same way that tech visionaries and innovators would.

The same way, in fact, that CurrencyWorks (CSE:CWRK, OTC:CWRKCSE:CWRK, OTC:CWRK) founder and CEO Cameron Chell saw its enormous potential.

DLT is a Type of Tech Infrastructure That Is Inherently Secure and Streamlined.

By design, anything stored on a DLT platform is protected from either accidental or nefarious change, corruption, or deletion.

That quality alone makes it a far safer way to make transactions, store sensitive information, protect intellectual property, and conduct business.

DLT platforms create near-impenetrable walls around digital data, making it a cybercriminal’s worst nightmare.

Building New Platforms Across Industries

CurrencyWorks (CSE:CWRK, OTC:CWRKCSE:CWRK, OTC:CWRK) is currently working with a range of industries to utilize the benefits of new technologies.

Industries like securities trading, intellectual property rights management, digital transaction platforms, and digital collectibles.

CurrencyWorks platforms expect to make important improvements to the way assets are valued, intellectual property is protected, financial services are streamlined, supply chains are managed, and a whole lot more.

Their roster of Fortune 5000 partners and clients include the Canadian Securities Exchange, Barrett-Jackson, the iconic Topps Company, and, the world’s largest online gun broker.

The company’s main focus is building platforms to enable transactions, currency offerings, and infrastructure. Projects include:

To Develop the first blockchain-based securities clearing and settlement platform to be used by an exchange. Created in partnership with the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), the platform enables real-time clearing and settlement, and substantial reductions in risk, cost and error over legacy platforms

CurrencyWorks (CSE:CWRK, OTC:CWRKCSE:CWRK, OTC:CWRK) receives a percentage of smart contract and transaction fees, as well as a full equity in the smart contract exchange platform.

Creation of a new private, branded cryptocurrency for the
3.5 million registered members of Called FreedomCoin, the regulated merchant currency makes payments and money transfers far more inexpensive, instant, and secure. FreedomCoin succeeded in demystifying digital currencies, which for most people are still an abstract idea reserved for Bitcoin investors. The project also required creation of a DLT/blockchain platform that is fully compliant with state and federal money transmitter laws and regulations.

CurrencyWorks teamed with Topps, the company that made every kid a baseball card collector, to inspire a new generation of collectors with digital trading cards.

The initial issuance of Garbage Pail Kids non-fungible tokens (NFTs) sold out in just over 24 hours and generated $100,000 in revenue.

Those are just a sampling of the platforms developed and in progress by CurrencyWorks (CSE:CWRK, OTC:CWRKCSE:CWRK, OTC:CWRK).


CurrencyWorks Unveils Next-Gen Digital Entertainment Platform with Exclusive Premiere of Anthony Hopkins Film

Anthony Hopkins is one of the world’s biggest box office draws which practically ensures the success of any film he’s in.

His box office value means he can choose what role he wants, the director he wants, all the way to how a film is shot and where it’s distributed.

Now CurrencyWorks (CSE:CWRK, OTC:CWRKCSE:CWRK, OTC:CWRK), in partnership with Enderby Entertainment, has just launched the world premiere of the new Hopkins thriller, Zero Contact.

The film is not premiering at a theater near you.

It is not premiering as a $20, 2-day rental on HBO Max or Paramount+ or Hulu.

Or Netflix.

Anthony Hopkins is one of the biggest box office draws in the world and is releasing his newest movie on VUELE, a next-gen platform built by CurrencyWorks.

There are plenty of reasons he might do this.

The First Ever NFT Platform For Movies

Similar to other popular streaming platforms, VUELE is a digital home entertainment platform.

Like popular streaming platforms, VUELE allows users to select and watch streamed content. But there’s more than that.

VUELE by CurrencyWorks is being built on blockchain technology, a type of digital ledger technology, and that opens up a whole world of possibilities that never existed before.

The esteemed British Film Institute (BFI), who knows a thing or two about the problems looming over the movie business, says DLT:

“It will revolutionize not only the film industry, but every single part of our lives.” 10

It gives the film industry:

  • New ways to monetize movies far beyond box office and streaming
  • New opportunities for building brands and brand loyalty
  • Greater security against piracy that siphons off billions of dollars in revenue each year

Plus a whole new way for people to experience movies.

The Vuele Platform Allows Users to Own Their Own Piece of a Movie.

Like their favorite scene. Or a unique digital poster of the movie’s hero. Or even film outtakes that no one has ever seen before.

CurrencyWorks in the News

Screen Rant ranked VUELE as one of the:

“Top 10 Most Technologically Innovative Movie Production Companies” coming in just behind Netflix.11

Cryptopolitan says VUELE is:

“one of the most unique NFT platforms dedicated to revolutionizing the entire movie industry.”12

CTV News Vancouver claimed that VUELE’s approach of releasing movies as NFTs could be the “future in film distribution.”13

Nerdist says ZERO CONTACT’s unique debut on VUELE is “truly one of the first NFT/ movie blended experiences.”14

Investor resource RealMoney, flagship of, recently picked up on CurrencyWorks. On June 4, commentator Timothy Collins announced

“I’m excited to see what CurrencyWorks will bring to the table on the entertainment side of the industry for NFTs.”

Two months before that, the popular stock advisory The Motley Fool focused in on the company in an April 19 article on the “hot” NFT market and how to profit from it. Author Chris McDonald noted the company is “a key player” in the NFT space.

Learn More About CurrencyWorks (CSE:CWRK, OTC:CWRKCSE:CWRK, OTC:CWRK) at your brokerage today!

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