On the 31st of October, 68-year-old Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, wife of a Norwegian tycoon was reported missing.

The investigation continued to be low profile by the police since grave threats have been relayed by the kidnappers who demanded a ransom of roughly 9 million euros. According to broadcaster NRK, the payment was required in the cryptocurrency, Monero.

Tom Hagen, Anne-Elisabeth’s husband, is a businessman with a fortune amounting to 1.7 billion Norwegian krone, specializing in energy industries and real estate. He was also ranked as the 172nd richest person in all of Norway by Kapital, a Norwegian financial magazine.

The couple was described to have lived a very private life, secluded in their home in Lorenskog at the eastern edge of Oslo. Even Mr. Hagen was portrayed to be “media shy”.

Since her disappearance, the safety of Mrs. Hagen has not been confirmed by the police yet. The head of the investigation unit, Tommy Broske advised the relatives not the give in to the demands and settled the ransom.

The disappearance was first made public through the newspaper called Afterposten last Wednesday. It was stated in the article that although the case has existed for quite some time, details were left out for the safety of Mrs. Hagen.

Mrs. Hagen was allegedly kidnapped from their bathroom along with the possibility of short dialogues with the suspected kidnappers through the internet.

After the report has been published, the local police came over to the Hagens’ residence to put up a cordon around it.

The police decided to open the case to the public for additional information, in spite of the threats delivered by the suspects. Mr. Broske stated that “time is an important factor” if they want to rescue Mrs. Hagen alive and bring her back to her family.