Discover Why So Many Big Mining Companies Are Turning to MineHub Technologies Inc. (TSXV:MHUBTSXV:MHUB) to Improve Output, Lower Costs & Remain Competitive

The pressure on mining companies to decarbonize and focus on “ESG” – which stands for Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives – is immense right now.

And we all know what happens when carbon is placed under intense pressure – diamonds are formed. That’s why we believe we’ve found a real diamond in the rough for ESG-focused investors (or any other investors for that matter).

But before we tell you more about this fast-growing company, let us quickly explain what is happening in the marketplace using another company that rose from humble beginnings to become a market leader – Tesla.

Did you know that in the first quarter of 2021, Tesla actually sold more “regulatory credits” than automobiles … actually a lot more credits than automobiles?

Well, it did. In fact, Autoweek reports that in the first quarter of 2021 Tesla made a net income of $438 million while recording $10.4 billion in revenue.1 But here’s the thing: emissions credits accounted for $518 million of that quarter’s actual revenue.2

Tesla receives regulatory credits from governments because it produces only electric vehicles. It then turns around and sells these credits to other automakers who are short.

These credits have become big business for Tesla as the pressure to decarbonize has intensified around the world. The company has literally made hundreds of millions in income from these credits.

So why is this important?

Because it demonstrates just how intense current pressure to decarbonize really is.

Michael Goehring, president and CEO of the Mining Association of British Columbia, told BCBusiness magazine that in places like British Columbia, carbon taxes are leaving miners “at a significant disadvantage”3 – so they need to find a way to operate more efficiently.

The truth is companies everywhere have to deal now with the global drive to reduce carbon emissions and this movement is doing two things:

  • It’s pushing investors – both big and little – into the ESG space. In fact. just reported that global ESG assets are expected to surpass $53 trillion by 2025 and will ultimately represent “more than a third of the $140.5 trillion in projected total assets under management.”4
  • And it’s also pushing mining industry heavyweights such as BHP, Vale, Wheaton Precious Metals, and Baowu to spend big money on ESG initiatives.

This is where we return to our “diamond in the rough.” You see, all of those major mining companies that were just mentioned are working with an under-the-radar company that has developed breakthrough technology, giving mining companies a fully digitized blockchain-based end-to-end solution that helps improve output, lower costs and remain competitive … ALL while:

  • Tracking, reporting, and managing Scope 3 carbon emissions inventory
  • Proving and verifying compliance with ESG regulations (including human rights regulations)
  • And achieving brand, price and capital differentiation through ESG and carbon emissions performance!

That little known company? It’s MineHub Technologies Inc. (TSXV:MHUBTSXV:MHUB) – and while previously “under-the-radar” it likely won’t be for much longer. This company is at the nexus of several powerful megatrends that are worth billions of dollars and its proven technology is ready to roll.

Already big investors are taking – and when big money gets involved the value of this company could skyrocket in no time.

Investors are starting to realize that this company is well-positioned to have a major impact on how mining gets done in the future. So let’s take a closer look and see what all the ruckus is about …

MineHub Strikes ‘Gold’ With Its Blockchain Platform!

At a time when mining companies need to be more efficient than ever before, MineHub (TSXV:MHUBTSXV:MHUB) has created a blockchain-based enterprise platform that digitizes and streamlines manual and paper-based processes.  It’s the perfect application for what blockchain technology was intended for.

This one-of-a-kind, easy-to-use platform is capable of connecting producers, customers and financiers throughout the metals and mining supply chain. This, in turn, leads to:

  1. Much higher efficiency and transparency
  2. Much easier, real-time collaboration
  3. In-depth visibility of upstream and downstream supply chains
  4. The highest levels of security and privacy

Considering all of this it is little wonder that big companies like BHP, Vale, Wheaton Precious Metals and Baowu are all turning to MineHub (TSXV:MHUBTSXV:MHUB) and its platform.

And it’s also little wonder that MineHub is growing rapidly. Take a look at just a few of the company’s recent announcements:

  • In June, it announced completion of a $10,119,350 private placement.5
  • In May, MineHub and Contour announced a partnership to integrate their digital supply chain and trade finance technology solutions for the global metals and mining industry. MineHub’s platform provides real-time visibility and collaboration of upstream and downstream supply chains, while Contour brings together banks, corporations and other ecosystem partners on a common, digital network for trade finance.6

Other recent announcements include:

  • Vale and China Baowu completed the first iron ore transaction using MineHub (TSXV:MHUBTSXV:MHUB) blockchain technology. The transaction content was 318,000 tons of Caraga from Brazil to China Sifan (IOCJ).7
  • BHP Group and China Baowu completed their first iron ore trade on MineHub’s blockchain-based platform. This was the first of a series of transactions with various industry partners, guiding the next evolution of functionality on the MineHub Platform that will ultimately provide commodity supply chains with a fully digital end-to-end fulfillment process.8
  • MineHub announced a collaboration with the global paperless trade provider, essDOCS, which has been a trailblazer in trade document digitization for many years. This intercompany integration gives real-time visibility to shared information, thereby bringing trust and transformative efficiency to mining & metals supply chains.9

As these announcements indicate, a lot has been happening at MineHub (TSXV:MHUBTSXV:MHUB) and these recent developments promise to be just the tip of the iceberg. Much more is expected in the future as more companies turn to it to better meet ESG initiatives and increase efficiency and profitability.

After all, only MineHub has a platform that enables all the parties in a mineral transaction to operate an integrated digital trade execution process, including contracting, logistics, specifications and financing.

It’s a platform that truly improves efficiency in the mining and metals supply chain and brings trust to the management and trading of natural resources. 

The platform also delivers automation, cost savings, security and ESG and regulatory compliance to the transaction participants.

That, in a nutshell, is why so many investors are starting to pay attention to this little-known company. True market transformation often comes from an upstart with a new idea or a new innovation and many are beginning to believe that is exactly what MineHub has on its hands.

6 Reasons Why We Believe You Should Consider MineHub Technologies Inc. (TSXV:MHUBTSXV:MHUB)

  1. Meeting a Big Need: MineHub has created the ONLY end-to-end enterprise blockchain platform for supply chain digitization – and it has done it at a time when digitization is desperately needed in the marketplace it serves
  2. Innovative Technology: That platform proves real-time visibility into both upstream and downstream supply chains – including logistics, status, specifications, payments and more – helping companies to optimize stockpiles, strengthen resilience and mitigate fraud and credit risks
  3. Big Name Collaborators: MineHub has been working with some of the largest sector participants in the world, including Wheaton Precious Metals, ING Bank, BHP, Vale, Kimura Capital, China Baowu and IBM to develop the commercial version of its platform, which was launched earlier this year and is on-boarding both large corporate and SME users across the globe as you read this
  4. Headstart on the Competition: MineHub has claimed “first mover advantage” by being the first company to commercialize an end-to-end digital supply chain solution for the mining and metals industry. The company has already completed a number of successful projects, including the first ever blockchain-based iron ore trade – in other words, it has gotten a big jumpstart on any possible competition!
  5. Additional Profit Streams: New additions to MineHub’s platform will be available over the coming months to assist the industry with carbon emissions tracking, trade finance and product quality reconciliation (concentrate assay exchanges) – all exciting new growth and profit streams for MineHub!
  6. Talented Leadership: MineHub management, board and advisory board possess decades of resource market and technology industry experience, including serving in founding roles for multiple commodity-based blockchain companies – now they are putting their expansive knowledge and experience to work for MineHub so that it can take the fastest, easiest path to greater success!

It’s Time for the Mining Industry to Enter the 21st Century – And MineHub is Ready to Help it do Just That!

The mining industry has a reputation for being “behind the times.” And it turns out that reputation is well earned.

This is an industry where communications are still mainly accomplished through phone calls, email and fax (remember those?).

Take a look at the typical mining industry information chain:

The truth is this is a massive industry that is losing money – lots and lots of money – due to inefficient processes, particularly when it comes to the flow of information.

While going or staying “old school” can work for some industries and individuals it is clearly holding the mining industry back from the profits it is capable of generating.

Not that this market isn’t generating profits, though. This is easily a trillion dollar market. In fact, it is expected to grow from the $1.64 trillion it produced in 2020 to $1.845 trillion this year. It has a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.4%.10

But it is capable of so much more and the key to achieving more lies in how data is processed. Once data is handled more efficiently and it is made more accurate, complete and timely – mining companies will be able to make better decisions and improve overall profitability.

Look what is currently happening in the shipping process:

In this case study, document processing resulted in a 30% loss of time!

That’s why, experts are now projecting that digital transformation in this industry is going to produce over $320 billion of value during the next decade.11

This isn’t an industry that is going away or going to decline anytime soon.

This is an industry that touches all of our lives – providing materials for everything from our cars to our cell phones to our TVs to the toys our kids play with and much, much more. So much of our lives is dependent on the mining industry – more than most of us even realize.

Not only that, but renewable energy and a low-carbon future are also hugely dependent on precious metal mining.

This is why the platform produced by MineHub is starting to catch the eye of not just ESG investors but other investors as well.

This is an end-to-end solution that digitizes and streamlines the mining supply chain and connects all parts of the trade ecosystem. It allows for all of the following:

  • Accurate and complete data
  • Timely data
  • Much better response times
  • Much better decision making
  • & It makes it easier to meet compliance requirements

Major companies like BHP, Vale, Wheaton Precious Metals, Baowu as well as some of the biggest names in banking and technology (such as ING and IBM) are seeing the value of what MineHub (TSXV:MHUBTSXV:MHUB) has to offer and have even collaborated with the company to develop the perfect platform for the mining industry – a platform that connects all parts of the trade ecosystem and helps miners save money, improve efficiency and remain competitive.

This is a platform that features an enterprise grade blockchain foundation and that is unlike anything that has ever been seen before.

The platform excels in seven major areas while comparable blockchain infrastructure comparables may check off only 2 or 3 out of the 7 categories at best. Take a look:

More Companies & Investors Are Realizing That the Path to Net Zero Starts With the Platform Created by MineHub (TSXV:MHUBTSXV:MHUB)

Here’s a quick bit of history for you: in the Paris Agreement of 2015, 195 countries pledged to limit global warming to below 2.0°C, and ideally not more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

In order for this goal to be accomplished, the mining industry is going to play a key role.

First, mining companies are going to have to significantly reduce their greenhouse gas and carbon emissions to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Also, with multiple industries seeking to decarbonize this is going to dramatically shift commodity demands in the mining industry, which is going to have to quickly adapt to the changing marketplace.

But rather than seeing these two things as challenges, many companies are now beginning to see them as opportunities – profitable opportunities that they have a much better chance of taking advantage of with MineHub’s state-of-the-art, next generation blockchain platform.

This is a platform that is made for today’s increased focus on incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria into business operations.

As governments move to enforce carbon taxes, companies interested in their bottom lines are going to need a platform like MineHub Technologies Inc. (TSXV:MHUBTSXV:MHUB) to do all of the following:

  • Track, report and manage Scope 3 carbon emissions inventory
  • Prove and verify compliance with ESG regulations including human rights regulations
  • Achieve brand, price and capital differentiation through ESG and carbon emissions performance

MineHub Has the Innovative Technology The Future of Mining Demands

MineHub Technologies Inc. (TSXV:MHUBTSXV:MHUB) has already developed an advanced, adaptable blockchain infrastructure that can be used in a wide variety of industries in a very short time.

This technology is easily adaptable and scalable into vertical market segments such as other commodities including agriculture, chemicals, oil and gas – and ultimately, all global supply chains.

The company is also gathering data through current technology applications to generate new ideas and tech for future revenue streams.

Plus, MineHub Also Has an Experienced Leadership Team

MineHub Technologies’ (TSXV:MHUBTSXV:MHUB) talented leaders include:

Founder and Executive Chairman Vince Sorace who has 30+ years experience in business and capital markets, raised over $250M in equity & debt financings. He has founded, financed and led several resource, technology and alternative energy companies with assets in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, and has raised over $250M in equity and debt financings for public and private entities.

President and CEO Arnoud Star Busmann who has 25 years of experience in enterprise transformation and new business set up. Mr. Busmann previously worked in Innovation Lead Commodities at ING and was the co-founder of VAKT & Komgo.

Chief Operating Officer Mathijs Bulten who has 20 years of experience in digital transformation. Mr. Bulten was director of digital transformation at Deloitte and also previously worked as program director for ABN AMRO and ING.

Mariana Southern, VP Product, has 15 years of product and UX leadership experience. She has a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and was head of product for IAG Loyalty and William Hill.

Director David Garofalo previously served as CEO at Goldcorp and Hudbay and was CFO at Agnico-Eagle.

A Company Even Greater Than the Sum of Its Exciting Parts!

Put everything mentioned above together and we think you can get a good idea of why investor interest in MineHub (TSXV:MHUBTSXV:MHUB) is starting to spike and we are recommending that both ESG investors and other investors start doing their due diligence on this growing company.

Could this deal result in a big pay off?  In a future where lower carbon emissions are not just desired but required, the potential is there.

MineHub is on track to lead the way for an industry that is behind the times and starting to realize that the way business is done needs to change for the market to continue to thrive.

As we noted above, MineHub has a big headstart with its robust blockchain-based platform that is quickly building a large group of “raving fans.”

This is a group that includes many of the top mining companies in the industry.

As MineHub continues to gain new fans and release more positive news, more and more investors are likely to take positions with this stock.

That makes now the ideal time to act – before the really big money gets involved.

We recommend that you add this stock to your watchlist and start researching the market and the company right away.

We firmly believe that investment in MineHub could produce big rewards in the future. But don’t take our word for it, do your homework and decide for yourself.

To help with your research, here are five more reasons why we believe you should consider investing in MineHub now.

5 More Reasons to Consider Investing in MineHub (TSXV:MHUBTSXV:MHUB)

  1. Expansive Global Reach: MineHub has already established a presence in key mining markets. Right now, it has teams in strategic markets such as Japan, Singapore and China, where more than 50% of metal commodity flows end up or are processed.
  2. Highly Efficient: As you research MineHub, one thing that you are likely to come away very impressed with is the company’s very accessible business model and low entry pricing that is apt to lead to many customers and lots of ongoing profits
  3. Unmatched Platform: The MineHub platform is based on enterprise-grade blockchain technology that delivers an entirely new – and much appreciated –  level of efficiency, security and transparency to high value supply chains
  4. So Easy to Use: Another great thing about the MineHub platform is that it is incredibly easy to use. Customers can be up and running within a day – giving those users full control over their data assets, including who has access and where the data is stored
  5. Future Profit Streams: One more great thing about the MineHub platform – it can deploy new applications and integrations to rapidly increase value for users with low capex. The foundation is already in place and the geniuses at MineHub are already working on new functions (i.e. profit and growth streams)
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