Stocks often soar on one kind of news that most investors never even notice

Now Versus Systems (OTCQB: VRSSF, CSE: VS, FSE: BMVA) could be the next stock to soar after just releasing the same kind of news!

It’s no secret that news moves stocks.

That’s why investors keep a keen eye on things like financial reports and analyst upgrades to get an idea of how a stock might move.

But there’s one kind of news that hardly anyone pays attention to.

The result is a whole lot of missed profit opportunities.

Opportunities that have the potential to upgrade your annual portfolio returns from “good” to “fantastic.”

Take a look at what happened with business solutions provider 3PEA International, for instance.

After trading at under $1.00 for about eight years, 3PEA issued a news release on June 7, 2018.

Most investors paid no attention. But in-the-know investors recognized that this news could be the catalyst for a huge stock move.

Which is exactly what happened. 3PEA’s stock started to climb. And climb. And then climb some more.

In the 13 months following their news release, 3PEA’s stock soared 789%.

Or take a recent example of a stock that shot up even faster.

GreenPower Motor Company had been trading at under $1.00 for about five years.

Then, on July 27, GreenPower’s CEO announced the same kind of news as 3PEA had before its stock took off like the proverbial rocket.

You might want to sit down before seeing what happened next.

From the time of the announcement through the next 23 trading days, GreenPower’s stock (GPVRF) shot up from $0.73 to $22.75.

Total 1-month gains: 3,016%.

Of course, other good things were happening for the company at the same time, and all of those things culminated in the news they announced.

Because a company can only announce this kind of news when has everything moving in the right direction – revenue, sales, earnings, share price, etc.

And now, digital platform developer Versus Systems (OTCQB: VRSSFOTCQB: VRSSF, CSE: VSCSE: VS, FSE: BMVA) is issuing the very same news!

Versus Systems (OTCQB: VRSSFOTCQB: VRSSF, CSE: VSCSE: VS, FSE: BMVA) applies for Nasdaq uplisting

As soon as 3PEA and GreenPower announced they had each submitted an application to be “uplisted” to Nasdaq, each saw their stock price soar.

Mind you, the companies weren’t announcing that they were approved for an uplisting.

They were announcing that they had just submitted or were preparing to submit an application.

As crazy as that sounds, there are countless examples of stocks that take off to incredible gains after issuing news that it is seeking to uplist.

Take a look at a few other recent examples:

  •  Mind Medicine Inc. jumped 129% in 20 days between September 21 and October 19 after releasing news
  •  Sono-Tek (SOTK) shot up 42% in 28 days from August 11 to September 18 on news of its application to uplist.
  •  BioVie (BIVI( soared 25% in 18 days from September 18 to October 14 on its application submission.
  •  Humanigen (HGEN) flew 61% in 23 days from September 15 to October 16 on its uplisting news.

Actually getting approved for an uplisting is another big profit opportunity, but that’s a different story for another time.

Submitting an application for uplisting is a sign that things are going well for a company.

It means its stock price is trending up. The company has solid fundamentals. It adheres to high standards of corporate governance. And it believes it’s time to take it to the next level.

Which is exactly where up-and-coming tech innovator Versus Systems is now.

Versus is rapidly and steadily growing revenue, sales, intellectual assets, its patent portfolio, and just about every other performance metric.

In just the few short years since launching its breakthrough digital computing platform,

Versus Systems has already attracted some of the world’s biggest multi-billion dollar corporations as clients – names like Walmart, Home Depot, and Target – as well as numerous others.

And that’s not all.

In a resounding vote of confidence, multinational tech leader HP Inc., number 58 in the Fortune Global 500, chose Versus Systems as their technology partner for the ultra-high end Omen computer line.

All of which means it’s time to look at a Nasdaq uplisting, with its greater opportunity to attract the kind of institutional investors that either shy away from or are entirely prohibited from investing in stocks on smaller exchanges.

On November 19, 2020, Versus Systems issued a press statement announcing the filing of an application with Nasdaq to uplist to that exchange.

This milestone event could potentially be your best profit opportunity today.

But before you decide to invest, discover how Versus Systems (OTCQB: VRSSF) is revolutionizing the advertising industry with its innovative digital platform.

Versus Systems (OTCQB: VRSSFOTCQB: VRSSF, CSE: VSCSE: VS, FSE: BMVA) revolutionizes digital advertising with groundbreaking new technology platform

It is an article of faith that no one can compete and win against Google or Facebook in advertising.

Many have tried, none have succeeded.

So when tech Versus Systems began to develop an innovative advertising solution for interactive media, the investor community was rightly skeptical.

Yes, interactive media was growing at an astonishing rates. And yes, more people were playing online games, streaming online video, using wearables, fitness apps, and all kinds of mobile applications that weren’t as susceptible to the kinds of search and social ads that the big two specialize in.

Still, VCs and analysts were in general agreement that it took some serious gumption to launch a company that would attempt to go up against Google and Facebook for a share of the enormous digital advertising market.

But what analysts didn’t realize yet was that Versus Systems was targeting an entirely different market segment.

It’s a slice of the digital universe that was being entirely overlooked by the tech titans.

And with the explosive growth of digital advertising, it looked like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Versus Systems to join the tech titans without having to compete with them.

Today, that is looking more and more likely.

Just a few short years since launching its breakthrough platform, their primary market has grown to $159 Billion annually1, their secondary and tertiary markets have grown to $51 Billion2 and $45 Billion annually, respectively – and Versus has been granted multiple patents to cover all three categories.

And it’s not just patents and successful technology – it’s world-class partners.


In a resounding vote of confidence, multinational tech leader HP Inc., number 58 in the Fortune Global 500, chose Versus Systems as their technology partner for the high end OMEN and Pavilion computer lines.

The company is proving to be in exactly the right market at exactly the right time.

And with that timing going for them, Versus is seizing the opportunity to upgrade to Nasdaq.

Versus is rapidly gaining market share in a segment with no meaningful direct competitors.

A market that surprisingly is still untapped by Google, or Facebook.

Tech titans caught napping

Just 20 years ago, only 5% of all ad dollars went to digital mediums.3

But the world is changing. People are moving online in greater and greater numbers.

And advertising dollars are following them.

Today digital ads consume more than half of the $628 billion global ad market.

But with Google and Facebook taking 70 cents out of every dollar of online advertising, few other companies have been able to achieve significance.4

That duopoly dominates online search and social media.

But no one has yet controlled the market segment that has grown to a whopping $159 billion per year.

The tech titans were caught napping. Either that, or they’ve been unable to find a good solution.

Which means that a multi-billion dollar market was wide open and ripe for Versus Systems’ taking.

Versus Systems (OTCQB: VRSSFOTCQB: VRSSF, CSE: VSCSE: VS, FSE: BMVA) makes a bold move for share of $333 billion digital ad market 5

Surprisingly, what Versus found was a large and fast-growing online market segment that was served only by a network of small, fragmented players.

There was no Google or Facebook hogging revenue.

It’s a market that generates an estimated $159 billion a year in revenue, and the ad space around it is growing at a lightning-speed CAGR of 20%.6

By CEO Matthew Pierce’s thinking…

If Versus Systems could build a unique technology that delivered enormous value to users, content partners, and advertisers, Versus could become as dominant in that market as Google or Facebook are in theirs.

The logic was sound, and capital markets agreed.

Versus Systems raised in initial $14.3 million in post-IPO equity funding, giving Pierce and the company the impetus to begin development in earnest.7

So what is this fast-growing but overlooked market that was so attractive

“One of the most profitable industries on the planet”

That’s what emerging trends publisher VisualCapitalist reported in July 2020.

“In mere decades,” they wrote, the industry “has exploded in popularity to become one of the most profitable industries on the planet.”

In short, the industry is “an unstoppable force.”8

The market is digital online gaming, and if you don’t know much about that industry yet, you’re in for a shock.

  • Online gaming has become so big that a single game, Grand Theft Auto V, has grossed more than $6 billion, making it the most profitable entertainment release of all time in any medium.9
  • Online gaming is now the biggest form of entertainment in the world, eclipsing all other categories.10
  • More than one in three of the world’s population – 2.7 billion people – regularly engage in digital games.
  • 75% of all American households have at least one online gamer.
  • The $159 billion online games market is already 5 times bigger than global movie box office revenue, and 8 times bigger than the entire music recording industry.
  • Competitive gaming is a fast-growing market segment, with prize pools as high as $34 million for a single event.11
  • In 2019, competitors in the popular Fortnite game vied for a $64.4 million prize pool.
  • Fortnite claims more than 250 million registered players.
  • The game League of Legends boasts 27 million average daily players.

Online gaming is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, projected to reach more than $222 billion by 2023.12

With that multi-billion dollar opportunity wide open,

Versus Systems developed and launched a platform that monetizes the $159 billion digital gaming market the same way Google monetizes search and Facebook monetizes social media.

But Versus has done the Google/Facebook model one better.

The company’s ad delivery system entices and rewards game players to watch ads.

Because, let’s face it, no one likes ads.

Which is why the Versus platform is such a brilliant breakthrough, and why now, just as the company is applying for a Nasdaq uplisting, is the time to take a close look at this investment opportunity.

Versus Systems (OTCQB: VRSSFOTCQB: VRSSF, CSE: VSCSE: VS, FSE: BMVA) revolutionizes digital advertising model

People will do anything they can to avoid the unwanted intrusion of ads.

From learning how to turn off cookies and clear browsing history, to installing ad blockers or ad filters, ads are a never-ending annoyance for internet users and a high-stakes game to outfox internet users for advertisers.

Gamers are especially turned off by ads that pop up mid-game (as most do), interrupting the flow of the game, and disrupting the experience.

The Versus Systems platform starts with a very different approach to in-game and in-video advertising: instead of inserting a traditional 10-30 second video ad when there’s a break in the action – and forcing people to watch it in order to advance – Versus allows players to choose what prizes they want to play for in-game.

Versus then allows players to earn those real-world prizes by through their actions in-game.

By adding choice, and earned-reward systems, Versus has built an ad experience that doesn’t feel like advertising at all. In fact, 97% of players say that Versus rewards make the games more engaging – something they’re definitely not saying about commercials.

And the data bears this out: players play longer, play more often, when games contain rewards. They also report better brand recall and brand affinity for advertisers who offer up in-game prizes as rewards that players can choose to play for.

Versus Systems has developed a revolutionary platform that turns advertising into must-have rewards for online gamers.

Though Versus didn’t invent the idea, they perfected it.

Versus Systems (OTCQB: VRSSFOTCQB: VRSSF, CSE: VSCSE: VS, FSE: BMVA) solves the oldest problem in advertising

About one hundred years ago, department store magnate John Wanamaker was reputed to have said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

Fast forward to today, and studies show he was right. More than 40% of ad dollars across all mediums fail to either reach their audience or make an impression.13

It’s even worse for online advertisers, where more than half of all digital ad dollars wasted.14

It’s an agonizing problem for advertisers, but one they have had no choice but to accept as just the cost of doing business.

Now, though, Versus Systems has created a way to get more out of every ad dollar.

Thirty six times more, in fact.

Rewards delivered on Versus have shown over 60 times higher transaction rates

A quick look at just two case studies reveals that:

  •   A national quick service restaurant chain using the Versus system achieved a transaction rate that was a over 60 times higher than industry standard, in addition to a 280% growth in incremental purchases.15
  •   A top game publisher saw a 44% increase in user session time and a whopping 15 minutes of advertiser brand exposure per game when using the Versus system.16

Results like those are why more and more major brand advertisers are joining the fast-growing Versus Systems universe of clients.

World’s biggest brands move to Versus Systems (OTCQB: VRSSFOTCQB: VRSSF, CSE: VSCSE: VS, FSE: BMVA)

With its norm-shattering response rates, deep user engagement levels, and super-high degree of user satisfaction, the world’s best brands will soon be joining the ranks – placing their prizes into the Versus platform.

The Versus client list isn’t the only place impressive corporate names appear.

In a major coup, in an August 2019 multi-year deal, tech giant HP Inc. selected Versus Systems’ proprietary in-game rewards engine for HP’s ultra-high end OMEN and Pavilion gaming computer systems.

The Versus in-app ad engine now comes pre-installed in all OMEN and Pavilion gaming desktops, which takes Versus to tens of millions of new users in new markets around the world.

How Versus Systems reinvents in-game advertising

Everybody likes to be rewarded for their efforts. It’s human nature.

But no one thinks of ads as being any kind of a reward.

It’s generally agreed that ads are a punishment. An unwanted interruption. An unwelcome intrusion.

Even Apple’s famous “1984” TV Commercial, or Wendy’s much-parodied “Where’s the Beef?” spot were still, after all, just ads.

With ad budgets increasingly moving online, not much has changed. Even in-game ads are still just ads, and the only reward for suffering through them is that you can continue to play your game for free.

Now Versus Systems has turned the whole advertising reward structure on its head, and in so doing, has reinvented in-game advertising.

What Versus Systems has accomplished is to splice together one of the best features of digital gaming with one of the most desirable outcomes of advertising.

Which will become clear in a moment.

At the most basic level, most games are designed to reward achievement.

That’s because rewards are a proven way to increase both a gamer’s playtime and loyalty to the game.

By beating the clock, winning a certain number of points, or even “staying alive” a certain length of time, you are rewarded with access to higher levels, more bonus points, or gaining status as a top player, for example.

What you usually can’t do, though, is choose your prize. If the game reward is bonus points, you get bonus points. Nothing more, nothing less.

What you also get in most games is something a lot less rewarding: Ads.

Yet with free-to-play games becoming the norm, in-game ads are increasingly how games are monetized.

Why Versus Systems (OTCQB: VRSSFOTCQB: VRSSF, CSE: VSCSE: VS, FSE: BMVA) could soon become the “Google of Gaming”

Versus Systems blurs the line between game rewards and ads, making it more rewarding for everyone involved – gamers, advertisers, and game developers and publishers.

  • Gamers benefit by choosing the prize they want to play for.
  • Game developers benefit by longer user sessions, which means more time for more ad-driven prizes.
  • Advertisers benefit by becoming intricately tied to the prizes, and thus viewed as a reward and not an intrusion.

Because it’s opt-in, and choice-based, the prizes offered are tailored to each user – and because Versus content partners have incredible data on their player bases, Versus can help brands to target their ideal audiences,  focusing on products and prizes that a user will be most interested in. The Versus platform matches players to the kind of prizes they care about most.

Now, when you play a digital game on a Versus Systems-enabled platform, you cannot only play for rewards or prizes. You can actually choose what kind of prize you want to win.

When someone opens a Versus-enabled digital game app, they are greeted with a choice of prizes they can play for.

At their most basic level, most games are all about achieving a goal that unlocks a reward.

And Versus isn’t just for the e-sports champions – although it works for that market too. The dramatic rise of e-sports is just one more drop in the rising tide of gaming.

Make no mistake, the e-sports market is certainly an exciting one. The winner of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup was rewarded with a hefty $3 million payout, more than this year’s Wimbledon winner.17 And more than 100 million people watched the League of Legends World Championships in 2019, with 44 million watching concurrently18 – nearly three times the viewership of the last game of the NBA finals.19

But Versus isn’t just appealing to these world-class players that represent the one-tenth of one percent. Because they offer individual achievements in mobile, PC, and console gaming, any player can play for food and beverage, discounts, coupons, apparel, event tickets, and even travel. Anyone can win.

The Versus platform isn’t just for gaming, either.

Versus Systems (OTCQB: VRSSFOTCQB: VRSSF, CSE: VSCSE: VS, FSE: BMVA) moves into interactive content markets

With its dominant position in the digital game market secure and growing, Versus Systems is ready to branch out into other lucrative markets.

Any interactive content can be enhanced by the Versus rewards system.

From online education or corporate training to political surveys and even the popular quizzes on websites like, there are countless opportunities to better engage users with the Versus reward system.

  • Your fitness app could reward you with a new Adidas workout hoodie for accomplishing your daily step goal.
  • Your streaming video service can reward you with a free pizza when you watch their new show.
  • Your audio book app can reward you with a free download after you have listened to 10 book titles.
  • Your running app can reward you with a coupon for 10% off Nike shoes when you beat your previous best time.
  • Your grocery delivery app can reward you with a coupon to your favorite supermarket after 10 grocery deliveries.

What Versus Systems offers is unique in the digital gaming world.

Competitive landscape is wide open

You’d be hard pressed to find the equal of Versus Systems in the digital game market.

Advertisers have typically had to work with ad networks and brokers that work across all digital mediums.

Only a minuscule few have proprietary in-game ad platforms. Even fewer have combined their ad placements with compatible rewards systems.

With no Google, no Facebook, no other major players, and no ad delivery platforms with kind of results Versus is delivering to their clients, digital gaming is a $159 billion opportunity ready to be taken.

Why Versus Systems (OTCQB: VRSSFOTCQB: VRSSF, CSE: VSCSE: VS, FSE: BMVA) applies for Nasdaq uplisting

3PEA International shot up 789% in 13 months.

Sono-Tek, BioVie, and Humanigen together averaged gains of 43% in 23 days.

GreenPower Motor Company soared an incredible 3,016% in one month.

And while gains that high are not the norm, they do come around often enough to change the lives of a few lucky investors who time their moves with news of uplistings.

No one knows if Versus Systems will be a homerun for investors.

But you’ve seen what’s possible when a company announces it is applying for a stock exchange uplist.

For investors who want to boost their portfolio returns, this is a “secret strategy” that could pay off in a big way.

Ask your broker about Versus Systems (OTCQB: VRSSFOTCQB: VRSSF, CSE: VSCSE: VS, FSE: BMVA)And don’t forget to always perform your own due diligence research before investing in any stock.

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