Instead of closing in, the U.S. unlocks more doors in its trade dispute with China recently, making it really difficult for this week’s trade talks. And this left the businesses, and companies only a glimmer hope that these trade deal can reach both win scenario. 

On the recent day’s discussions, the issues discussed include relevant concerns like the possible application of capital-flow safety measures, and the updated and expanded blacklisted list of Chinese companies. In addition, they also tackled a slightly relevant issue such as the pro- Hong Kong and pro-democracy tweets by a Houston Rocket executive.

The Hong Kong protesters plus other issues can create a room of uncomfortable meeting between two sides. Business and strategy experts have set minimum expectations on the trade deal meeting They also fear that even breakthroughs towards small deals may not provide enough certainty to the current trade issues. 

Meanwhile, U.S  President Trump a few days ago said he was still aiming for a deal that is comprehensive. On the other hand, the Chinese are reportedly only after the mini-deal as well as resolutions for several major issues concerning their industrial policy of the meeting.

The clear thing at least is that both U.S and China have the will to reach common ground on this trade deal.