My #1 stock pick of the decade …

The eSports BIG GUNS are missing the 
$100 Billion Dollar “Underground Market”
that Planet Ventures Inc. (TSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPFTSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPF)
 is set to dominate

Here are 5 surprising reasons that this company I’ve recommended to my subscribers is tapping into the gaming niche everyone else is missing … creating a historic double-play opportunity for investors to profit from.

This situation is the epitome of an iceberg …

And there are 5 stunning reasons the company I’m about to share with you is staking its claim as a leader in an untapped multi-billion dollar sector of the eSports and eGaming market … the iceberg beneath the surface, if you will, that will reshape the eGaming community.

The best part is, we still have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor while it’s inexpensive before others take notice, and the stock takes off!

A hot form of entertainment is booming in a pandemic stricken world, and one company is perfectly positioned to turn this into the profit opportunity of the decade for smart investors. Watch this video now to discover the 5 surprising reasons this little-known gem is poised to dominate and how investors could profit. Reason # 4 is a stunner, so don’t miss it. Or read below for more details.

In so doing, it could hand early investors returns potentially bigger than anything seen in this space to date.

Reason #4 is a stunner, so be sure to read on for the details.

You see, eGaming and eSports are BIG business. Esports itself has come to be recognized as one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with leading companies making billions of dollars. Sponsors and advertisers are competing to throw their money at eSports companies.

Guess what? Planet Ventures Inc. (TSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPFTSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPF) has developed what I believe to be one of the best eSports platforms we have seen to date. But that is not the most exciting part of their business.

Fox Business and CNBC are all abuzz about eSports and eGaming.

But what no one is talking about, is all the people currently getting rich in the eSports and eGaming industries …

Are only participating in HALF of the playing field.

Admittedly, that half is on track to break $180 billion by 2021.

But the other half …?

That’s where the lion’s share of the market profits lies … and when both halves of this massive market are merged, you get a historic double-play opportunity.

That’s why I’ve told subscribers of my World Opportunity Investor newsletter to add one company’s stock to their investment portfolio immediately. And why I have penned an urgent, special situation report that I’d like to send to you immediately, so you could see the quality of my unique research.

First, who am I and why should you listen to me?

Good questions.

I’m James Di Georgia, editor of the wildly popular investment newsletter, World Opportunity Investor. After 40 years in this business, I firmly believe that …


I’ve dedicated my career to providing unbiased, independent analysis on high-growth opportunities in various sectors — including energy, information technology, and healthcare.

And this latest opportunity to get in on the ground floor with the little-known tech company that I’ve already shared with my subscribers has me more excited than many of the stocks I’ve found before, including …

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Due to the pandemic, eGaming and eSports companies (and their investors) are well-positioned to benefit from a massive increase in users, revenue, and returns for years to come.

But now, thanks to Planet Ventures Inc. (TSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPFTSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPF) creation of First XI, investors and gamers can finally tap into the even more lucrative world of eGaming with online betting!

Since so much of the “iceberg” is below the water line, why have the big players like Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts not already grabbed it? I’ll tell you why.

I’ll tell you why as we explore 5 stunning reasons this is my #1 double-play stock pick of the decade …

Reason #1: Where the Giants Fear to Tread … Planet Ventures Could Begin to Dominate

Why are the big players missing this opportunity?

I believe a big reason is licensing.

Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Tencent, and the like are more interested in grabbing the profits on the table in front of them, rather than navigating the tangle of bureaucratic red tape to reach the adjacent eGame betting side of the table.

That’s understandable.

They’ve become titans in their industry because they play to their strengths.Continuing to do so is just smart business … especially as the pandemic continues to drive the number of gamers through the roof.

It would be illogical to distract corporate attention and throw millions of dollars into years of hoop-jumping to get the necessary licenses and regulatory compliance they’d need to take advantage of the business’s eGaming betting side.

In the meantime, the big fantasy sports sites like DraftKings, Cloud9, FanDuel, and DraftDay face two stumbling blocks on their side of the table.

On the one hand, they lack the technological infrastructure to delve into the highly complex world of eGaming … and they are also focused on the money in front of them.

On the other hand, acquiring a gambling license is a huge barrier to entry. Not to mention that many sponsors would likely pull out of the platform if the eSports companies were to get into the betting side of the business.

One Company Has Mastered Both the eGaming AND Betting Sides of the Money Table

Planet Ventures Inc. (TSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPFTSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPF), has separated its exciting eSports platform First XI, from the eGaming betting platform.

It doesn’t need to do this hoop-jumping, red-tape dance because …

It already has the gambling licenses it needs to take the untapped betting segment by storm.

And it doesn’t need to acquire the technical expertise and platforms for the gaming side of the business because …

It already has the infrastructure and platform in place to become one of the gaming titans itself. 

This means Planet Ventures Inc. (TSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPFTSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPFis hitting the ground running … and disrupting the entire industry as it merges eGaming and eSports betting onto one powerful, irresistible platform.

Its tournament software could be the “first of its kind,” that allows players to compete against each other one on one while betting on the outcome using real money. And players can keep re-entering the game to play at different money levels.

First XI has already developed the software and can host online games.

Essentially, it’s like turning gaming controllers into money-making machines. Imagine two trash-talking friends, betting on the outcome of their head to head gameplay. Gamers hustling like poker sharks in Vegas … and Planet Ventures takes a cut every single time!

As I’ll show shortly, the potential size of the eSports betting market rivals that of the eGaming space. So, any company that brings those two elements together seamlessly will have the perfect double-play.

Investors could profit from one of the biggest growth stories of the decade as Planet Ventures Inc. (TSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPF) brings together the epic worlds of eGaming and eSports betting to create the ultimate form of entertainment.

Reason #2: A Global Phenomenon Exploding After the Pandemic Created Growth Beyond Expectation

eSports — where players professionally engage with and against other players in a virtual game realm — is the hottest new form of entertainment out there.

There are 2.6 billion video gamers worldwide. They play games across the spectrum, from first-person shooters to sports games (soccer, basketball, football) and fantasy adventures.

Before the pandemic, experts anticipated that number could hit 3.27 billion in the next three years.

Those numbers are wildly higher now that the pandemic has sent millions of more people into the gaming world in search of entertainment and escape.

There are recreational players, and then there are professional eSports players, who train like any other professional athlete … who compete in massive tournaments that attracts millions of viewers … and get paid millions of dollars in winnings.

eSport events such as League of Legends World Championship Finals have drawn more viewers than the NBA Finals (81.1 million versus 17.4 million in 2018).

There Are Billions of Players …  There Are Hundreds of Millions of Fanatical Fans

Just like professional soccer or golf players, eSports players are dedicated … and their fan base is equally fanatical. It’s no wonder sponsors are ready to throw millions of dollars toward capturing a demographic that was previously unavailable through traditional advertising channels.

Current estimates are that eSport tournaments will soon attract more than 654 million viewers. That’s double the size of the U.S. population!

The 2018 Super Bowl drew about 98 million viewers worldwide 2

The 2019 League of Legends World Championships finals saw 100 million unique viewers tune into the event online! [3]

But these numbers are just on the “fantasy” side of eGaming.

There is a whole other world of eGaming out there:

  • Sports: FIFA (soccer), NBA 2K (basketball), Madden NFL (football), NHL (hockey)
  • First-Person Shooters: Counter-Strike, Call of Duty
  • Fantasy and Strategy: League of Legends

You Can Quarantine People and Shutdown the Economy … But You Can’t Take Away Their Gaming Controller

For example, 4.2 million people tuned in to watch the Virtual Grand National 2020.[4]

After the Formula 1 season was postponed, Torque Esports’ All-Star Esport Battle in March 2020 featured some of the world’s best racers, from Red Bull’s F1 Max Verstappen to Indy 500 winner Simon Pagenaud.

The online, virtual race racked up a total of 12.1 million minutes of viewing![5]

Suffice to say that there is significant growth in this industry, with insatiable demand fueling it.

And smart investors are taking advantage.

The industry has seen a huge uptick in investment from venture capitalists and private equity firms. According to Deloitte’s research, dollars invested in this space rose to $4.5 billion in 2018 from $490 million the year before.[6]

That’s a staggering year-on-year growth rate of 837%.

Quantum Tech Partners, a gaming-focused advisory group for financial deals, believes this trend will continue.[7]

The amount of money on the table in the realm of eSports is breathtaking.

First XI, via Planet Ventures Inc. (TSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPFTSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPF), will tap into the eSports market, handing investors the best opportunity to jump into a mammoth growth sector on the ground floor and zoom to the top in short order.

But how does First XI intend to win in a head-on-head battle against the industry’s established giants?

Simple … they have what the giants want.

Reason #3 A Powerful, Seamless New Gaming Streaming Platform That Could Disrupt the Market

None of the existing platforms are anything like the one First XI has developed.

And while First XI could approach all the existing platforms to expand its audience base … the big players DON’T have the First XI platform.

The company’s proprietary technology allows for 24/7 live streaming, contests and one other critical component the other platforms lack (more on that in Reason #4).

I believe it’s simply better than anything else out there because it gives …

The Most Unique Gaming Experience Ever:  Live Sports Heroes Playing Against Their Fans Virtually

There is nothing that fans want more than to connect with their heroes. This feature of Planet Ventures’ platform could take eGaming and eSports to the next level … with investors enjoying the resultant growth.

Perhaps the best advantage yet, is that First XI is the first sports media company to produce and manage an eSports team made up entirely of professional athletes, including superstar soccer players who will play against, participate, and engage with fans as part of a unique gaming experience.

I’m not talking about those professional eSports players.

I’m talking about flesh-and-blood professional, star soccer players such as Gonzalo Higuain and Italian soccer captain Gianluigi Buffon alongside undisputed world legends like Diego Maradona and Andrea Pirlo, as well as other celebrities and professional athletes.

And First XI’s proprietary technology platform provides a 24/7 game hub where gamers and football fans participate in live eSports competitions. It has cash prizes, news updates, live media streaming, and multiple game options via syndicated and collective peer-to-peer group play.

In other words, the First XI platform brings a whole world of avid sports fans together to not only play against each other but to also play against the world’s top athletes.

Like I said, I know of no other platform that enables this powerful, highly addictive union between fan, gamer, and professional athletes.

The growth and recurring revenue potential here is the stuff that most investors dream of in their entire lives. The type of win that professional investors and hedge fund managers such as Warren Buffett love to brag about!

But through First XI, Planet Ventures Inc. (TSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPFTSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPF) goes one step further to hand investors that perfect double play …

Reason#4: The Other Complimentary Global Phenomenon Facing Substantial Growth

As I said earlier, First XI’s platform also opens up access to the iceberg beneath the surface: eSports and eGaming betting!

This market could rival the entire video game market that it bets on.

According to Zion Market Research, the worldwide online gambling and betting market could surpass $94.4 billion by 2024.

And the demographics of these online eSports and eGaming betters are precisely in line with the demographics of the eSports fanatics — players and viewers alike.

Gamers and bettors are almost identical in demographic terms. This makes Planet Ventures work to merge both fields a no brainer.

The opportunity here, for First XI to merge the profit potential of both eGaming AND online eSports betting … and to present the package to a loyal, insatiable fan base in the respective arenas, starting with soccer … is MASSIVE.

Subscription and membership revenues should be off the charts as well.

Advertising and merchandising revenue streams should be off the charts, and eGame betting revenues should be WAY off the charts.

The Piece of the Puzzle that the Big Guns Are Missing

And this is what sets Planet Ventures Inc. (TSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPF) apart from the Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzards, and the DraftKings of this world.

Planet Ventures has already secured the licenses necessary for the betting side of its platform while the big eSports companies don’t have that … and are most likely not interested in pursuing such regulatory compliance just yet.

So, investors are essentially getting into a business that is a merger of the best components of eGaming and eSports betting.

The ultimate double play.

But that’s not all …

Reason #5: The Ace in the Hole: Connecting Professional Athletes with Their Adoring Fans

I briefly touched on this earlier, but this really is Planet Ventures’ ace in the hole.

Its platform brings avid fans together with their heroes.

This feature alone could account for significant subscription numbers — bringing in recurring revenue — and a rapidly growing membership base seeking to make that personal connection with their heroes.

Imagine having access to hundreds of influencers in the form of legendary athletes and celebrities ready to promote your products!

To illustrate the potential here, consider what happened after the pandemic lockdowns resulted in the cancellation of a football match between Real Betis and Sevilla in the Spanish soccer league …

A pair of Spanish footballers playing for each of those teams decided to play virtually against each other and brought in more than 60,000 fans to watch ONE online videogame!

The sponsorship opportunity here is significant … and untapped!

And these are two teams and two players that don’t have a global following.[8]

Imagine the audience size when retired soccer legends take on current superstars in First XI tournaments …

Better yet, imagine the revenue that will stream in from betting on the outcome of that game!

Currently, many soccer stars, like Paulo Dybala, Gareth Bale, and Sergio Aguero, play FIFA against each other with thousands of viewers with a limited ability to draw any monetary benefits from it.

Now, with Planet Ventures’ two platforms (eSports and eGaming betting), that monetary reward will be maximized.

Another first for this merger of eSports and eGaming betting?

Planet Ventures’ tournament software is the only platform that, I believe, allows one player to play another for real money on a secured network. The best part, players can re-enter the game at different money levels. It’s like their controllers become a “real-time money-maker” right in the palm of their hands.

All of these reasons are why I believe Planet Ventures Inc. (TSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPFTSXV:PXI, OTC:PNXPF) could be one of the hottest investment opportunities of this decade.

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