Nevada’s Carlin Trend: The largest gold-producing trend in North America, and home to what could be the next big domestic discovery.

Editorial | Mar 3, 2023 | Industry 

  • Between $90 to $150 billion in gold could be pulled out of the ground in the Carlin Trend alone, over the next two decades.
  • With a typical 1% smelter royalty, that's upwards of $1.5 billion to be paid in royalties to mineral rights owners.         
  •  Here's how easy it is to take part in that gold-rich region

Over the last four decades, gold production at Nevada’s Carlin Trend has eclipsed any other location in North America and hosts the second largest gold concentration in the world.

It has become ground zero for millions of ounces in gold recoveries, most notably for those who own mineral rights and royalties on the prospects being mined.

Royalties paid by gold producers to mineral rights owners continue to set records…and this party is not over. Not by a long shot.

History continues to repeat itself.

Exploration on the Carlin Trend land area is by no means complete. This is a massive area comprising 200+ square miles of geologically ideal gold-bearing structures, which even today remain substantially under-explored or undeveloped.

Over the coming years, forecasts project as much as 50 million ounces of gold remains to be recovered from the Carlin Trend alone, with numerous other prolific Trends within Nevada.

That’s $90 BILLION in gold… at today’s price.

Should gold prices double in that time (as many expect), that number could soar past $150 billion.

The upside for new discovery in the Carlin Trend remains unsurpassed worldwide.

And that’s not all. Recent discoveries coupled with historical evidence now have geologists looking deeper into the Walker Lane Trend Zone, further west of the Carlin Trend and home to the famous Comstock Lode that launched Nevada’s precious metal bonanza.

Back in the 1850’s, the Comstock Lode and Virginia City became household names throughout the world, having  some of the richest silver/gold mines ever found to date.

The wealth of the Comstock’s fabulously rich mines gave Nevada international fame.

New findings on the Walker Lane Trend suggest massive, unrecovered gold, silver and other metal resources that could set further production records in Nevada.

That’s good news for a small company that is working to build a highly diversified portfolio of Carlin and Walker Lane Trend mineral rights and royalty interests.

There are three key advantages of this company that are important to highlight.

  1. The company is highly diversified across Nevada, holding a wide range of prospects, focused on the prolific Walker Lane and Carlin Trends.

Unlike a junior exploration company that must typically focus its resources on just one prospect, they can hold mineral rights and royalty stakes on multiple prospects. Third-party exploration companies assume all the costs and risks of site development work and resource discovery, while this company benefits and its carried interest in the prospect increases in value.

As resources are documented, the value of those discoveries accrues directly to the company, even while it is still in the ground.

  1. Because it focuses on the mineral and royalty rights, not right to explore, the company’s financial interest endures, even if early, third-party exploration fails.

Exploration companies notoriously fall short of expectations for reasons that may have nothing to do with the resource potential at the prospect. It may take a second or third company launching operations on the site to bring in the numbers.

Regardless of who finds the gold, the mineral rights remain intact.

That means investors are well protected from common downside risks of junior gold investing.

  1. Mineral rights and royalties can be sold at any time.

This is where the money comes in. The company’s carried financial interest in a property grows proportionate to the de-risked resource and reserve data that comes from exploration results.

What that means is that as the exploration company publishes and verifies its gold findings, value in those findings accrues proportionately to the mineral rights owner.

In simple terms, the amount of gold in the ground can be stated with varying degrees of certainly (resources) until the exploration data is sufficiently collected and quantified as economically recoverable gold (reserves). Typically, at no additional costs and with carried growth and enterprise value.

The higher up the ladder you go, from resources to reserves, the greater the valuation of the gold in the ground…and along the way, that is the driving force for shareholder value.

You might ask, how difficult is it to find buyers for these mineral rights and royalties?

Make no mistake about this, major gold producers, like Newmont and Barrick, have a long history of bidding aggressively on newly verified resources and reserves discovered in the Carlin Trend and throughout Nevada.

These big companies are valued by many factors, and current reserves and resources rank at the top. At a minimum, these companies must keep building their asset portfolio, especially as depletion from ongoing mining activities eats into existing reserves.

Resources and reserves in close proximity to their ongoing activities are particularly valuable because the companies are already deeply invested in the area’s operations.

That means bidding on neighboring properties can be quite aggressive when compared to similar resource discoveries in remote locations.

This can make highly prospected Nevada properties extremely liquid and ultimately quite profitable.

So, if the company goes scouting to find bidders for proven mineral rights and royalties, they shouldn’t have to look far.

There’s still risk involved; some projects may not pan out as hoped. Still, as cited in the three points above, this business model greatly reduces exposure while retaining high potential expected from an early-stage gold exploration company.

Four Ways To Win In Nevada

The Company currently holds royalty interests, secured by mineral rights, in four “Accelerator Exploration Projects” both in and outside of the prolific Walker Lane and Carlin Trends.

The Loman Property: Located in the Walker Lane Trend, this is a high-grade, past producing gold project which has been re-discovered through previous geological findings and on-site historical workings.

The property lies adjacent to the past producing Pamlico Mine and near several past-producing mines, which speaks well for its potential.

The Loman Property had been in private hands for most of its history. Today it remains significantly underexplored with exceptional potential for discoveries on several exploration targets within multiple zones.

The Swales Property: This property is thought to be geologically contiguous, 13 miles northeast from two of Carlin Trend’s more prolific producing mines, Nevada Gold’s Gold Quarry Mine and the Goldstrike Mine.

The property is underlain by features proven to be geologically promising for successful gold exploration and production.

Small gold anomalies have already been found, which points to the possibility of more extensive deposits overlain by gravels or broken rock. The loose overburden suggests that gold-bearing formations may be discovered near surface.

The Agai-Pah Project: The Property lies in one of the highest-grade gold districts within the prolific Walker Lane Trend of Nevada.

It contains numerous historical, underground and surface workings. Historical sampling reveals, that in addition to gold, the property could also be home to silver, copper, lead, zinc, barium and barite.

There have been at least two periods of mining on the property, the first in the early 1900’s and again in the late 1980’s. The property had been held by private interests for most of its history and despite its exceptional potential remains very underexplored.

Bringing to bear modern-day exploration technologies on this site could quickly open this project to significant new gold and other mineral findings.

The Belshazzar Project: This property hosts a past producing mine with approximately 3,000 feet of previously completed underground workings.

From operations dating back to 1914, “high grade specimen rock” was reported, yielding varying sizes in visible gold.

One recovery included a pure metal specimen at 105 ounces!

Some of the recovered ore was so rich in gold density that miners simply shipped unprocessed ore rather than milling and refining, leaving scant records of what was actually produced.

In recent years, a metal detector search of a waste rock dump revealed stunning discoveries in that discarded rock. The search produced hundreds of wire gold specimens ranging from microscopic size to over 20 troy ounces.

Belshazzar could be a hugely under exploited site. Total recent gold production to-date remains unknown, as this mine had been privately held and record keeping was sketchy at best.

This project remains very undeveloped, a highly promising property for modern-day exploration programs. It has exceptional potential for new discoveries on several exploration targets with multiple zones.

From these projects, the company intends to begin its expansion phase by prioritizing mineral rights and royalty positions on properties within the Walker Lane and Carlin Trends.

It further seeks to establish working agreements with mineral exploration companies to accelerate work on these properties and quickly build value.

That means now is the time to act. It’s an ideal time to consider an early entry into a strongly growth-oriented venture.

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