Next-gen blockchain-powered digital entertainment platform by this up and coming company could be…

“The Next Netflix”

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“Once a generation, Hollywood experiences a seismic shift. It is happening again.”  – New York Times

The digital revolution made Netflix the biggest force in the entertainment world.

Now a new revolution is about to upend the industry yet again.

An innovative technology that is fundamentally changing nearly every industry is now transforming the way film and video is distributed and consumed.

To be clear, Netflix won’t be unseated.

But they’re going to have to set another place at the table.

A second chance to invest in something BIG

Netflix harnessed streaming technology and used it to topple the entertainment industry’s power brokers.

Instead of going through the expensive middleman-land of cable networks and movie theater chains, Netflix sold its content directly to consumers.

It was a complete redesign of the video value chain.

And for investors who caught the tide early, it was a once-in-a-generation opportunity. 

The streaming revolution made Netflix one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Netflix didn’t just change the way we watch movies. It created a new $229 billion industry for streaming video.  Now there’s a chance for history to repeat itself.

New entertainment company ignites the digital media distribution revolution

Personal computers revolutionized the way the world creates and stores information.

The internet revolutionized how the world accesses and transmits information.

Now the internet of information is rapidly transitioning to the internet of value.

And it will have every bit of the impact of the birth of the internet.

It’s called digital ledger technology (DLT), and JPMorgan Chase says it is:

“As groundbreaking as the adoption of the internet.”[i]

Ecommerce giant founder Patrick Byrne says:

“Its bigger than the internet revolution.”[ii]

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban, who is quite a disruptor himself, says:

“This is like the early internet days all over again.”[iii]

And the influential British Film Institute (BFI) says:

“It will revolutionize not only the film industry, but every single part of our lives.”[iv]

Digital ledger technology is the underlying architecture of any blockchain technology, including notorious cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Distributed ledger technology is already transforming industries, ranging all the way from finance and healthcare to retail and agriculture.

The media and entertainment industry has been slow to take up the technology but is now fully on board, thanks to one innovator that is paving the way  with the first commercial next-gen DLT video platform.

The value of this company’s unique platform is reflected in the impressive list of the company’s billion-dollar clients.  This is just the beginning for the rapidly growing company that still trades at a price well below its peers.

But it won’t for long. As more news is generated and word gets out, expect investors to discover this up-and-coming social network. Sign up to receive more information about this innovative young company that is poised to take the lead.

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