This Microcap Is Rolling Up the Fastest Growing Online Communities in America Today

Editorial Feature | Aug 16, 2022 | Tech 

This is the new world of young America… An emerging $198 billion market dominated by 18 to 35 age adults pouring into live streaming events, created and curated by the participants themselves.

It’s taking a new generation to completely change the way that media and entertainment is made and experienced.

Netflix, Disney, HBO, and others are being relegated to second place as purely spectator entertainment. A new generation is emerging where the spectator becomes participant.

When digital content began streaming into homes, content providers like Netflix soared, from around $15/share ten years ago, to a breathtaking $690 near the end of 2021.

Then, in a matter of just a few months, Netflix shares collapsed to under $200.

Similar track records can be found with other streaming content providers. In January 2020, Hulu was soaring, then taken out and integrated with Disney. Shares dipped to around $60, then within a year, soared past $196. Now shares trade at roughly half that price.

Others, like Sling TV, HBO, Paramount, etc. have all become buried in larger holding companies…but the news is consistent.

Audiences are falling off sharply and leading the decline is the much sought after 18-35 demographic.

In a bombshell report released this past January, entertainment icon,, published a scathing article entitled,

“Fading Ratings, A Special Report on TV’s Shrinking Audiences“.

From that report, Variety confirms the sharp downtrend in audiences noting that:

“…the proportion of the audience aged 18-49 is declining faster than the overall rate of decline.” 1

The point is this.

Younger audiences are moving beyond content-driven streaming services to a next-generation of community-based, live entertainment events.

The platform is built on the emerging capabilities of Augmented Reality (AR) technology and, as trends now confirm, it is destined to be transformative.

Only a handful of companies are moving into this space today. And noteworthy among them is one innovative new company.

Over the last year, this company has aggressively built and acquired the resources to take a leading role in the fast-growing Augmented Reality space.

Keep in mind, this is NOT just about virtual reality headsets and gaming consoles. It’s a complete paradigm shift, encompassing how consumers ‘attend’ live sporting events, concerts, movies, and even how they interact across social media platforms.

The New ‘Largest’ Generation Is Fueling This Market

Any chance you were around for the rise and fall of Blockbuster Video?

It was a company blinded by shortsightedness. It didn’t see technology on the rise, thus in 2000, Blockbuster turned down the chance to buy the fledgling Netflix for a mere $50 million!2

Ten years later, the company was issuing bankruptcy warnings and drowning in a billion dollars of debt.

Maybe they should have bought Netflix?

Here’s the twist though. Netflix appears to be going into its own crash event, likely the result of rapidly declining young audiences who are seeking new, more exciting, more immersive entertainment.

That’s the promise of Augmented Reality and unless Netflix acquires that capability, it too stands to be left behind by the new generation of audience.

You may be wondering, what exactly is augmented reality?   

Augmented Reality allows users to participate in real time with others on a global scale, sharing content, media and experience interactively. An example might be a watch party orchestrated around a sports event or travel experience.

Participants don’t just watch; they socialize and interact with one another in real time. For those who grew up with social media and smartphones in hand…this is the logical extension of that space.

And it’s a space that is soaring. describes augmented reality as,

“…a disruptive force with the capacity to transform the world as we know it.”3

What’s more…it’s a technology that is forecast to go well beyond entertainment. AR is forecast to break out of the entertainment sector by mid-decade to become an essential productivity tool in, among other things, healthcare, manufacturing, education, and retail.

The statistics are stunning. Forecasts are that the AR market will reach $198 billion in 2025.

That’s confidently asserted by 39% of technology leaders who strongly agree that augmented reality will become as ubiquitous as mobile by 2025.

Without getting buried in tech facts, that AR growth projection is strongly on track now that the rollout of a nationwide 5G network is well underway.

That means now is the time to get in front of this next-gen wave.

New technologies fueled explosive growth of technology giants you know so well.

This company can put you on the next wave that is swelling right now.

Simply stated, this company offers investors an entry-level to a next generation technology leader.

The company has been actively growing on an online “hangout” platform for friends that acts as a “virtual living room”.

The platform allows individuals to live-share experiences in real time, engage within a community, and build relationships with like-minded people. Community members can arrange private gaming sessions and competitions, or set up watch parties for new films, sporting events or online content.

Acquisition-Hungry Company Expands Their Digital Footprint

Just recently, the company announced signing an LOI agreement to acquire an augmented reality, virtual reality, and NFT company in an all-stock transaction. Though it sounds esoteric, The acquisition brings with it a deep technology base for expanding this companies capabilities and participants.

Prior to the acquisition, this company developed a full-suite digital experience platform for museums, zoos, aquariums and cultural sites. 

Their user-friendly platform allows for users to engage in audio tours, augmented reality, geolocated content, interactive maps, games, scavenger hunts, ticketing and queuing.

By creating a bridge between these cultural institutions and a 21st-century audience, this proprietary software can enhance the visitor experience and offer strategies to meet their educational and financial goals. 

While it is yet to be seen how exactly this new acquisition will steer the company’s growth, it seems clear the media startup  is looking to bolster their platform infrastructure with this innovative software.

A $148 Billion Market On Its Way To $842 Billion

According to one report, the global video streaming industry could hit $149.34 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 18.3% during the previous years.

But that’s nothing compared to data gathered by Fortune Business Insights. They are projecting global video streaming market could reach a staggering $842.93 billion by 2027, growing at an average annual compounded rate of 12% a year over the next five years.

The company is well positioned in this burgeoning space, as a result of a strategic merger completed this spring with a ‘watch party’ streaming platform. The introduction of this actively growing platform brings with it a subscriber base of 4 million registered users.

Currently, the video “watch party” platform is designed to generate revenue through the recurring, subscription-based model, but the company plans to continue to expand their tools and capabilities to develop new revenue streams within their existing user base.

Moving forward, the company intends to acquire 3+ companies over the next 12 months, and more than 10 within the next 36 months.

That’s why now is the time to dig deeper. Start your due diligence right now by entering your email address to receive the company’s investor deck.


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