This Patented Co2 Solution Could Change the Green Technologies’ Game

Editorial Feature | April 26, 2022 | Tech 

See this weird little tank with red lights?

While it doesn’t seem like much to the average person, insiders know it could be about to disrupt some of the biggest industries on Earth. We’re talking about food, beverages, nutraceuticals, fish and animal feed, biotech, and bioremediation.

That’s a combined $730 BILLION market this tank could soon significantly revolutionize!1

As you read on, you’ll discover how one Canadian company that developed… and patented this special tank… is bringing you one of the biggest stock stories of the decade.

That tank is called a bioreactor, and it uses proprietary technology developed by Pond Technologies. As previously mentioned, governments are now putting more pressure than ever on carbon dioxide emitters (e.g. factories, oil refineries, etc.) to reduce their environmental footprints.

When you combine that with the lucrative incentives of the carbon credit market, you’ll see a flood of emitters looking for ways to reduce their carbon impact… While still maintaining their productivity and bottom line.

And that’s exactly what this one-of-a-kind technology, the bioreactor, allows them to do. How? By connecting the bioreactor to a factory’s smokestack, for example…

The produced CO2 is redirected and goes straight into the tank, where a proprietary process transforms the gas into algae growth. In a minute, you’ll see why algae is a BIG reason why this technology is poised to be extremely profitable…

For now, let’s focus on CO2 — because the idea of transforming instead of limiting CO2 emissions is truly revolutionary. It’s a solution that lets them keep producing without destroying the environment, and lets them massively profit from carbon credits at the same time.  As you can imagine, this technology isn’t cheap, but carbon emitters will likely pay whatever it takes to maintain, if not boost their ROI in the long run.

Scientists already know algae is the most efficient2 natural way to “remove” carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In fact, algae can do so up to 400 TIMES FASTER3 than a tree…

It could be a much better solution than reforestation and others, which is why…

“There Is An Early Tech Race Going On In This Space.”

But the process requires a large pond, about the size of a few football fields.

And since it’s outdoors, algae growth is totally dependent on climate, only occurs on the water surface (is a waste of space), and is also vulnerable to contamination. The bottom line?

It is archaic, expensive, hard to maintain, wasteful, and not scalable. Now, as opposed to all that, this bioreactor is only a few drums wide, and operates within a contained environment. This means total algae growth control, higher yield, 24/7/365 operation, and overall less space.

As a result, it’s incredibly scalable, which boils down to one simple fact: That makes this the best, if not the only long-term solution.

And to brace for copycats, the company already has 26+ patents… and 48+ others pending to protect its process and technology.

Revenue Jumped By A Staggering 70% From 2020 To 2021.

In Q3 2021, the company reported $2.16 million in revenue compared to $1.27 million a year prior, and up nearly 70% from Q2 2021 which was $700,000.4 The company’s Q3 2021 margin was 42% ($902,000), a massive 416% improvement from 13% ($175,000) in Q3 2020.

They have also seen strong revenue growth that may continue to trend higher in future quarters. TTM revenues in FY2021 were 104.55% higher YoY, suggesting an aggressive positive growth trend so far. The same can be said for the company’s profitability which continued to increase, up nearly 300% for FY2021 YoY.

** All figures above in CAD

But now you know it’s only the beginning, and the sky’s the limit.

Because history proves that when you see a pattern like this, acceleration could already be within reach. A perfect example are all the FAANG stocks that smart investors heavily invested in. And now, this could be a second chance for anyone who missed out on them a decade ago. So here’s your takeaway: the sooner you put this company on your watchlist, the sooner you’ll be able to see first-hand what a $730 BILLION5 disruption look likes.

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The Countdown to Mining Bitcoin Is Just Days Away

Phase I: Amass Assets and Start Mining

With the newly purchased 2,200 miners expected to be delivered by April 30, 2022, the company’s operation is expected to consist of 3,628 Bitcoin miners producing approximately 341.2 PH/s when operating at full capacity.

The company expects to generate approximately $21.5 million in revenue and $13.5 million in cash contribution margin in the next 12 months.

Next Year… Phase II: Improve On System Architecture

Next year, this operation will reach size and move even deeper into the Bitcoin business. Using the expertise of its own team, they will develop their own branded miners—powerful computers with outstanding performance metrics that are purpose-built to mine Bitcoin.

Longer term… Phase III: Own the Platform

After successful Phase I and Phase II, the company plans to build its own cloud computing platform and other 3.0 (very advanced) web assets.

The value of this company’s unique platform is reflected in the impressive list of the company’s new acquisitions.  This is just the beginning for the rapidly growing company that still trades at a price well below its peers.

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