Gold is their next big play and…

This Team Is Ready For Another Big Win

What the market doesn’t yet know…and what this one company  saw…is a gold operation years ahead of junior counterparts. Exploration had been ongoing at this site for decades. Millions were invested to get mining started…then everything ground to a halt.

That was 13 years ago. The owner of the mine site fell sick. Tragedy followed and the mine went to the estate. Squabbling relatives let the mine sit idle and nothing further was done.

The exploration needed to launch mining operations is over 90% complete. The gold targets are defined. The equipment is ready to get started. Production was projected to generate millions in revenue.  Despite this, the Project sat idle, waiting for someone to hit the ignition.

But the mothballed equipment still stands, ready to work. The infrastructure remains, as does the thousands of ounces of gold that the previous owner believed he could strip from the surface. The mine was projected to produce 20,000 ounces annually just from the surface.

It was easy mining for millions in surface gold, so the potential for deeper ore was simply dismissed for later. The original owner never looked deeper than about 100 feet!

What could lay below surface…the deep ore that fed gold to the surface…is key to the enormous undisclosed resource potential of the Project we are discussing.

Hundreds of thousands more ounces…perhaps even millions more could be found in below surface formations. The thought is, if the gold is so easily located at the top, it has to come from somewhere below.

And where it comes from has already proved to be worth billions.

Where two colliding continental shelves have pushed millions of ounces of gold to surface.

There’s certainly a long history of production all along the Mojave Gold Trend, and stunning assays from extensive surface exploration and shallow drilling that has accumulated over the years.

The claims on the project we are discussing date back 60 years. In the years since, the mining plans for the property focused exclusively on surface recovery. Hundreds of sites were identified through rock and trench sampling. Drilling was never deeper than 100 feet. The accumulated assay data was so impressive that plans were launched for immediate recovery of surface ore.

After 13 years of inactivity, the mine and all resources are now in the hands of a new company. And judging from the work that management did at their other project, this project is about to ignite. Investors in this company can expect some exciting days in the very near future.

And those exciting days won’t just come from picking up where previous owners fell short!

Virtually everything appears in place to begin surface mining operations on the known gold findings.

But this company’s management has opted to table production for now to focus exclusively on drilling for and mapping the deep gold lode formations that can be the source for what appears at and near surface.

That extended exploration plan could add enormously to the site’s resource potential, which accrues straight to shareholder value every time new assay results are announced.

This could be bigger than anyone imagined or planned.

This new management team and their geologists felt there could be a million-plus ounces of gold deeper in ground. They’d just have to drill deeper than the historic 100-foot depth to find resource-rich veins.

Gold showings like those already documented on this property simply don’t fall from the sky, it’s pushed from below through volcanism and geological fissures created by the tectonic forces in play miles below the surface.

To that end, the company set plans in place to complete an extensive, deep drill exploration program that finds and maps the gold-rich veins that fed the surface.

That has started with what the company describes as a continuation of surface exploration and an “aggressive drilling program aimed to significantly expand on the historic resources on the property.”

Because the property has been in private hands for decades, public reporting of the impressive gold findings on site were rarely disseminated for market consumption. The original plan was to go straight to production and skip all the reporting. Specifically, many of the 43-101 compliant resource estimates that accrue directly to shareholder value were never produced.

This company intends to move swiftly in correcting that shortcoming.

Not an ounce of gold need be mined to reward shareholder patience.

Rather than moving directly to gold production on surface resources, the company has opted to forego immediate production. Instead, it launched this summer an in-depth, extensive drill program to fully identify the resource potential of the site.

This is a hugely favorable move for shareholders. Unlike a private company where gains are realized in production…gains in publicly traded exploration companies can be realized in the announced results from ongoing exploration and discovery.

It doesn’t take long for prices to move when an opportunity is properly managed.

Now is the time to look into this. Keep in mind though that despite the exceptional numbers already in the record, this should be considered a high-risk investment opportunity where significant if not complete losses must be considered.

In fact, as of this writing, this company has been trading totally off-radar at under 50¢. There’s enormous upside potential if you act on this immediately.

New exploration crews and equipment are rolling in now. With the project’s mining operations nearly ready to go, the long game is on hand to go all the way to a producing operation. But the early gains getting to that point could be spectacular.

As you dig into the details, you’ll likely find that this company could be one of the rarest of early-entry gold producers. It’s trading at low prices, like an early exploration junior, but it has existing exploration that was so promising, the prior owners developed the property up to the point that mining was set to begin.  

By the looks of it, this is ready to go. And public announcements of newly documented gold resources may not be the only driver of share prices. Gold itself, the physical metal, appears set to rocket.

Metals market publisher, Kitco, recently reported, The overall trend in gold has shifted to the bullish side after the precious metal bottomed out at $1,680 at the end of March and started its approach to the $1,900 an ounce level.”[1]

Deeper dives into gold price forecasts put the metal as high as near $10,000 by mid-decade.

That may be a stretch, but it’s illustrative of a building trend. Many believe that there is far more pressure on gold to the upside rather than the downside. An increase in the price of gold can have a multiplying impact on this companies shares because the share price is tied directly to the value of the underlying resources.

What to do now…

First and foremost, get started on your due diligence. Those release dates could start coming at any time now, so quick action ensures you get an early start.


4 Reasons To Act On This Company Without Delay.

  1. Past exploration was so good on this project that mining equipment had already been set up, ready to go with nearly complete infrastructure and site development. It was only the untimely death of the original owner that brought progress to a halt.
  2. Exploration to date has been limited to surface and near surface only. Rock and dirt sampling, along with shallow drilling no deeper than 100 ft. returned stunning gold findings. This company intends to go much deeper in its 2021 exploration program to discover the true potential of the site.
  3. Gold findings have been shown to be significant across much of the 3,200 acre project area. Geologists believe that such significant surface findings can be highly indicative of deeper lode veins that become the source of surface gold.
  4. Take a look at the world around you: pressure is building for a major break out in gold prices. A quick run past $2,000 is back in the cards…and by mid-decade, with all that’s going on many see gold flying to highs never seen. Now is the time to make that decision…should you be buying gold right now? It appears to be the smart, conservative play.

You can expect news to begin flowing at any time now, so getting in early keeps you in front of the crowds.

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