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This innovative company has first-mover advantage in a market projected to exceed $129 Billion by 2025.

A young company with advanced AI and cutting-edge drones has aimed its technological superiority at wildfires, humanitarian concerns, and environmental management.

Investors have zeroed in on the company, too. Its shares are up 53% since early August.[ii]

And, in an additional sign of strength and liquidity, a slew of new investors are discovering this startup, because by mid-October its daily volume had quadrupled to 1 million shares, or more.

AI-Powered Drones Have Become A Big 21st Century Trend

This heightened interest in this company’s advanced drone technology should come as no surprise.

That’s because it’s release coincided with the American wildfire season as 46,000 wildfires nationwide have, so far, burned nearly 6 million acres.

As you’re about to see, this company is on the forefront wildfire-drone trend.

You see, most wildfires spread quickly, as we saw with the the 2018 tragic Camp Fire in California that completely destroyed the towns Paradise and Concow in about four hours.

Like many wildfires, this one began in a remote location and was pushed by an east wind down into the towns.

Drones can do what manned helicopters and tanker planes can’t, they can fly deep into the night in heavy smoke carrying fire retardants or guiding firefighters on the ground to hotspots before they erupt.

And now, this company’s breakthrough AI and advanced X1-H drones are set to earn their stripes on the frontlines of the world’s worst wildfire scene – Australia.

There could be, in fact, no greater compliment for a drone maker than an agreement to deliver its drones and technology to what can be at times one of the world’s harshest environments.

Advanced Thermal Imaging Technology A Key Wildfire-Fighting Tool

While drones have long been considered for use in fire-fighting, a number of technological hurdles have barred their entry until now.

One of the biggest problems that needed to be overcome was the inability of most drones to carry all but the lightest payloads. Added weight notoriously and significantly reduces drones’ stability, airspeed, and flight time before batteries run out. Most drones can stay aloft for only 10 to 20 minutes, and even the most expensive commercial UAVs often max out at 50 minutes, and far less with payloads.

In contrast, the X1 can operate in a variety of weather conditions, including winds up to 45 mph, rain and cold, can carry payloads up to 20 lbs., and has longer operating times per charge than the standard models coming out of China. 

What’s more, for thermal scanning, unlike other competitors who rely on heavier, bulkier sensor systems that significantly reduce functionality, this company’s technology uses a compact, lightweight 30Hz infrared thermal sensor that works with an ultra-high resolution 4K camera to give accurate analysis of temperature from significant height and distance.

It’s a capability that allows fire departments to identify key wildfire hot spots…before they put their firefighters in harm’s way.

Novel new technology makes public spaces safer, more efficient

Most impressively, this company has developed a technology that solves the problem that makes airport security systems cumbersome and slow.

Currently, anyone passing through security scanners at airports, schools, prisons, government buildings, and other secured places must inconveniently remove their shoes, which are then scanned by X-ray.

This company’s new technology, which is set for release later this year, is a floor-mounted, step-through scanner that uses extremely high frequency (EHF) imaging combined with artificial intelligence software to scan a wearer’s shoes in just a few seconds.

The SS1 Shoe Scanner can detect disallowed items concealed in any kind of shoe. The SS1 can also detect and highlight irregular modifications that have been made to the structure of the shoe.

Subsequently, the global top-10 defense company L3 Harris reached out to this company to explore licensing and retrofitting the SS1 shoe scanner technology into the base of their Pro-Vision ATD screening system for airports worldwide.

A long record of tech innovations that make history

This company’s executives and scientists have developed and commercialized some of the most significant tech innovations of the past two decades, including:

  • Introduction of the original Space Technology Research Vehicle 2 (STRV-2) for NASA in 2000
  • Development of the world’s fastest urban area wireless internet network, recognized as the birth of broadband, in 2002
  • Creation of the first low latency control system for the Hadron Collider at Brookhaven National Labs in 2004
  • Augmentation of the first drones with machine-learning capabilities for crowd observation in 2012

Though the company is little known to date – having started trading in the U.S. in only November 2018 – that will rapidly change as the company commercializes its technologies through the rest of 2021.

This company could grow into a company of significant size in a short period of time. All signs point to a dominant market position within the next few years. 

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