Transformative Biosensor Technology Gains FDA Approval, Preps For Rollout

May 10, 2022 | Heath 

  • A team of biotech heavyweights have developed a bio-chemistry platform that rapidly and accurately identifies a wide range of pathogens and infectious diseases, as well as a host of other medical conditions. 
  • This amounts to a democratic upheaval in the $83 billion diagnostic testing market … This company tests are faster, better, and ready to use at point of care… no lab visits needed.
  • By year-end the company’s respiratory panel will mark a testing breakthrough with global health potential, to rapidly diagnose diseases that affect millions every year.
  • This is gold standard patient care that doctors should embrace quickly and savvy investors should immediately consider.

An under $1 microcap is quietly cornering one of the world’s largest healthcare markets:  point-of-care diagnostics.

It’s a market that’s expected to hit $93.211 billion by 2030 at a remarkable 11.1% CAGR.

With current revenues of about $41.49 billion, that’s an incredible amount of growth in a short time. Yet so far, the market has been dominated by giants. 

That’s about to change as a few small but innovative companies ride the sector’s rocket-speed growth.

If you’re wondering how a tiny company could shake up an industry of titans… it actually happens all the time.

And now, this company is within weeks of launching its first product.

It signals a key turning point for investors: This company is that much closer to proving it can generate revenues from operations. That’s the lifeblood of success. And this moment, right before first sales, could be the last chance to get in early.

An $83 billion market in dire need of an overhaul

Sometimes a company so obviously answers a need that nobody can doubt its importance.

Over the last decade, consumers have been subjected to an increasingly impersonal and healthcare infrastructure.

Doctor appointments that take weeks to book… specialist visits that take insurance months to approve… tests that take days to deliver results… and then there are the rising costs for standard medical tests and procedures.

It has begun to wear thin on the public.

In the last few years especially, it’s become increasingly clear that patients need access to affordable, laboratory quality tests that can be conducted at home – where results can be acted upon immediately.

That is exactly what his company has accomplished through the development of an innovative biosensor technology. Their ‘first-of-its-kind’ diagnostic testing platform has enormous global potential.

The best part is, they’re opening up access to hundreds of applications across a wide range of health issues, cardiac health, inflammation, pathogen, viral, or bacterial infections… even cancer.

The company is also exploring opportunities to adapt their technology to assess stress and anxiety levels, measure nutritional deficits, and monitor exercise performance and recovery testing, offering them access to a consistent multi-trillion athletic industry.

And they couldn’t have chosen a better time to launch their first suite of products, as a massive shift towards personalized healthcare gains favor with the public.

Adaptable point-of-care testing, for a fast-changing world

When engineering the platform, the company had two key objectives in mind.  

First, they wanted their product to perform better than existing tests, increasing the possibility of early detection, and avoiding the devastating effect of false positives.  

Second, the company wanted to create simple but robust technical foundation that allowed for endless adaptability. This would allow the company to continue pursuing opportunities for new tests, while also simplifying the manufacturing process, resulting in reduced production costs. And in turn, reduced costs to the consumer. 

Over the course of seven generations of development, they delivered a unique chemical platform with a flexible approach to addressing the target, be it a virus, antibody, small molecule or even DNA.

To put it in the simplest terms, the chemistry on one end of the sensor has an affinity with the surface that is to be tested for whatever the current target is, whether pathogen, or other type of molecule. 

At the other end of this chemical chain, the sensor traps that target… but only specific ones. Those trapped molecules are what allows the device to confirm whether a virus, bacteria or pathogen is present or not.

Proprietary chemistry platform allows for dramatically improved accuracy

This company is currently continuing to advance this initial test through manufacturing feasibility studies and expects to receive the phase 1 final report early in Q1, 2022. This company’s preferred route to market for the testing platform is through a licensing agreement with an established manufacturer.

What that means for investors is…

  • The concept is proven.
  • The manufacturing is ready to roll.
  • And the distribution plans are in the works.

Better yet, this company’s test is faster, cheaper, and more sensitive than the industry staples that are currently in widescale use…

As much as 11X more sensitive

A more sensitive test can detect infections that are just in their beginning stages, sometimes before symptoms even appear. That means a diagnosis can be made early enough for treatment before things get serious.

It also means that false positives won’t happen as often, an increasingly devastating obstacle, with as many of 5% of positive cases turning out to be false readings2. In turn, false positives contribute to lost wages, and staffing issues that amount to decreased business revenues and supply chain disruptions.

This companies first tests will reach the market very soon. Once word gets out, even more, the demand for this disruptive new technology will likely be intense.

We see years and years of climbing revenues and a whole pipelines of tests emerging.

Talk to your broker. The time to investigate this company is now, before product sales begin for this breakthrough biotech technology that could potentially benefit the lives of millions across the globe. Sign up to learn more about this dynamic company.


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