On Friday, the U.S. administration decided to put their service on halt after the $5 billion budget for a border wall, as proposed by Trump, was rejected by the Senate.

The Democrats recapped that Trump mentioned that he would want to cease the operation of federalism to get the funds needed for the wall boundary between Mexico and the States.

In a Twitter video, Trump stated that a shutdown is necessary to gain the Democrats’ votes. He’s hoping that the cessation is not for long term.

The Democrats and Republicans had sealed an agreement with the legislature. However, the contract did not contain the $5B proposal. Trump does not want to sign the agreement without it.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democratic Leader, reported that Trump is having an outburst and is causing a rush because of the shutdown during Christmas.

Democrats affirmed that the proposal will not be approved ever, especially when the Senate is majority Democrats.

The Congress arranged a meeting with Vice President Mike Pence and other representatives to look for the amount that can be agreed upon by all parties. However, there is a disagreement, and it caused the halting of government operations.

Three-fourths of the departments such as Defense, Labor, Health and Human Services have got budgets until September 30. The budget for Homeland Security, Justice, Agriculture, and other institutions was about to be cut.

Shutdown Ultimatum

Trump and Schumer had a dispute last December 11, and it was aired on national television. With that, Trump’s works to do the shutdown were weakened by his remarks.

Trump told Chuck that he would be glad if the federal government temporarily stopped operations to get approval for his budget proposal. He stated that the wall would protect them and the residents from what they claim are crimes potentially committed by migrants.

In a meeting last Friday, a Republican Senator stated that there had been discussions that a wall is not necessary to protect the border. A budget of $1.6B can be allotted to other means of securing the perimeter. Hence, there can be additional funds for those places affected by calamities.

Last Wednesday, Trump disapproved the allocation of $1.6B, in which $300M was added from the amount that both political parties have agreed.

On the U.S.-Mexico border, there are plans to build a wall as per Trump’s election platform. He claims the wall serves as prevention for drugs and illegitimate immigrants to enter the country. This has been Trump’s advocacy since the election last 2016.

Trump will run for re-election in 2020, and the wall is still his primary platform point. According to Democrats, it is inefficient and is a waste of money.

As for Republican Senators Lamar Alexander and Marco Rubio, Trump’s inconsistency brought out their disappointment. According to Rubio, the Republicans supported the dual-party funding proposal. Vice President Pence assured them that the White House agreed to it. Moreover, Alexander stated that Trump would sign the agreement because of their rationale.

If the federal government ceases to operate, the country’s major stockholders will be worried about their shares in the stock market. Due to the partial shutdown, the stocks on Dow Jones Industrial Average decreased to 1.82%. Shares in S&P were also reduced to 2.06%, and the Nasdaq Composite declined to 2.99%.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was encouraged to resign because of the ongoing conflicts with the White House representatives.

The inquiries of Robert Mueller from last 2016 election that involved the interference of Russia in Trump’s movements are left behind in Washington.

Because of the shutdown, employees will not be getting their salaries. Moreover, public places such as national parks will temporarily stop their operations until deemed necessary. About 50 percent of the workers in the president’s office will also be affected because they will be forced to file a leave for the meantime.