On Thursday, a vote to halt the 10-day-old partial US government shutdown was planned by Democrats in the US House Representatives. This is a funding package that does not include the US$5 billion President Donald Trump has insisted on to construct the US-Mexico border divider.

With fellow Republicans, the US President had a key pledge from the beginning of his presidential movement in 2015 to stand a solid barrier on the border expected to be paid for by Mexico. The wall is federal infrastructure that is intended to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

On Thursday, US Democrats took the House from the Republicans upon acquiring a majority of seats in congressional elections that was held in November. Since December 11, White House members have not provided any concrete response yet concerning the outcome of a round of talks between the President and US Democrats.

The Impact of Shutdown

Due to the refusal of Democrats to permit specific outlay that amounts to US$ 5 billion on the wall, 15 divisions in the government and dozens of controlling departments that are not viewed as necessary were asked to shut down momentarily. As per Trump’s new Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, the government shutdown will last into 2019. A lot of public workers remain unpaid.

Filed on Monday, the US Democrats have aimed to have a two-part package. Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee have cited that the bill will be voted on separately on the House floor on Thursday with a 36-seat majority. The request includes continuous support with the US$ 1.3 billion for the Department of Homeland Security at current conditions through February 8 without new wall funding. Another package of six measures has been initialized by the US Democrats to supply the other closed agencies through September 30.

Pelosi and top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer have mentioned in a joint statement that despite President Trump sitting in the White House and tweeting without providing any plan, Democrats has started to take a movement to lift the country out of the issue. Pelosi has perceived the wall as inefficient, luxurious and degrading.