As The Good News Rolls In, Now Is The Time To Focus On Kingfisher

  • They’re young and a touch crazy, but who else would hike through treacherous terrain in search of untouched land that could become the next 4-million ounce gold mine?

  • With a dog named Chilko at their sides, these geologists are solving the riddle of the Cloud Drifter Trend that’s been teasing gold explorers since 1930.

  • The real news should happen in the summer of 2021 when they finally get to sink their drills into land that’s already yielded rock samples of bonanza grade gold up to 360 g/t Au from the 1930s.

  • They’re young and a touch crazy, but who else would hike through treacherous terrain in search of untouched land that could become the next 4-million ounce gold mine?

  • With a dog named Chilko at their sides, these geologists are solving the riddle of the Cloud Drifter Trend that’s been teasing gold explorers since 1911.

  • The real news should happen in the summer of 2021 when they finally get to sink their drills into land that’s already yielded rock samples of bonanza grade gold up to 360 g/t Au from the 1930s.

If early drill results are right, a gorgeous swath of North America could hold millions of ounces of high-margin orogenic gold.

Until today, the size of the potential bonanza was just a guess because this land laid virtually unexplored for nearly a century.

But now, a band of progressive young geologists have started to unlock its potential.

That’s why farsighted natural resource investors need to quickly focus on Kingfisher Metals (TSX.V: KFRTSX.V: KFR)

The Results Are Well Beyond Encouraging

This summer the company mounted its first aggressive 14-drill-hole exploration program

And visual results from drilling confirm the presence of what could be an extensive gold system with significant intersects in 13 of the holes.

They’ve revealed a high-grade deposit of gold, silver and copper, near surface in what’s known as a hydrothermal breccia… a type of formation in which a significant amount of the world’s gold is found.1

Another drill hole revealed a vein that contained 14.8 g/t Au.

The results of these four holes could be enough to make news among the gold community… and with the results of the 10 more holes to come… the excitement could grow off the charts.

Naturally, such stellar results put a gleam in the eyes of Kingfisher CEO, Dustin Perry.

“I am thrilled that we were able to intersect high-grade mineralization on the initial drill holes of the first ever diamond drill program at the Goldrange Project, he said.  “This initial drill program at Goldrange covered less than 10% of the Cloud Drifter Trend yet it is yielding some impressive intersections so far.”

This Dream Could Be Coming True Now

The fabulous results actually come as little surprise for the Kingfisher team.

For more than a year, they’ve been chomping at the bit to get their drill program in high gear.

They’ve based their excitement of the property’s massive potential on three factors:

  1. A desktop study of historic data revealed that drainages across the project have gold concentrations over an order of magnitude higher than other recent discoveries in southwest British Columbia.The recent nearby discovery of a significant high-grade gold system by Westhaven Gold Corp (TSXV:WHN) was made by geologists following up on a 60 ppb Au stream sediment sample.  The Goldrange Project has 4 drainages with over 300 ppb Au, including a highlight of 1720 ppb Au!
  2. The stellar results suggest the young geologists’ property could be similar to its neighbor, the Bralorne Gold Mine, which is Talisker Resources’ (OTC: TSKFF, TSXV: TSK) brag-worthy flagship property. To date, the mine has yielded more than 4 million ounces of gold, at 17.7 g/t Au.

The last of the three factors should immediately snap natural resources investors’ attention toward the young geologists’ company – Kingfisher Metals (TSX.V: KFRTSX.V: KFR).

  1. In 1988 Canadian mining billionaire Ross Beaty’s first company Equinox Resources outlined a brag worthy soil anomaly with gold grades up to 3.42 g/t, which is highly unusual for soil. At the time, the price of gold was in a downwards trend (below $400/oz) and they decided to abandon the claims.  The area was subsequently staked by prospectors who never set foot on the project until 2020 when Kingfisher set out to prove their theory.

Cloud Drifter vs Coffee Soil Anomalies

It showed similarity in size and scope between the young geologists’ property and Newmont Gold’s world-famous Coffee Deposit.

That mine was discovered by young explorers also following up on a gold soil anomaly. Today, Newmont estimates it holds 4.2 million ounces of gold.

That means if Kingfisher’s geologists’ hypothesis is correct, it could signal the birth of a major new gold mining company.

And for a certain class of natural resource investors just the hint of millions of ounces of gold suggest Kingfisher Metals (TSX.V: KFRTSX.V: KFR) could be the speculation of a lifetime.

The Last Virgin Mine Property Like This Sold For CAD$520 Million

Of course the investment of a lifetime seems like a mighty big claim until you embrace one reality.

Unlike Kingfisher Metals’ property, most gold properties have been passed around and down from company to company because the economic realities of mining gold are brutal…

All-in costs can be $800 or more to dig an ounce of gold out of the ground. So the price of gold is key.

And that’s why Kingfisher’s comparison to Newmont’s Coffee Deposit is so exhilarating.

Because while most gold properties have been worked over to one extent or another, a near-virgin gold property is rare.

It’s why, in 2016, Newmont paid CAD$520 million to the young company that discovered the Coffee Deposit.

That’s why aggressive natural resource investors should continue along with this story, then immediately consider Kingfisher Metals (TSX.V: KFRTSX.V: KFR) and its pulse-pounding potential.

Kingfisher aims to solve A 91-Year Old Puzzle

One of the best aspects about making a move into Kingfisher Metals (TSX.V: KFRTSX.V: KFR), is that the opportunity needs no embellishment, or window dressing.

Since 1930, explorers have suspected that the property has huge potential based on high-grade gold in soils, in streams, and in rocks.

And it’s not as if the property is remote, either, because it’s located about eight hours north of Vancouver, British Columbia and 30 minutes from a paved highway.

Kingfisher is the first company to put together a massive land package in the area, which covers the majority of the highly prospective ground; where multiple high-grade deposits could be discovered.

Kingfisher intends to solve the puzzle that explorers first started in the early 1900’s by locating the source of the widespread gold anomalism.

A Remarkable Comparison To A Huge Gold Mining Success

As the graphic shows, Kingfisher Metals (TSX.V: KFRTSX.V: KFR) has an enviably huge target at its Goldrange Project.

What’s incredible is that this property has seen no historic drilling despite a fair amount of historic workings.

The target is known as the Cloud Drifter Trend. It’s at least 2 miles long and nearly a half a mile wide.

The Cloud Drifter Trend sits on a fault line that’s 190 miles long, and apparently packed with gold. That’s because the fault line is the same one from which the Bralorne Mine produced more than 4 million ounces of at an average 17.7 grams per ton.

Again, until Kingfisher started exploring the property last year, the Cloud Drifter Trend was barely explored and never drilled, making it a wide-open opportunity for a world class discovery.

In truth, not to be too hyperbolic, that could make Kingfisher’s Goldrange property  one of the most fabulous in North America, maybe the world.

What Could Be A Minimum $1,000 An Ounce Gross Profit

After a slow start due to quarantine, just look at work Kingfisher completed over 6 weeks in 2020.

Then look at the graphic next to it to get a feeling for the massive amount of high-grade that Kingfisher Metals (TSX.V: KFRTSX.V: KFR) could find on its property.  Ponder the fact that the Cloud Drifter Trend occupies 1.4 square miles and the Goldrange Project is 140 square miles.  99% of the project area is yet to be explored by Kingfisher.

Now, think about 4 million ounces of gold when, after all-in costs, each ounce adds $1,000 to the gold miners’ bottom lines thanks to gold at $1785.

Historic Sample Highlights Across Goldrange Property

Junior Explorers Like Kingfisher Are On Fire

Because of its incredible gold concentrations, it’s not hard to imagine Kingfisher Metals with the potential to top companies such as Arbor Metals (TSXV:ABR), which jumped 2,580%,1 between January 2020 and late March 2021.  Or Omineca Mining (OTC:OMMSF), which had a nice 300% run before settling back to a solid double.

In fact, junior gold explorers are an investment trend that’s flown well under Main Street’s radar… but not Wall Street’s.

Between March 2020 and May 2021, the VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF (NYSE:GDXJ) jumped almost 130% from $24.66 to $54.71.2  Meanwhile, during the same 14 months, Sprott’s Junior Gold Miner ETF (NYSE:SGDJ) more than doubled.3

And the reason to consider a move into Kingfisher Metals (TSX.V: KFRTSX.V: KFR) now is that the junior gold explorer trend could be in its earliest moments.

U.S. Pandemic Disaster Relief Could Spark Inflation, Spike Gold

Moreover, because of an enormous pandemic disaster relief effort, the United States will likely add nearly $2 trillion to its national debt pushing it to nearly $30 trillion.

That stimulus could cause inflation, which would weaken the dollar’s spending power. And that, along with the global pandemic chaos is the formula for soaring gold prices.

But, well before the U.S.’s disaster relief spending the forecast for gold was electric.

Goldman Sachs Says Gold Will Surge To $2,300 In The Next Year 4

Goldman Sachs has raised its 12-month gold forecast by 15% and now expects the metal to hit $2,300 per ounce. “Combined with a record level of debt accumulation by the U.S. government, real concerns around the longevity of the US dollar as a reserve currency have started to emerge,” analysts said in a note dated July 28.5

Bank Of America Set Its 18 Months Gold Price Target At $3,0006

Analysts of Bank of America have published a report titled The Fed Can’t Print Gold and set a gold price of $3,000 in 18 months. According to the analysts, interest rates in the United States as well of the rest of the world are expected to stay very low for a long time. Government spending, deficits and central banks’ balance sheets are predicted to increase significantly.

Bloomberg Intelligence: $4K gold price not ruled out by 20237

“Gold bottomed at about $700 in 2008 and peaked near $1,900 in 2011. A similar-velocity 2.7x advance from this year’s low-close near $1,470 points toward $4,000 by 2023,” said Bloomberg Intelligence senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone.

Frank Holmes Forecasts $4,000 An Ounce Gold8

The price of gold has historically correlated with the expansion of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet.

“In the next three years, if we look back, if [history] repeats itself, from 2008 to 2011, that three year run saw gold go from a $750 – $800 range up to $1,900,” gold investment authority Frank Holmes told Kitco News.

“If we forecast that because we have the same expansion of the balance sheet of the Fed then it would project, if cycles are exactly the same, gold could go to $4,000.”

In essence, if the forecasts are correct, then, the prospect of $2,200 to $3,200 an ounce in bottom-line profits is why, whether it’s with Kingfisher Metals (TSX.V: KFRTSX.V: KFR) or another junior gold explorer, now is the time for natural resource and mega trend investors to make their moves into gold.

Kingfisher Metals’ Aggressive Young Team

Today’s mining reality is that all the “easy-to-find” gold has been found.

Gold explorers now need to be desert rats or mountain climbers looking for gold in challenging environments.

But the payoff could be huge for those who take such risks and the investors who support the company.

And, Kingfisher Metals (TSX.V: KFRTSX.V: KFR)  has a strong team that should give confidence to gold investors and mega trend investors alike.

CEO, Founder, Director

Dustin Perry is an exploration geologist and entrepreneur with more than 13 years in the mining sector. He has worked on over 50 exploration projects throughout British Columbia, the Yukon and Mexico.

President, Founder, Director

David Loretto is an exploration geologist and entrepreneur. He received a B.Sc in Geology from Queen’s University. He has more than 10 years of experience in the resource sector working in both technical and management capacities. He has been involved with exploration in British Columbia, the United States and New Zealand.


Gayle Febbo is an exploration geologist with more than 17 years in the mining sector. She obtained her M.Sc. degree in structural geology (Mineral Deposit Research Unit) from the University of British Columbia. She has spent the majority of her career working in the prolific Golden Triangle on world class projects such as Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell, Brucejack, and Galore Creek.


Charlie Greig is a geologist with 30+ years of experience in the exploration industry. His main area of expertise is in geologic mapping as it applies to mineral exploration, and he has worked on exploration projects from grass-roots to development. Charlie has mapped, or worked on, several projects which have subsequently been put into production, including La India in Mexico, Wolverine in the Yukon, Alamo Dorado in Mexico, Brucejack Lake in British Columbia and Bisha in Eritrea. Charlies most recent exploration successes include GT Gold’s discovery of Saddle North and Saddle South. GT Gold was recently acquired by Newmont for $311 Million USD.


Jim Miller-Tait has over 30 years of continuous exploration, development, underground, and open-pit production experience. His experience includes Chief Geologist for the Oniva Group where he managed exploration and development programs at the Bralorne Mine.


Rick Trotman is a professional geologist with a broad range of experience within the mining industry, having worked in both buy-side and sell-side positions as well as technically focused responsibilities with major mining companies. He was previously with Resource Capital Funds, a leading mining-focused private equity firm. Mr. Trotman currently acts as President & CEO of Barksdale Resources Corp.


Greg Liller has more than 40-year’s experience in exploration and mine development and was responsible for managing the exploration and development of more than 11Moz gold and 600Moz silver in combined reserves and resources.

Fearless Geologists With Eyes For Untapped Opportunities

Finally, the hallmark of Kingfisher’s exploration team is its fearlessness.

The team accepts the fact that metals are now found in far flung places. And that a trapper’s trail or an old logging road could be access to vast new opportunities.

A year before Kingfisher acquired its Goldrange Property, its geologists were exploring 250 miles north of it.

There, the hunt for copper turned into monster opportunity of a different sort.

The team found what the company now calls its Ecstall project – a 13-hour drive north of Goldrange.

The aerial surveys, using electromagnetic sensors, suggested that Ecstall could hold multiple copper-gold ore deposits.

On their initial field program Kingfisher geologists discovered a new copper-gold system with grades up to 3.27% Cu and 2.11 g/t Au.  Historic sampling on the project has returned grades as high as 8.05% Cu and 9.84 g/t Au.

This is a whopping concentration of copper considering that a Princeton University study found the average copper mine as 0.79% copper.9

Kingfisher Metals (TSX.V: KFRTSX.V: KFR) is targeting high-grade VMS deposits that if eventually mined could be significantly higher than average global grades.

Ecstall could be highly attractive to a major miner because, on a global scale, it is perfectly situated.

Ecstall is located proximal to a huge new deep water port that was built to support a $40 billion liquid natural gas facility at Kitimat. It’s a strategic port with open access to a direct freighter shipping route to Asia.

That’s where China consumes about 50% of the world’s copper. That consumption hit a nine-year high in August 2020 as the country more fully recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic.

But there’s more than a deep water port to make Ecstall attractive.

Because Rio Tinto Alcan (NASDAQ:RIO) built a huge aluminum smelter close by the to the southeast of Kingfisher’s project.

To power the smelter,  Alcan build a massive 122 MW hydroelectric plant.

So, along with a historic network of logging roads, and the deep water port, there’s plenty of power available to run a copper mine.

That’s money in the bank if Kingfisher decides to sell.

But, whether or not it retains the Ecstall property or sells it, is just one of the…

9 Reasons Why Both Gold Investors And Mega Trend Investors Need To Put Kingfisher Metals (TSX.V: KFRTSX.V: KFR) On Their Radars Now!

  1. Outrageous Concentrations Of Gold – The minimum standard for bonanza grade gold is that a metric ton of dirt and rock must contain 31.1 grams of gold. Kingfisher Metals (TSX.V: KFRTSX.V: KFR) blows away that standard with rock grab samples up to 128.9 grams of gold per ton from the first year of work.
  2. A Virgin Property – Dreamers have been trying to tap into what is now Kingfisher’s Goldrange property since 1930… 91   Kingfisher plans to solve the riddle. And its geologists are capable enough to hike the mountainous property to map out these golden zones.
  3. Good Neighbors – The optimism surrounding its gold samples may be well earned because Kingfisher’s neighbor the Bralorne Mine has produced more than 4 million ounces at 17.7 g/t Au along their shared fault line.
  1. $520 Million Worth Of Golden SoilsHistorically defined gold anomalies in soil show a real similarity between the Kingfisher’s property and Newmont Gold’s world-famous Coffee Deposit. Newmont paid CAD$520 for the deposit it estimates holds 4.2 million ounces of gold
  2. Junior Gold Stocks Are Soaring – Historic gold prices have pushed juniors gold explorers’ shares 2X, 5X, 9X, 18X, higher the past year. The same high gold prices powered five conservative gold ETFs to gains between 111% and 278%.
  3. Gold’s Future Is Bright –Near term, August gold futures see gold at $1,784 an ounce. That continues to lock in $1,000 or greater bottom line profits for gold miners.
  4. Mega Trend Of Mega Trends – Long term, analysts can’t agree on whether gold will top out at $2,300 an ounce, $3,000 an ounce or $4,000 an ounce. Imagine how high gold miners’ share prices could soar if they’re holding $3,200 an ounce bottom line profits.
  5. Kingfisher Metals’ Top Team – Gold is no longer found in easy to reach places. It’s now discovered in the mountains of Peru, Chile, and Canada. That means the winners will now be companies led by geologists who have the vigor to explore rugged out-of-the-way places. Kingfisher Metals has such a team.
  6. Copper Cash Cow – Copper futures are up more than 60% in the past year.10 That alone could draw the attention of a major miner to Kingfishers’ Ecstall property, which is suspected to hold copper at 10X the concentration of average mines. Why would Kingfisher sell a premium property? It could sell at a premium price in order to focus on developing what could be the world’s next major gold mine in the Cloud Drifter Trend.

Kingfisher Metals (TSX.V: KFRTSX.V: KFR) Gives You Immediate Access To What Looks To Be A Long-Term Trend

This is it… a once in a lifetime confluence of events… a pandemic, meets a weak dollar, meets no-yield interest rates, no inflation, and spiking national debt.

This is gold’s ultimate moment. It could be heading to $4,000.

And that means this is gold investors’ and trend investors’ moment, too.

Kingfisher Metals is just one way to play what could be a once-in-a-lifetime investment event.

But Kingfisher could be the play with the highest upside of all, because it has a never tapped, virgin gold property on a historic fault line.

That means if you want what could likely be its lowest share price, take your position now in Kingfisher Metals for a chance to put yourself among the earliest and biggest winners.

But there should be plenty of meat on this bone if you wait.

And, before you do take any action, make sure to show your investment advisor or broker a copy of this story.

Then, chances are, you’ll both be in agreement that Kingfisher Metals (TSX.V: KFRTSX.V: KFR) is a rare metals company in the heart of a mega trend.

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12 April 21, 2020





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