What If You Met Netflix’s Founder 20+ Years Ago?

Imagine walking into a Blockbuster video store one evening back in 1997.

Viewing your rental options, you see a guy pissed off that he got charged a fee for returning his rentals late.

Somehow, you struck up a conversation with him, and he tells you:

You know what, screw DVD rentals, what if we could start a business that lets people stream movies on the Internet instead?”

And because of XYZ reasons, he asks you to invest.

As you may have guessed, this guy is Reed Hastings, the co-founder of Netflix.

Given what you know now in 2021, would you ignore him or say “hell yeah”?

Well, Decentralized Finance or DeFi is a similar story. Why?

Because it’s a trend that could revolutionize finance the same way Netflix did for entertainment — both aim to eliminate industry middlemen.

And now, we found a company that can help DeFi hit the mainstream by building critical infrastructure and applications to unlock its true potential.

This company just IPO’d on the Toronto Venture Exchange on November 30 after raising over $20 Million.

And with 45% insider ownership1 (over 13% owned by its CEO2) and a tight share structure, it’s clear this company is ready to become a dominant player in the booming DeFi space!

5 Reasons to Put This Up and Coming Company On Your Watchlist

  1. 90% of institutional investors in the UK and US are rushing to increase their stake in DeFi3 and 36% of investors have already flooded into the DeFi sector.4
  2. First Mover Advantage5 – This company is developing never-before-seen DeFi infrastructure and the first application of its kind. This application will give the company immediate credibility in the market and the opportunity to take market share before any competitors can enter the space (it’s like Apple for smartphones, Coca-Cola for soft drinks, and Kelloggs for cereals).
  3. The total locked value (asset deposits) of DeFi has hit an all-time high of $236 billion6 as of today (equivalent to 31 Netflixes!), and it could continue to explode as its value has skyrocketed nearly 88 times5 since last year.
  4. A position that could reach $180M in revenue by 2024 – no other Canadian public company builds decentralized, permissionless, and smart contract solutions in public markets. As such, this position represents a largely untapped opportunity.
  5. This company fully financed after raising $20,475,000 at $1.00 in a concurrent subscription receipt financing prior to listing on the TSX Venture.

A “New Era Of Finance”

DeFi is a financial system[1] that isn’t run by banks or governments but rather by Blockchain, a technology that keeps everyone’s records safe and secure without a central authority.

Although Blockchain technology exists, it does not provide DeFi on its own since protocols and applications must be built on top of it as well.

Through Seamless, this company is building the protocols required for exciting DeFi applications.

The app connects your bank with the Blockchain, enabling frictionless peer-to-peer financial transactions (sending and receiving cash, lending, etc.) without involving intermediaries.

In addition, they aim to make Bitcoin more compatible with DeFi by “docking” it to an advanced blockchain platform, which:

  • Offers optimized liquidity for investors who trade Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Allows crypto-holders to earn cash flow in ways never thought possible
  • And helps Bitcoin reach its commercial potential

Thus, you can expect Bitcoin-related products on apps in the future, and these products could be as revolutionary as credit cards were in 1951 and PayPal was in 2000.

Given that DeFi’s total locked value (TLV) grew by nearly 88 times9 since last year, sitting at an all-time high of $236 billion10, it’s easy to see why the potential is growing exponentially in the space.

Experience has taught us that when stakes are this high, and you have a disruptor leading the way, betting on them could be a no-brainer.

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