Move over, Shark Tank; there’s a new reality series looming on the horizon – and this one specifically focuses on Web 3 initiatives.

Spearheaded by cryptocurrency price tracking site CoinMarketCap, Killer Whales runs along the same lines as Shark Tank but puts an emphasis on crypto entrepreneurs who want to pitch Web 3 products and projects.

Produced in cooperation with Hello Labs, a Web 3-centric entertainment firm, Killer Whales will enable these visionaries to present their notions to The Hash, a critical panel made up of other entrepreneurs, online influencers, as well as Web3 company founders.

For CoinMarketCap chief marketing officer Jonathan Isaac, the new show is a fresh and exciting way to heighten public awareness of the Web3 space by way of entrepreneurs who are offering innovative ways to maximize nascent technologies. 

Likewise, Hello Labs’ chief executive Sander Gortjes sees Killer Whales as a way of opening doors to the next billion users into Web3 through a show that is both entertaining and highly knowledgeable about the crypto scene.

The Doors are Open

Killer Whales officially opened its doors to applicants on Tuesday, May 2nd via the and CoinMarketCap websites. 

Those selected from the initial screening process will then undergo several interviews in Hollywood to determine their feasibility for the show. 

The program is likewise set to begin filming in June of this year and the finished product will be released via several major streaming services as well as Hello Labs’ own TV-on-demand service.

Not the Only One

Interestingly enough, Killer Whales isn’t the only program of its kind that’s on its way to the small screen. Indeed, several Web3-focused or -adjacent shows have already made it to audiences over the past several months. These have helped boost interest in the myriad uses of blockchain technology as well as an improved understanding of how crypto works.

One such program is an animated show called Krapopolis which will air via Fox later this year. The brainchild of Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon, the show launched its 10,420 non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection in August of last year. These Krap Chicken tokens enable holders to vote for new show elements, access members-only content and even earn rewards.

Meanwhile, the Web3 community NounsDAO just got the go-signal for the production of its own television show as well as a feature-length film production. Doodles, another NFT collection, announced that it recently acquired the Emmy-nominated animation team Golden Wolf in a bid to expand its franchise via narrative storytelling.