About 40 million users of T-Mobile in the United States reported being affected by a data leak. The company’s very advanced cyber attacks for the leaks and said they are taking urgent measures to defend all people in danger from this incident.

The company further stated that even though hackers gained access to sensitive information, no material reveals accounting reports.

In correlation with the problem, Facebook reported the same incident and took measures legally. Furthermore, BA also claims to have settled thousands for the same problem. 

After rumors surfaced online that week, the breach discovered that thieves were trying to sell a vast database, including T-Mobile user data, on the dark web.

As stated by the organization’s report, the hackers got access to the networks of the United States telecommunications powerhouse on Monday. Furthermore, their report indicated that just last week, they were made aware of allegations made inside an online community that a malicious actor had infiltrated T-Mobile systems.

Afterward, they immediately launched an extensive investigation into these allegations and enlisted the assistance of world-renowned cybersecurity specialists to assist them in their evaluation.

The company also stated that they then tracked down and shut down any stand-alone devices they think are being utilized to access their systems unlawfully. They also revealed an alarming report of its investigations, saying that the stolen files contained the information of approximately 7.8 million current T-Mobile postpaid customer accounts. In the past, T-Mobile has about 40 million records of former or potential customers who have sought credit with the company.

As further stated in the report, about 850,000 people who are using T-Mobile prepaid had their identities and PINs exposed. T-Mobile said it had changed all of the PINs on those accounts to safeguard consumers’ information.

They also added in their statement that the culprit had no account numbers, passwords, PINs, phone numbers, or accounting details in any of the files, including customers or potential customers at the time of the breach.

The company promises to take their customers’ security extremely earnestly by working 24/7 on this severe crisis. It said it guarantees that they are taking care of their consumers in the wake of this malicious assault.

T-Mobile also added that while their investigation is ongoing, they felt the need to share these preliminary results with everybody, even though they may discover new facts resulting from their inquiry that lead the information provided above to alter or develop.

This breach is not new to T-Mobile. In 2015, thieves were able to obtain the personal data of about 15 million T-Mobile users and prospective customers in the United States.

Moreover, there is no evidence that any former T-Mobile customers in the United Kingdom have been affected by the data leak. The company’s T-Mobile in the United Kingdom was renamed EE in 2012. Later on, it was sold to BT for more than £12 billion in the year 2016.