Artificial intelligence (AI) remains one of the hottest topics in the field of information technology but is also one of the most seemingly elitist segments of a highly specialized industry. Google, however, is planning to make relevant technologies more accessible to those with little to no working knowledge of AI through its new product: Vertex AI.

Yariv Adan, senior director of product management at Google Cloud, explains that Vertex AI was developed specifically to help non-professionals in the sector create AI-driven applications. In doing so, Google seeks to make AI development a more democratic field, essentially allowing developers and even business users to create without the relevant developmental experience.

Vertex AI works by bringing together online networks and making the most of Google’s myriad datasets in order to produce AI-enhanced applications virtually tailor-made to suit specific business requirements.

Prior to its launch to a much wider customer base, Vertex AI was used by Google as its primary operational and development platform over the course of several years.

An All-access Solution

According to Adan, making AI tools more accessible even to those who aren’t clued in on its more technical aspects is part of Google’s commitment to make the technology available. 

He also explained that the company’s proprietarily developed AI tools are now making their way into numerous industries, particularly the business process outsourcing sector, telecommunications, banking, and even retail.

For the Greater Good

Likewise, Adan also remarked that Google has taken into consideration the more negative aspects of AI development, including its adverse impact on the environment, as well as potential risks to human safety and security.

Today, the company works in close coordination with governments, as well as various private organizations, to address all the potential risks. By doing so, Google hopes to find relevant solutions with which to improve AI and machine learning technologies for use across a broad spectrum of sectors.