When you take a look at this small company it's no surprise why.

TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT)(CSE:TAAT) has amassed a team of tobacco heavyweights from Philip Morris International, Altria, and Newport maker, Lorillard.

  • This micro-cap company has no real competitors.

  • No competitors means the micro-cap alone could pose an essential threat to some of the globe’s biggest tobacco stocks… Phillip Morris (NYSE:PM) and Altria NYSE:MO).

  • Rumors of the product, Beyond Tobacco™, along with the company’s veteran industry-insider management team is why lots of investors already had this micro-cap on their radars.

  • But now that it’s racking up sustained sales… with $21.8 million in product rolling off its production line… it’s time to act before the rest of Wall Street catches up.

Rare is the day when you can say with a straight face, that a micro-cap stock with a $3 share price could possess the breakthrough magic to make a $1 trillion industry bend to its will. 

Even rarer is the day when one of the world’s most famous investors pours $20 million of personal money into a micro-cap with a $290 million market cap.

But that’s exactly the scenario investors could discover today when they look closely at TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT)(CSE:TAAT).

That’s because a TAAT Global biochemist made what’s being seen as a market-shattering breakthrough… beyond disruptive.

TAAT’s scientist developed a cigarette that contains no tobacco.

It’s a groundbreaking smoke with all the tobacco cigarette taste… but without the addiction.

Seeing Beyond The Horizon

TAAT’s breakthrough is so significant that it caught the attention of one of the world’s greatest investors – Debbie Chang – who put $20 million of her own money into TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT)(CSE:TAAT).2

Chang is the co-founder of Hong Kong-based venture capital fund, Horizons Ventures Ltd.

She has a knack for backing winners.

Horizons got into Skype, in 2005, one year before eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) paid $2.5 billion for it.

Another of Horizons’ successful investment was to grab an early sliver of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). It would fetch nearly $1.5 billion today.

$20 Million Is A Lot Of Money… Now, Look At The Return They Made On Just A Bit More

Horizons also reportedly holds around 8% of Zoom Video Communications (NASDAQ:ZM) worth around $10 billion in late 2020.3

That’s a mighty, mighty, return for backing the San Jose-based mega-tech company with around $36 million back in 2013.

It’s no surprise the Horizons team does well. It’s super accomplished because one of Horizons’ other founders is Li Ka-shing.

He’s the world’s 11th richest person with an estimated wealth of $26 billion, according to Forbes.4

These partners are serious about money. They pride themselves on disruptive investments.

In lifestyle stocks, TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT)(CSE:TAAT) and its groundbreaking Beyond Tobacco™ cigarette with full tobacco taste is the epitome of disruptive.

An Alternative For The 1.3 Billion Smokers Worldwide

That said, TAAT cigarettes are not a quit-smoking aid.

They are an alternative cigarette for the 1.3 billion people across the globe who smoke5 or the people who would like to smoke.

In other words, TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT)(CSE:TAAT)  could disrupt the $1 trillion tobacco cigarette industry by turning the tables on the killers.

TAAT’s authentic-tasting cigarettes could transform smoking from a vice into a virtue. No harm, no foul.

That’s no idle claim.

Biden Administration Announces Imminent Ban On Menthol Cigarettes

A recent announcement has laid out the Biden administration’s plans to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars, saying “Banning menthol—the last allowable flavor—in cigarettes and banning all flavors in cigars will help save lives, particularly among those disproportionately affected by these deadly products.”

Should this new policy move forward, TAAT could become the only menthol cigarette manufacturer on the market overnight.

233% Jump In Sustained Demand Makes TAAT Global The Rare Micro-Cap That’s Flashing An Urgent “Buy” 6

Also no idle claim is the fact that TAAT Global is now making 57,000 10-pack cartons a month – which works out to at least 684,000 cartons a year.7

It’s a 233% jump in production that’s due to the sustained post-rollout demand in a test market.

And that is a huge hint for investors – maybe the best green light of the year, so far.

That’s because at an average of $32 a carton, TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT)(CSE:TAAT) is staring down $21.8 million in 2021 revenue just for openers…8

And demand could be set to explode because the market proved TAAT should be going nationwide.

It’s all because TAAT Global’s Beyond Tobacco™ cigarette burns, draws, smokes, and tastes like tobacco… say again, it tastes like tobacco.

But TAAT’s cigarettes are made of hemp and other natural products, so they contain no nicotine.

TAAT Global’s big breakthrough was taking hemp and developing a patent-pending formula with natural ingredients that when combined smoke and taste like tobacco.

Beyond Tobacco™

TAAT’s founder Joe Deighan named his trademarked faux tobacco, Beyond Tobacco.

Because TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT)(CSE:TAAT) is adamant about its cigarettes as an alternative, and not a smoking cessation product, the company will employ a similar style rollout as the wildly success route Beyond Meat took.

Beyond Meat (NSADAQ:BYND) is a plant-based meat substitute that does not sell itself as a vegan product. Therefore it demands shelf space in a grocery’s meat section.

And Beyond Meat’s share price is testimony to its solid strategy – between its May 2, 2019 IPO and March 15, 2021, shares soared more than 220% from $46 to $148.9

The Rollout Is On

Now, like Beyond Meat, TAAT Global is being rewarded for its groundbreaking products.

The authenticity of TAAT Global’s three products – a regular full bodied cigarette, a light cigarette, and a menthol – have met with significant and sustained demand during the company’s recent initial rollout in Ohio.

There, Beyond Tabacco™ cigarettes are being market tested in gas stations and convenience stores, pretty much the places where people buy their smokes.

But TAAT is cheaper than tobacco cigarettes…  $3.99 compared to $7 or more… and around $32 for a carton compared to $52 a carton.10

After two months, it looks as though TAAT’s brand-new-to-the-market products have gained traction.

More than 60% of the retailers that have carried TAAT for three weeks or more  have placed at least one reorder, with many reorders increasing in volume.11

That success led TAAT to engage CROSSMARK Inc. for its national rollout.

Texas-based CROSSMARK has more than 25,000 employees, who help  CROSSMARK directly service more than 100,000 convenience stores across the United States.12

Hence, TAAT’s 684,000-carton production run.Beyond

Attack On Menthols Could Be TAAT’S Super Sweet Spot

From an investor’s standpoint there’s tremendous news buried in TAAT’s solid rollout news.

It’s that TAAT Global’s Menthol cigarettes sold out first.

Menthol cigarettes make up about 30% of the U.S.’s $94 billion cigarette market.13

But menthols are under attack.

California and Massachusetts have banned them, under the notion that the tasty smokes are easy to start and hard to quit.14

And in February 2020, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill banning menthols nationwide. The senate has yet to take action on the bill.15

But you can hear menthol cigarettes’ death knell ringing loud and clear.

When they’re fully banned, you can bet some of menthol’s $30 billion in sales will flow to the black market and the internet.

But some of that $30 billion could flow to the company with the only true alternative menthol cigarette – TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT)(CSE:TAAT).

As it regards this potential windfall, 1% of the menthol market is worth $300 million.

Plenty Of Wildcards That Could Send TAAT Global’s Business Into The Stratosphere

While TAAT Global shows the potential to be 2021’s most talked about micro-cap success, its future looks sensational.

In fact, TAAT has a single attribute that big tobacco would fall on its knees and beg for…

Because Beyond Tobacco™ cigarettes are not made from tobacco, TAAT can advertise its products on television.

Now, there’s this huge professional football championship game held in early February each year that sues the heck out of anyone using its name.

The game is televised, and tens of millions of people tune in just to see the outrageous commercials the big game attracts.

Just imagine the impact on global sales that a TAAT Global commercial would have during the big game, or the best movie awards show, or the best music awards show, or the best television show awards show.

This could be a good reason why TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT) now has more than 100 active trademark applications for TAAT™ and/or Beyond Tobacco™ in a total of 54 countries.

It’s Not Hype To Say That…TAAT GLOBAL Has Blue Chip Leadership

That’s also a sign of farsighted management.

And TAAT Global has top-shelf management of which most micro-caps could only dream.

As noted above, Joe Deighan is TAAT’s Founder. He also in charge of research and development and production.

Before TAAT, Deighan founded vape liquid maker JJuice in 2012, which gained distribution in all U.S. states and in 26 other countries, in addition to private label production for other brands. He sold JJuice in a private all-cash deal that was approaching $1 million.

The rest of the team is strong in the tobacco and convenience store spaces.

CEO – Setti Coscarella is a serial entrepreneur who entered the world of tobacco at Philip Morris International in 2017 where he was a lead strategist for its Reduced-Risk Products division.

He worked with thousands of individual smokers to better understand how to position smoking alternatives to them and developed programs that could help smokers discover and successfully convert to RRPs.

CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER – Tim Corkum built a storied career in tobacco. A former executive at Philip Morris International he led international commercialization initiatives for combustible cigarettes and new products in the Reduced-Risk Products.

Over a 21-year tenure at PMI, Corkum held senior positions in Business Development, Sales Strategy, Corporate Affairs, and Key Account Management.

ADVISOR – Michael Saxon served in various positions for more than 20 years with Altria and Philip Morris International.  He was the head of Altria’s Corporate Venture Fund and lead PMI’s business activities as General Manager for Norway and Denmark. Most recently, Michael founded and is presently CEO of SXN Strategy Partners in Richmond, VA, which advises boards and executive teams of “blue chip” institutional investors as well as venture capital and private equity firms on long-term strategies.

ADVISOR – Kit Dietz served on the board of directors of Newport cigarette maker Lorillard leading up to its estimated $27.4 billion acquisition in June 2015. Later, he was named “Dean of the Industry” in 2017 by the Convenience Distribution Association for his national-level contributions to the distribution trade.  He has more than three decades experience in convenience wholesale, including top management roles with well-known convenience distributors in the northern United States.

ADVISOR – Dr. Cindy Orser was a tenured professor at the University of Idaho.

She holds more than 20 patents and has 65 peer-reviewed publications with over 2,000 citations.

Outside of academia, she has held executive scientist roles at biotechnology and analytical diagnostic companies that have been contractors for federal agencies in the United States including the United States Department of Agriculture, the Department of Homeland Security, and three institutes of the National Institutes of Health.

This super accomplished leadership is but one of the…

9 Reasons Why There Could Never Be A Better Time Than Now To Make A Move Into TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT)(CSE:TAAT)

  1. NOTORIETY – Tons of investors have had their eyes on TAAT. TAAT’s been on their radars because if it delivered on its promise of true tobacco taste in a tobacco-free cigarette, TAAT could have an exclusive worldwide market.
  2. SUSTAINED DEMAND – TAAT Global is delivering. To keep up with sustained demand its production line is cranking out what could be at least $21.8 in first-year product.
  3. LEVERAGE – Word of TAAT’s success is due to get out. Investors who move into TAAT today are positioned to leverage the enthusiasm of those who could spend the spring and summer jumping on the TAAT bandwagon.
  4. THE ONE TRUE FACT THAT THAT SAYS BUY TAAT NOW –TAAT’s breakthrough caught the attention of one of the world’s greatest investors – Debbie Chang – who put $20 million of her own money into the company. First into Facebook, Skype, and Zoom, she’s now the first big money into TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT)(CSE:TAAT).
  5. MASSIVE MARKET – The U.S.’s tobacco cigarette market is about $100 billion. That makes 1% of the market $1 billion and O.1% is $100 million… so, even at 0.1%, it’s almost like if TAAT Global stumbles it could still be a decent success, especially for its early-in investors.
  1. MASSIVE MARKET II – The approximately 1.3 billon smokers in the world represent a bit more or a bit less that a $1 trillion market. TAAT is not in business to cure their addiction. TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT)(CSE:TAAT) is offering them a tobacco-free alternative. Again, with $1 trillion on the table, if TAAT can maintain a solid production schedule, it’s almost like not matter what, even if the company only does so-so, its earliest investors could be huge winners.
  2. MENTHOL – the $30 billion legal menthol cigarette market is on the critical list, banned in California and Massachusetts, and under congress’ microscope. TAAT has a pure menthol cigarette that tastes like it’s made from tobacco. That makes 1% of the legal menthol cigarette market worth $300 million… 0.1% worth $30 million.
  3. SUCCESS BREEDS SUCCESS –  The sustained momentum from its only rollout to date, in Ohio, spurred on TAAT Global to put the pedal to the metal and increase production by 223%. Soon, TAAT could be in 100,000 convivence stores nationwide.
  4. NATIONAL MEDIA EXPOSURE – FORBES featured TAAT GLOBAL on Feb. 3, 2021. That story had an interesting twist. Keith Gill, one of the guys who were driving Gamestop (GME) through the roof, had TAAT Global at the top of his watch list.

Watch-And-Wait Time Could Already Be Over With TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT)(CSE:TAAT)… Now It’s Time To Make A Move

Investors who dream of grabbing a skyrocketing micro-cap stock should probably waste little time in calling their broker or advisor.

Print this story out and show it to them. Or email them a link.

TAAT Global’s potential has been teasing investors for nine long months.

The tease is over. The production line is rolling. Test market results are exciting because the demand for Beyond Tobacco™ cigarettes is sustained.

The horses are on the track, and TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT)(CSE:TAAT) looks like the headline making odds-on favorite.

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Learn More About TAAT Global (CSE:TAAT | OTC:TOBAF) (CSE:TAAT | OTC:TOBAF)at your brokerage today! z

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