A new way to access a $478 billion1 worldwide market is just the beginning for Versus Systems (NASDAQ: VS)(NASDAQ: VS)

  • There’s a quiet revolution happening in in interactive media and digital advertising space that has caught fat and happy Google and Facebook asleep at the wheel.
  • Choice and earned-rewards produces orders-of-magnitude better results for fans of live events, streams, games, and apps.
  • HP sees the writing on the wall and is already installing Versus Systems technology onto millions upon millions of its computers and laptops.

There’s a new investment trend that’s going to catch a lot of investors by surprise, leaving many of them flat-footed and stuck on the sidelines.

This fast-breaking movement has to do with an advertising platform that’s turning the industry on its head. Already seeing huge successes in the mammoth $159 billion online gaming industry, Versus Systems (NASDAQ: VS)(NASDAQ: VS) is now expanding further into streaming video, broadcast television, major sports, apps and live events.

The fact that these markets have been ignored is just crazy. Even if you added up the revenues from traditional entertainment’s most prominent players, it would leave you well short of just online gaming’s $159 billion in 2020 revenues.

Starting with the $159 billion gaming industry2, a market that has been difficult for even seasoned advertising juggernauts like Google and Facebook to penetrate, Versus Systems has developed new patented platform that gives fans of interactive content a reason to play longer and more often: real-world rewards.

The amazing thing is that until Versus Systems (NASDAQ: VS)(NASDAQ: VS) came along, no one had cracked the code for effectively advertising in these staggeringly huge marketplaces, and that’s where the eyeballs are moving.

Even Google And Facebook Were Asleep At The Wheel


But the world changed as people flocked online via computers, tablets, and smartphones. Today, digital ads consume over 50% of the $628 billion global advertising market with Google and Facebook staking claim to 70 cents out of every dollar of online advertising.4

This is how the “duopoly” came to dominate the modern world of advertising.

But everything is not rosy in the digital advertising world. People have now become aware of how their personal information is being harvested and sold in order to push their intrusive and annoying ads. These predatory advertising tactics are causing huge mental health concerns:

According to the Pew Research Center, 69% of adults and 81% of teens5 in the U.S. use social media. This puts a large amount of the population at an increased risk of feeling anxious, depressed, or ill over their social media use.6

Consumers Are Tuning Them Out:

  • In the span of just one year, from 2018 to 2019, the total number of devices around the world with Ad Blockers rose from 142 million to upwards of 615 million. That’s more than a 400% increase.7
  • Facebook’s daily and monthly active users are plummeting. Recent quarterly reports reveal an unsettling trend. In the U.S. and Canada alone, Facebook reported a decline of 2 million daily users and 1 million monthly users in their third quarter,8 followed by another big 1 million user loss in fourth quarter 2020.
  • And in a clear warning to social media consumers, even Forbes is sounding the alarm. A biting article titled, “Facebook Users Have 3 Superb Reasons To Quit In 2021,” highlights just a few of the company’s predatory data collection practices.
“Facebook Users Have 3 Superb Reasons To Quit In 2021”

Like countless other companies, whose fast rise to prominence hinders further innovation, this duopoly has failed to see the writing on the wall.

When consumers leave, the advertisers will follow. We’ve seen it many times before with radio, newsprint, and live television.9

So you may be wondering what’s next? Or the even bigger question…

As People Abandon Facebook in Droves What Happens With Their $84 Billion10 In Advertising Dollars?

Ultimately, Versus Systems (NASDAQ: VS)(NASDAQ: VS) has a technology breakthrough that could forever transform how in-game and in-app advertising works.

That’s because Versus Systems doesn’t build ads; they create rewards.

It relies on choice and the sensation players get when they earn something while playing the games or watching the content they love.

“Traditional ads disrupt the user experience. If real-world products could instead be integrated into games and apps as opt-in rewards, the experience for the user could be made seamless. The prizes could even make the games and apps even more fun.”

– Matthew Pierce – Versus CEO

Versus Systems blurs the line between rewards and ads, making it more rewarding for everyone involved – viewers, advertisers, publishers. Everybody wins.

Real-World Rewards Inside Live Events, Streams, Games, and Apps.

After building their technology with interactive audiences and gamers at the center, rather than relying on outdated banner ads, and commercials from the days of radio and television, Versus Systems is now moving their patented platform into television, streaming, and live events.

As if gaming and apps were not enough, Versus Systems recently partnered with Xcite Interactive, makers of second-screen entertainment for NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL teams like the LA Rams, the Pittsburgh Penguins ,and the New York Yankees.

With this recently announced partnership, Versus will bring its proprietary rewards software to millions of fans worldwide.

Audiences all over the world, watching their favorite sports teams, as well as their favorite streams on YouTube and Twitch, will be able to play trivia, predictive games, and be able to weigh in on real-time events LIVE during their favorite events, or even during hit shows.

According to Neilsen, 88% of Americans already watch a second screen while they watch TV – and now, with Versus technology, that second screen activity can earn audiences real-world rewards from global brands, and from local merchants.

With this new technology, fans can complete tasks or achievements directly inside digital games and apps they already love. When they win, they get rewarded with gift cards, discounts, or other real-world prizes to be redeemed online or in-store.

Rather than just forcing a user to view a brand’s ad, they get incentivized to engage with that brand as part of the show, event, or as part of their gaming or app experience. As you can imagine, this creates a much more positive experience which builds stronger brand loyalty — a big win for the advertisers and the viewers.

And what they’ve found out is it works. It really works.

Big Name Brands Have Been Blown Away By Versus System's Pioneering Ad Platform

In fact, in one test, 97% of Versus Systems’ users said that adding real-world rewards to the game they played actually made the game more fun.

The opt-in nature of the platform, combined with the fact that audiences can earn their rewards through their efforts changes the entire experience of advertising from one of “do I have to watch this?” to “I hope I win!” And this shift makes a HUGE difference at the register for brands hoping to reach the elusive interactive media consumer

The brands and content partners working with Versus were thrilled:

  • White Castle, a national quick-service restaurant chain, used the Versus system to achieve a transaction rate that was more than 60 times higher than industry standards, in addition to a 280% growth in incremental purchases.11
  • And a top game publisher’s NASCAR game saw a 44% increase in user session time and a whopping 15 minutes of advertiser brand exposure per game when using the Versus system.12
  • Teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins and the LA Rams have seen millions of new incremental advertising impressions from engaged fans that are watching, clicking, playing, and engaging with branded team content in-stadium and at home.

A Worldwide Deal With HP Truly Puts Versus Systems on the Map

Versus Systems has already given away over half a million prizes over millions of game sessions.

And thanks to a multi-year contract with computing giant HP, the Versus rewards system now comes pre-installed in all HP OMEN and HP Pavilion computers.

This massive deal allows versus to tap directly into the $159 billion global online gaming market.

Thanks to the company’s stronghold of loyal users in the United States, where it holds almost 30% market share, HP remains the most popular laptop manufacturer in North America.13

Judging by preliminary reports, released in January 2021, during 2019’s second quarter, HP saw a 3.2% year-over-year growth globally, with Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the United States, and Japan accounting for the lion’s share.14

The Versus Systems Platform Has Worldwide Implications

With its dominant position in the digital game market secure and growing, Versus Systems is already branching out into other lucrative markets.

The Versus rewards system can enhance any interactive content.

From live events, online education or corporate training, political surveys and even popular quizzes on websites like Buzzfeed.com, there are countless opportunities to better engage users with the Versus rewards system:

  • Your fitness app could reward you with a new Adidas workout hoodie for accomplishing your daily step goal.
  • Your streaming video service could reward you with a free pizza when you watch their new hit show.
  • Your favorite sports team could reward you with prizes in-stadium while you’re at the game OR send you rewards like pizza, team merchandise, or tickets to the next game while you watch the game from home.
  • Your audiobook app could reward you with a free download after you have listened to 10 book titles. The possibilities are endless.

And Like Most California High-Tech Startups, Versus Systems Has A Big-Time Pedigree

As you’d expect, you’ll find a band of brilliant people are at the heart of a groundbreaking startup such as Versus Systems.

They’re the Stanford and Cal Tech types who’ve been top executives at trailblazing companies such as Marvel, Warner Brothers, Electronic Arts, Vox Media, BuzzFeed, Amazon Web Services, and Netflix, to name a few.

With the combination of a hot new trend, breakthrough technology, and some of the business’s most innovative minds, it’s no wonder the company was so warmly welcomed recently onto the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Unlike so many other small-cap companies that putter along in the shadows, moving to the NASDAQ is the company’s nod to technology-minded investors that it’s aiming for global dominance.

Because as tech and trend investors know, the legendary technology moonshots generally find a home on the NASDAQ launch pad.

Versus Systems is also a reminder of the single, most powerful truth for building wealth – no matter the investment:

It’s not where the world has been; it’s where the world is going.

And, guided by its talented team, Versus Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VS)(NASDAQ: VS) has a firm grip on the future.

In Technology, IP is EVERYTHING

There’s one final item that gives Versus Systems (NASDAQ: VS)(NASDAQ: VS) a monstrous advantage over its giant and lumbering competitors on the NASDAQ. In technology, you beat the competition senseless with intellectual property.

In this case, Versus Systems has already locked up three patents, representing 50 granted claims, behind its technology.

Many of the granted patent claims deal specifically with what Versus calls “Dynamic Regulatory Compliance.” This is the ability of Versus Systems’ advertising platform system to adjust the prizing options for every player and user, in every game or app, based on characteristics like game type and player location.

Critically, this allows Versus Systems to manage the legal and regulatory issues associated with prizing in real-time while also providing relevant and valuable prizes to each player based on their specific circumstances.

Another of the granted patents protects a host of issues around location-specific rewards – the crucial “geolocation technologies” that allow Versus Systems to hyper-target prizes based on a user’s location.

9 Reasons For Investors To Pay Immediate Attention To Versus Systems (NASDAQ: VS)(NASDAQ: VS)

  1. Management – There’s a reason why high-tech startups spring from the West Coast: its talent. In Versus Systems’ case, its top executives are trailblazing mega- stock-market winners from companies such as Marvel, Warner Brothers, Electronic Arts, Vox Media, BuzzFeed, Amazon Web Services, and Netflix, to name a few.
  2. A Wide Open Market – Versus Systems is a first mover, already with notable success in the massive $478 billion interactive media ad market, and that’s just the beginning…
  3. Technology – Versus Systems platform is compatible with IOS, Android, laptops, desktops, and smart TVs.
  4. Partners – Versus is already partnered with some of the world’s most exciting and sought-after content from the NFL, MLA, NHL, and NBA teams!
  5. And, Get This! – The audience actually invites the advertisers in. That’s revolutionary and, when applied to other apps, could disrupt the advertising industry forever.
  6. And, Get This II – Versus Systems controls the patents to this groundbreaking technology.
  7. High-Powered Deal With HP – HP sells about 40 million computers a year globally, with HP now loading Versus Systems onto all of its OMEN and Pavilion computers. This is, to put it plainly, huge.
  8. NASDAQ Listing – The NASDAQ has been the launching pad for most of the world’s most significant, high-flying technology companies. It’s where all of the leading tech companies trade.
  9. By The Numbers – It’s time to get on board with Versus Systems (NASDAQ: VS)(NASDAQ: VS) now because, since late June 2020, its market cap has tripled to just shy of $100 million.

Chances Are Slim There Will Be Any Better Investment In 2021 Than Versus Systems (NASDAQ:VS) Because It Gives You Immediate Access To The $159 Billion Online Gaming Industry Right Now With Endless Upside

This a rare moment in time for technology investors.

There’s a new tech stock on the NASDAQ, and while investment bankers have found it, it’s still overlooked. That makes now the time to move.

Moreover, chances are today’s share price could be the lowest you’ll have the opportunity to buy Versus Systems (NASDAQ:VS). That could give you a chance to put yourself among its earliest and biggest winners.

But please, before you do take any action, make sure to show your investment advisor or broker a copy of this story. Then, chances are, you’ll both agree that Versus Systems (NASDAQ: VS)(NASDAQ: VS) is a high-potential tech sector play.

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Learn More About Versus Systems (NASDAQ: VS) (NASDAQ: VS)at your brokerage today!

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