There’s a new term that’s causing consternation among employers and human resource professionals: overemployment, or situations wherein an individual holds three or more professions.

That, in itself, is madness under any circumstances; but the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT allows many overemployed people to do a great bulk of their jobs sans stress. Indeed, there are cases wherein ChatGPT is used by workers to do up to 80% of their work tasks.

But experts wonder if, in the long run, this will jeopardize the chances of many job-seekers to gain meaningful employment or even result in a decreased number of available opportunities as AI chatbots and automation could eventually replace human workers.

Who’s Currently Using AI?

For the most part, marketing professionals form the bulk of the sector that actively uses AI in their work. Applications and tools like RAD AI have improved efficiency in the workplace within this sector, and has made it possible for practitioners to become more effective, producing better results. Using such tools, you see, enables them to point out trends, gain greater understanding of consumer behavior, and find ways to maximize the impact of promotional campaigns.

On the other hand, a growing number of workers from diverse industries use AI to make their jobs easier and, consequently, make themselves look more efficient thanks to a greater amount of output. Office workers and freelancers use the technologies to take on mammoth tasks like creating initiative-wide spreadsheets or writing reports that require an extensive amount of information. Using AI reduces the time spent on plotting and generating data, as well as time spent in the field doing research and interviews.

The Stigma Remains

The downside, however, is that some employers and clients still don’t take too kindly to the use of such technologies, even if it brings results faster. For one thing, the provenance of any research used in generated reports will be called into question.

Indeed, at the time we were preparing this article, around 68% of professionals interviewed for their use of AI in the workplace admitted that they are keeping their use of the technology from their employers and clients.