So much for claiming to be a crypto skeptic: a recent filing with the United States Office of Government Ethics shows that former US President Donald Trump currently has around $500,000 in digital assets, all of which are held in an Ethereum wallet.

This flies in the face of a statement the currently beleaguered Trump made back in July 2029 where he called out the unregulated nature of the cryptocurrency sector at the time, unabashedly saying that digital assets were being used in illegal activities such as human trafficking and the drug trade. He went so far as to say that the US dollar was the only real and reliable currency in the country.


Based on the filing, it appears that Trump is building a war chest for his third run at the Presidency come the 2024 elections – and it looks like he’s been going the non-fungible token (NFT) route to fill it up.

In December of last year, the former President launched a 45,000-token NFT Trump Trading Card collection minted by Polygon. Each token depicted Trump in a variety of fantasy backgrounds and situations. Tokens were sold at $99 each, and payments could be made either in fiat currency or ether.

In any case, it looks like Trump has made a tidy sum for his campaign thanks to his NFTs. But while he is currently a front-runner in the Republican Party, it remains to be seen whether his current legal issues will prove to be a major deterrent to his nomination.