• They’re young and a touch crazy, but who else would hike through treacherous terrain in search of untouched land that could become the next 4-million ounce gold mine?
  • With a dog named Chilko at their sides, these geologists solved the riddle of the Cloud Drifter Trend that’s been teasing gold explorers since 1911.
  • The real news should happen in the spring of 2021 when they finally get to sink their drills into land that’s already yielded samples of bonanza grade gold at 329 g/t Au.

A pristine swath of North America, still home to ancient tribes of people, could hold millions of ounces of high-margin orogenic gold.

The size of the potential bonanza is just a guess because this land is virtually unexplored.

But now, a band of progressive young geologists intends to find out what it holds.

They’ve based their excitement of the property’s massive potential on three factors:

  1. Their initial trek through the mountainous property found gold at concentration that are off the charts… 359 grams of gold per ton of rock and dirt (359 g/t Au) in some sections of the property.

The testing that revealed those off-the-chart concentrations was, however, basic. It consisted of soil samples, rock chip samples. grab samples, and 18 holes made by a drill that can fit into a backpack.

  1. The stellar results suggest the young geologists’ property could be similar to its neighbor, the Bralorne Gold Mine.

To date, the mine has yielded more than 4 million ounces of gold, at 17.7 g/t Au.[1] [2]

The last of the three factors should immediately snap natural resources investors’ attention.

  1. An aerial survey flew across its property with magnetometer sensors that measure the possibility of minerals… such as gold.

And the magnetometer went nuts.

It showed a real similarity between the young geologists’ property and the world-famous Coffee Deposit.

That mine was discovered by young explorers, too. Today, its estimated to hold 4.2 million ounces of gold.

That means if these geologists’ hypothesis is correct, it could signal the birth of a major new gold mining company.

The Last Virgin Mine Property Like This Sold For CAD$520 Million

Of course the investment of a lifetime seems like a mighty big claim until you embrace one reality.

Unlike this untouched property, most gold projects have been passed around and down from company to company because the economic realities of mining gold are brutal…

All-in costs can be $800 or more to dig an ounce of gold out of the ground. So the price of gold is key.

And that’s why the comparison to the nearby Coffee Deposit is so exhilarating.

Because while most gold properties have been worked over to one extent or another, a near-virgin gold property is rare.

It’s why, in 2016, Newmont paid CAD$520 million to the young company that discovered the Coffee Deposit.

A Remarkable Comparison To A Huge Gold Mining Success

What’s really incredible is that this property has seen no historic drilling despite a fair amount of historic workings.

The target is known as the Cloud Drifter Trend. It’s at least 2 miles long and nearly a half a mile wide.

The Cloud Drifter Trend sits on a fault line that’s 190 miles long, and apparently packed with gold. That’s because the fault line is the same one from which the Bralorne Mine produced more than 4 million ounces of at an average 17.7 grams per ton.

Again, until this company started exploring the property last year, the Cloud Drifter Trend was barely explored and never mined, making it a wide-open opportunity.

In truth, not to be too hyperbolic, that could make the Goldrange property one of the most fabulous in North America, maybe the world.

Fearless Geologists With Eyes For Untapped Opportunities

Finally, the hallmark of this company’s exploration team is its fearlessness.

The team accepts the fact that metals are now found in far flung places. And that a trapper’s trail or an old logging road could be access to vast new opportunities.

A year before acquiring its Goldrange Property, its geologists were exploring 600 miles north of it.

There, the hunt for gold turned into monster opportunity of a different sort.

The team found what the company now calls its Ecstall property – a 13-hour drive north of Goldrange.

The aerial surveys, using magnetometer sensors, suggested that Ecstall could hold a massive copper ore deposit.

Geologists pulled soil and grab sample that indicate the deposit is made up of 8.5% copper.

This is a whopping concentration of copper considering that a Princeton University study found the average copper mine as 0.79% copper.[3]

That would put this company on track to crack open a mine with ore that holds 10X more copper than average.

But this small company would find it difficult to be in two places at one time, so the Goldrange would seem its better focus.

And Ecstall could be highly attractive to a major miner because, on a global scale, it is perfectly situated.

Ecstall is located proximal to a huge new deep water port that was built to support a $40 billion liquid natural gas facility at Kitimat. It’s a strategic port with open access to a direct freighter shipping route to Asia.

That’s where China consumes about 50% of the world’s copper. That consumption hit a nine-year high in August 2020.

Immediate Access To What Looks To Be A Long-Term Trend

This is it… gold’s ultimate moment. It could be heading to $4,000.

And that means this is gold investors’ and trend investors’ moment, too.

This rising star junior is just one to play this what could be a once-in-a-lifetime investment event.

But they could be the play with the highest upside of all, because it has a never tapped, virgin gold property on a historic fault line.

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